Chloe And The Myrtles Plantation

In this article we will be covering the rather tragic incident of Chloe and the Myrtles Plantation – a sad turn of events that centered on the desperation of a slave girl name Chloe.


There are numerous Myrtles Plantation ghost stories flojating about the internet but I’m afraid most of them are not based on fact. To be honest most of them would not exist if it was not for the original story of a girl named Chloe…

The man who built the Myrtles Plantation was named General Bradford. He had a fourteen year old daughter who ended up marrying the master of the Myrtles Plantation – Judge Clarke Woodruff.

There were a lot of slaves working under Woodruff at the plantation and one in particular took his eye. She was a young girl named Chloe and she was to become his mistress.

Chloe And The Myrtles Plantation

After a while Woodruff decided to move Chloe up to the house so that he could have his way on a more frequent basis. She was given the task of being nanny to his children as a way of papering up what she was really doing there.

Chloe knew she was onto a good thing after a few weeks of living in the house and decided that she should strengthen her position a little – get a bit more power!

She began to listen in on important parties and meetings that the judge held. Rumors began to fly and the judge was informed about what Chloe was up to. He gave her a final warning and left matters as they were.

A few months later he held another party but this time there were extremely important people present. Chloe was unfortunately caught whilst up to her old tricks and tossed out of the house to work hard labor in the fields.

Woodruff obviously thought this punishment was not severe enough as within a few days he had also cut off her left ear. From that point on, she wore a handkerchief wrapped around her head to hide the defect.


The relationship between Chloe and the Myrtles Plantation was not over – she was determined to get back into that house and leave this hard labor behind for good!

She knew that she needed to use the kids as a way back into the house so she hatched a rather devious plan.

She found out that Woodruff’s nine-year-old daughter had an upcoming birthday and she volunteered to make a lovely birthday cake for the occasion. Unfortunately this cake was not going to be full of delightful ingredients…

She figured that if she could make the kids ill then the judge would have no option but to return her to the house to care for them. She laced the cake with Oleander leaves – a natural form of poison.

Misjudging the dosage was always going to going to be a realistic risk but Chloe chose to ignore this. She ended up killing two of the children along with Mrs. Woodruff herself.


The judge had been away on business during this tragic incident but when he returned he lost all control – two of his children were dead and he was now a widower!

The slaves feared for their lives and quickly gave the game away on what Chloe had done. She was brutally hung from a nearby tree the next day.

There was no funeral or service for the disgraced Chloe – her pockets were filled with stones and she was dumped in the nearby river.

The Ghost of Chloe And The Myrtles Plantation

Not long after this horrific incident sightings of Chloe would circulate among the slaves outside and the servants inside the house – her presence was felt everywhere!

These paranormal incidents have followed the Myrtles Plantation into modern times and the current owners of the property claim they take place nearly every other day!

The employees lock the house up tight at night only to return the next morning to find furniture rearranged in nearly every room.

There are regular tours through the house and many ladies have reported earrings being snatched from their left ear. The staff regularly finds earrings in the oddest of places around the old house.

There is only ever one earring taken – Chloe only needs one due to the fact she only has one ear…

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