Clyde W Tombaugh sighting

Clyde W Tombaugh sighting

Most UFO sightings are usually met with varying levels of ridicule from a high percentage of the public. But what happens when these reports come from a highly celebrated astronomer?

This article takes a closer look at the Clyde W Tombaugh sighting of August 20, 1949


Clyde Tombaugh was Born in 1906 in Streator, Illinois, where he started building his own telescopes from a young age. His love of deep space and the sky at night led to him finally being offered a job at the infamous Lowell Observatory.

During his years at Lowell Observatory, Tombaugh became famous for discovering Pluto along with new variable stars, numerous new asteroids and two comets.

Tombaugh remained a big player at Lowell Observatory until he served his military time for his country during the Second World War.

The Clyde W Tombaugh Sighting

Most people are fully aware of Tombaugh’s famous locating of the planet Pluto but he was also a driving force behind serious scientific research into UFO’s.

He spent 11 years of his professional life using photographic plates and the blinking process to see if he could pinpoint any of these alien craft. He finally hit gold on on August 20, 1949.

The following is Tombaugh’s own words on the UFO research he carried out…

“I have seen three objects in the last seven years which defied any explanation of known phenomenon, such as Venus, atmospheric optic, meteors or planes. I am a professional, highly skilled, professional astronomer. In addition I have seen three green fireballs which were unusual in behavior from normal green fireballs…I think that several reputable scientists are being unscientific in refusing to entertain the possibility of extra-terrestrial origin and nature.”

Dr. J. Allen Hynek

Dr. J. Allen Hynek was a fellow astronomer working for the Air Force’s Project Blue Book UFO program in 1952. In June of that year he decided to interview a handful of successful astronomers on the subject of UFOs.

Tombaugh and four other astronomers, including Dr. Lincoln LaPaz of the University of New Mexico, told Hynek about their sightings.

Hynek took a special interest in Tombaugh as he promised to let the US Air Force use his telescopes for the further study of UFOs. In the winter of 1953 the Air Force took up this offer and Tombaugh became involved in a search for near-Earth satellites.

Tombaugh spent the next four years searching for ‘natural satellites’ for the Air Force but claimed that he had been unsuccessful. Many conspiracy theorists and fellow astronomers believe that he was a lot more successful than he made out…

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