Conspiracy – Reptilian Humanoid Evidence

Conspiracy - Reptilian Humanoid Evidence

It is the twenty first century and most of us in the western world enjoy the privileges of democracy. Within reason we can think, read and say what we wish.

Enfranchised, we can vote our governments in and out and if we don’t like something, freedom of speech entitles us to protest.

Of course there are rules that we have to follow but most of us are prepared to abide by these, a small price to pay for the benefits of living in an ordered free thinking society.

Imagine then, discovering that this ordered existence is an illusion and you are far from being the free thinking person you believe yourself to be.

Instead your mind is being controlled by a race of higher order beings, shapeshifting extra- terrestrials who want to enslave you and the rest of human kind.

The nightmarish plot of a George Orwell novel or the latest alien blockbuster movie?

Far from it.

More and more people are convinced that this is our reality. They truly believe that aliens have lived among us since ancient times, a lizard race who control our minds and rule the world.

Even more terrifying is that these same people believe that the reptilian humanoid evidence they have spent years compiling, is both compelling and undeniable.

The Reptilian Conspiracy Theory

On 29th January 1934 a headline appeared on the front of The Los Angeles Times, ‘Lizard People’s Catacomb City Hunted’.

Possibly, one of the very first written references to a lizard race, it outlined the work of geophysicist G. Warren Schufelt.

Schufelt was convinced that the Native American myth of a lizard race, now extinct, was true.

Not only did he accept that this race once existed, he also believed that beneath modern day Los Angeles the lizards had created a hidden city filled with gold and other riches.

In a bid to recover the treasures hidden by these advanced beings, Schufelt spent years searching fruitlessly for the gold filled catacombs he was convinced lay beneath the feet of ordinary Americans.

By the time he eventually gave up his search he had recovered little but mud and water.

In the early nineties, the investigator John Rhodes returned to the idea that a reptile race existed on Earth. Unlike Schufelt however, he did not believe this race was extinct.

Rhodes called his theory the Terrestrial Reptoid Hypothesis. According to Rhodes the terrestrial reptoids retreated underground many years ago.

They now live in caverns below the ground or in alternate vibrational states.

Thriving and reproducing below ground the descendants of the original terrestrial reptoids continue to interact secretly with certain people within society, including military and world leaders.

It was in 1999 however that the reptilian conspiracy theory truly exploded with the publication of The Biggest Secret by David Icke.

Selling millions of copies around the world, the book’s ideas and theories have gathered momentum over recent years.

After reading Icke’s work a growing number of people have been convinced that far from being the highest form of life on the planet, humans are in fact enslaved to a master race of alien lizards.

David Icke

David Icke is a British author and conspiracy theorist who currently divides his time between public speaking and writing.

Originally finding fame as a footballer, sports presenter and representative of the Green Party, he shocked the British public and left himself open to ridicule after being interviewed on TV by Terry Wogan in 1991.

Appearing on the show in a turquoise track suit he appeared to imply that he was the son of God. The interview left Icke open to public scorn and effectively ended his career on television.

What the public didn’t know is that Icke had begun to channel voices in 1990 warning him of natural disasters and predicting the end of the world.

From this time onward Icke has directed his time and energy to expounding his various conspiracy theories.

While many view Icke as an eccentric and paranoid person, thousands of others buy his books and attend his lectures around the world.

The Biggest Secret

In his 1999 book The Biggest Secret Icke hypothesised that at the very dawn of humanity on Earth, a race of reptilian shapeshifters called the Anunnaki arrived on our planet from the constellation Draco searching for valuable minerals.

Keen to control human beings and unable to stay on Earth for sustained periods, they manipulated the DNA of some and combined it with their own to create a class of people called the Illuminati.

The Illuminati are those people who appear to be our world leaders today i.e. presidents, royalty, military leaders, actors and religious leaders.

Operating as a self-appointed world government, the Illuminati successfully and secretly manipulate world events to benefit themselves and the reptilians.

Part human, part lizard, these reptilian humanoids are under the direct control of their alien masters.

Depraved and shameful they indulge the reptilian part of their personality in acts of Satanism, blood sacrifice and paedophilia.

For obeying and carrying out the will of the reptilians, they are rewarded with power and knowledge.

Once walking openly on Earth, the reptilians were considered gods. Now operating in a more circumspect manner they keep themselves hidden, travelling between dimensions and shapeshifting into human form to communicate with the Illuminati.

Largely undetected by ordinary humans, their presence among us is often mistaken for UFO activity or paranormal events.

The only indication that they may be alien is barely perceptible as they shape shift in and out of human form. A hard look, a fleeting expression is sometimes the only indication of their true reptilian nature.

And what of us mere humans?

We are sadly fooled by the illusion of freedom.

Dumbed down by the poisoning of food, water and air, we do not question our existence. Using only a small percentage of our brainpower and DNA capabilities our consciousness is manipulated by the Illuminati.

In effect we are coerced and enslaved but are unable to recognize this due to centuries of programming which has destroyed our awareness and left us plagued by fear, guilt and aggression, qualities that the reptilians thrive and feed upon.

Still not convinced?

Icke goes on to offer proof for his theories.

Reaching back into The Bible he suggests that the very first crossbred hybrid may have been Adam whose story of course is inextricably connected to a reptile, a serpent.

The reptilians themselves he refers to as the Watchers or the Fallen Angels who appear in the Old Testament.

Throughout ancient history Icke believes there is evidence of the arrival and influence of the Anunnaki in construction, art and literature.

In modern times Icke offers the bloodlines of the ruling classes to demonstrate how they keep their reptilian heritage intact.

Interestingly, he points out that all 44 Presidents of the United States have carried Royal European Bloodlines into office.

Look a little closer and many of our world leaders appear to be distantly related or at the very least members of the same secret societies.

Wars, slavery, paedophilia and other miseries are all laid at the feet of our reptilian humanoid leaders by Icke? Why is this? Reptilians lack any emotion or empathy and will use any means to subjugate the human race.


The reptilian humanoid evidence offered by David Icke and others divides opinion.

It seems ludicrous to suggest that President Obama, Angelina Jolie and Queen Elizabeth are just some of the members of the Illuminati conspiring to enslave the human race.

At the same time more and more people are being persuaded to the conspiracy theorist’s view. Perhaps it is because in the case of David Icke some of his outlandish views have proven to be at least scientifically plausible.

Even now current medical research is investigating the reptilian part of the human brain responsible for our fight or flight responses.

And if the conspiracy theorists are eventually proven right, what is the answer?

How do we escape our enslavement and liberate ourselves from our alien masters?

For Icke at least the solution seems simple ‘Human race get off your knees: The lion sleeps no more’.

10 comments on “Conspiracy – Reptilian Humanoid Evidence

  1. I have read the majority of the articles on the website which are all great I was just wondering have you thought about looking into the evidence of time travel that is on the internet
    Cheers Dan

    1. I will be at some point Dan – just haven’t got around to many yet! (I’m sure there are a couple of ‘time slip’ articles on here somewhere?) 🙂

  2. i do believe jesus was a time travellor thats why he was so knowledgable and also dissapeared after he was laid in the tomb he also said he would come back again and that is only possible with time travel

  3. This is so interesting – I first became aware of the illuminati in David Icke’s book and was fascinated at the details that were put forward and obviously that most never notice.

    To be honest I didn’t really admit to that many people that I was reading a book that he penned – not that many people will understand this type of thing!

    I do believe there are unexplained things working in this world, and I am of the belief that only a handful that actually rule this world are put there for a reason (even though we think we put them there with our vote … ha ha ) … but I have never actually delved deeper into these conspiracies and theories.

    How many of David’s works have you read and how precise would you say he is in his teachings? Are you the same – do you feel that we are controlled by an elite group that most of us will never really be aware of?

    Great article – thank you so much for posting this!


    1. First off – hi there Laurie and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

      I can completely understand about you not telling many people about his book – I can still remember the reaction David got on a chat show in this country (I’m in the UK) when he first ‘came out’ with his theories.

      It’s quite sad actually – he became a complete laughing stock overnight!

      I have read just about all the publications Icke has put out there (or at least as many as I could find) and I certainly believe that there is one ‘force’ in charge of us all.

      To be honest with you – the more politics move along…the more convinced I am. Just take a look at the recent Brexit and Trump results!

  4. I just discovered your site, and love it! I have to admit that I too laughed at David Icke at first when I discovered him a few years ago… well, I’m not laughing now, and I feel terrible for ever believing he and all “conspiracy theorists” (which I now know are TRUTHERS demanding answers!) were coo coo for cocoa puffs! The further I go down the rabbit hole, the more bizarre things get. I definitely believe in what David Icke preaches today for the most part, and reptilian people are real… if anyone reading this is still laughing, I beg you to wake up! You’ve been dumbed down and controlled all your life and you need to reclaim your minds! Thanks for speaking up on this stuff, great website! 🙂

    1. Hi there Betsy – great to hear that you like our work! 🙂

      I also remember Icke ‘coming out’ years ago on TV (a chat show called Wogan) and I thought he was off his head. If you read into his works with an open mind you’ll certainly start to see where he’s coming from…

  5. Humanity has not been allowed to evolve to its full potential. There are literally thousands of inventions that would have made this globe a paradise have been forcefully removed by the most covet means. This alone already serves as proof that a sub-human culture is in control. There is just now way that we can believe that the sad sate of affairs today is by accident. Really, it is unlikely that a pure human would deliberately work against his own race in such draconian ways. There is a very bizarre agenda unfolding, void of any real logic and disguised by engineered fear propaganda.
    Don’t you think that one would expect a little more sophistication from the so called upper class with all that fancy education? They even get it right to deny official science and got all the so called experts under their absurd spell. Yes, humans you have to get off your knees as this is rather obvious to an intelligent mind.

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