Crash Flight 191 – The David Booth Prophecy


Crash Flight 191 - The David Booth Prophecy

​David Booth experienced extremely vivid and terrifying dreams shortly before a deadly airline disaster. Were his prophetic dreams linked to the crash flight 191?

The Crash

On May 25, 1979, American Airlines Flight 191 took off from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport on a routine passenger flight. It had only been in the air a matter of minutes before disaster struck.

Somehow one of the plane’s engines managed to come away from the wing resulting in severe damage to the hydraulic and wiring systems.

The pilot was left with no control whatsoever and the plane plummeted into a local trailer park. 272 people died that day.

David Booth

It didn’t take long for the local media to turn up and the dreadful aftermath was televised across America.

Final Moments of Flight 191
Final Moments of Flight 191

David Booth sat speechless in front of his TV screen – he knew this event was coming but he had not known when it would occur.

In the weeks leading up to the disaster, Booth had been in constant contact with the American Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration. He had been plagued by terrifying dreams involving an American Airlines plane.

When he contacted both parties he expected to be laughed off but they took him rather seriously. The problem was that Booth’s prophecies had no exact date or details surrounding the particular plane. Without further information their hands were tied.

The Aftermath

An investigation into the tragedy came about shortly after the event and David Booth was questioned several times. He wasn’t really a suspect but authorities were fascinated with his prophetic dreams – did he really see all this before it happened?

The investigation finally concluded that the tragedy was down to damage to the engine cowling. The cowling is the system that secures the engine to the plane’s wing.

It turned out that American Airlines had cut a few corners as they aimed to save maintenance time. This short term fix resulted in 272 deaths and was not approved by the planes manufacturer.

The Bionic Woman

Months later it was revealed that a much more famous individual also had prophetic visions about the disaster that day in May.

Actress Lindsey Wagner was a household name through her portrayal of The Bionic Woman on TV. She was due to board crash flight 191 that day but something held her back.

As she sat in the airport waiting she started to feel very sick. Something was wrong and she could not figure out what. The closer it came to boarding time the more nauseous she became.

In the end she abandoned her plans to fly that day and left the airport. As soon as she got out of the airport’s vicinity she started to feel well again.

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  1. I had a friend on that non-stop flight that crashed
    from Chicago to LA. I warned him not to be on that plane
    on the return flight because it was going to crash on take off.
    He flew from LA to Chicago on a roundtrip ticket, about
    a week earlier but changed planes coming back to LA
    and lived to tell it. I was also living in LA as was my friend.

    1. Hi David – awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing this with us!
      I’m sorry for the delayed response. Could you tell us more about why you had these feelings in the first place?

      1. Hello Chris. As to why I had these warnings rather than “feelings” in the first place is simply they occur spontaneously. In this particular situation I had driven my friend to LAX to purchase the RT ticket from LA to Chicago about a week before he was to fly non-stop. He had just bought the round trip ticket when the first warning came as we were walking out of American Airlines terminal back to the parking lot. I remember glancing up at this huge airliner sitting there near the road. As I stopped and turned back I was riveted in my tracks as I saw the huge tail with AA on it fall over sideways and on top of me in the street. At first I thought it had actually fallen off the plane on me, then realized it was a waking vision! My friend naturally was curious as to why I suddenly stopped, whirled around and looked up in the sky at something he never saw and then react as if something had fallen on top of me. He asked me what happened and I told him. The 2nd one came that night about 10:30pm after we had gone out to grab a bite and I came up to his apt for a cup of coffee before leaving for my apt when a sparrow flew into his window, circled his head and lit on a curtain road. That omen has always been a death premonition in my family. I then told him it had something to do with him about to die on that plane flight. The 3rd and strongest of the warnings came that night at my own apartment when I fell asleep and found myself in the lobby watching people board that American Airlines non-stop flight back to LA. Then I was above the runway in the air watching the plane taxi and take off. During takeoff rotation and climb I saw the left engine rip up and off the plane, fly up over the wing as the plane continued to climb..then suddenly flip sideways. While in the air during the dream the huge tail of the AA went over and down on top of me and through me as I saw the plane plummet to the ground and burn. Similar in a way to the 1st vision, but this time it seemed as if it were in a real time event occuring. In retrospect I have often suspected that the airliner I looked at with the tail seeming to fall off at LAX could have in fact been the plane that actually crashed later. Just a guess really. Also when my friend actually bought the ticket, he was potentially doomed at that point even though I didn’t realize it at the time. Only when we walked outside and started across the street did the first warning occur, followed by the bird omen, and finally the crash of the plane in the dream. I told my friend it wasn’t the plane going to Chicago that he needed to worry about, it was the one coming back that he had better not be on it. I told him everything I knew and he flew on to Chicago. He called me back from Chicago after about a week visit with relatives a short time before he was to step onto that doomed airliner wanting to know if I still held to the premonition. I strongly told him he had better change flights if he wanted to live. He did and heard the news while he was on another plane on the way back home to LA. Needless to say he was quite shaken up when I picked him up at LAX.

        1. Really interesting stuff David, thanks for taking the time to explain your story – I know the visitors I get here also will appreciate the input! 🙂

    2. Hello David,

      I’m writing a book about this accident, and am including a chapter detailing several premonitions reported by various people. I’m interested in speaking with you about your friend and your reported experiences; please let me know, and thanks in advance.

      1. I would be willing to talk to you about it. Even though it was a long time ago I still recall it clearly.


  2. Sometimes a psychic or sensitive will have “end of the world” type dreams or feelings, and may perceive it as the true end of the world, when in fact it could be something ending in their own personal world. Possibly death, a loss of some kind or other, but could be a positive change that turns their world upside down. Not always negative.

    1. My plane left same day, May 25, 1979 from O’Hare after the crash. I was 19 yrs old, leaving Air Force Tech school. I also flew on an AA DC 10. I was lucky. I never forgot that day or the crash, years later I work for the RR and they put us up in a hotel in Des Planes, Il, and I got to go see the Flt 191 memorial at a park near the Trailer Park.

  3. My former boss was an IL state trooper and the first officer on scene that day. Apparently there was nowhere to walk without stepping on human remains. He was very stoic about the whole thing, but not long after that he did decide to put himself through law school and stop seeing carnage up close.

    1. Wow I don’t blame him Jo – something like that never really leaves your head (imagine the mental pictures you are stuck with for life?). I hope his law career is going alright?

  4. I have a premonition about huge flaming boulders falling from the sky, like giant meteorites. They start fires and are impossible to remove from roads and highways causing traffic to stall. They come in at an angle, not straight down, so they smack into tall buildings from the sides. The timing seems to indicate early fall 2019. Timing is always an issue with these things as time is a non-entity in the psychic world. If we knew the secrets the Egyptians knew to build the pyramids we could clear these two ton lumps of iron and stone off the roads and let emergency vehicles get through.

  5. This is incredible stories. Very poignant. I didn’t know about flight 191 up until tonight when I heard about this sorry on coast to coast am.

    Around April 14 I had a dream about air combat. There were so many planes that it was a huge black cloud of smoke. I will not say where it happened in my dream for National security reasons but that same day, a few hours later they were talking about nuclear threats from North Korea on the news.

    I have another story to prove that future is already part of the past.
    A former friend of mine explained to me that years ago his wife dreamed about the power ball numbers. He wrote them down and started playing them. The only day he didn’t buy the ticket is when the numbers came out. All of them. 5 million dollars at the time. No-one else had won the Jack put that day. He went on a major depression for years. Lost track of him. Very bizarre. How can we explain those?

  6. Sometimes what we perceive to be “psychic, premonition, ESP-type experiences”, may in fact be nothing more than the soul of the individual somehow being dis-connected, or knocked out of sync with the physical body. This can result in out of time-sync dreams, visions of the future, out of body journeys to other times and places and then attributed to “Psychic or Premonition, Precognitive” causes upon return to this time and dimension. Otherwise one could sit down and visualize the future Powerball numbers or see who the next President is, and many other visionary looks into the near or far future! In my case that does not happen. My visions and dreams of the future and out-of-body journeys are spontaneous. Something in my past broke or weakened the soul-body-mind lock and I spontaneously drift forward in time and back to this reality carrying back the memory or what I can recall from my brief visit to the future timelines.

    1. Interesting David,

      But wouldn’t you say that the soul being disconnected or out of sync is kinda psychic in itself? I mean, couldn’t that be a factor of psychic power in itself?

  7. Yes Chris, the soul losing the “time lock with the body” from trauma, near-death experiences, auto accidents, operations, and many other reasons as well could well be a psychic or spiritual type experience in of itself. The effects of such a disruption of the body-mind-soul lock would result in these time drifts along the time line. I’ve often wondered when I hear of ghost stories of people visiting old battlegrounds over a hundred years after the battle and seeing ghosts dressed in period costumes and uniforms appearing very real. Yet both the modern day observer watching the “ghost of the past” and the “ghost” looking back at the modern-day observer as if they both see each other. Could the ghost of the past be seeing a spectre or ghost from the future only to dismiss it as illusionary or unreal somehow? What if each one is at opposite ends of a time tunnel? Each one observing the other would see a ghost or spectre and each thinking the other wasn’t real. Yet both are real, only at opposite ends of the time line, and neither one a ghost at that moment when time lines overlap! Other ghost sightings have no interaction with the observers, so who knows in that case. They say that highly charged emotional events like battles, mass killings, plane crashes, and so forth can cause an “imprint” on the area and through time as well it seems.

  8. I read this man’s story years ago, It’s unfortunate that it couldn’t have been prevented. My parents’ friend and the many others killed might be alive today. Being Memorial weekend, the flight was overbooked. Some people didn’t show up including a friend of mine’s father who just missed it and a couple of people who had bad feelings about it including Lindsey Wagner. My parents’ friend was on standby but wound up boarding the plane at the last minute when seats opened up. I think he was finally identified by jewelry because of the 3000 deg fire that resulted from the crash.

    I had some strange experiences. Once in August 1986 I had a dream several times of looking up and seeing a plane coming down nose down and then standing amid the devastation in a neighborhood in great detail. After the dream repeated I got concerned, as the plane looked familiar as my parents often flew it to Mexico and they had left on their trip. But they returned safely. Then a couple days after that I was watching sports and it got preempted by the Aeromexico plane crash in Cerritos and I’d actually gone to Cerritos for the first time a couple months before.

    1. Thanks for this comment Marzy – very interesting read. It’s quite mad the amount of people that experience strange things linked to future crashes. I’m petrified of flying and these types of reports only reinforce my fear. Thanks for taking the time to share your opinions with us.

  9. Not only did you incorrectly identify the “engine cowling” as the failure, the picture you show is from a Delta 191 flight which was a L1011 Tri Star that went down in a micro burst – lol. The L-1011 and DC-10 look slightly similar but the crashes were roughly six years apart. Just because they shared a flight number of 191 doesn’t make them the same. There was nothing left this big of the Chicago crash.

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