Crystal Gazing For Beginners


Crystal Gazing For Beginners

Clairvoyance works mainly through clear seeing – images, feelings and impressions can all be used in this fashion. Crystal gazing will help you focus your clairvoyant powers resulting in many different images.

We decided to publish this article on crystal gazing for beginners due to it ending up on our desk a few weeks back. We are lucky enough to be in contact with various psychic professionals due to our work on this site and from time to time they provide us with these articles.

So please feel free to sit back and enjoy this guest post on crystal gazing for beginners. There is a lot of great information and links provided here that will help you along IF you are serious about the subject…

Crystal Balls

(1) Natural Quartz Crystal Balls

When I was first starting out in clairvoyance I was told that natural quartz crystal balls were the best tools for the job. I have to say that after all this time I still tend to agree with that statement!

A lot of newcomers to the subject seem to think that natural quartz crystal balls are broken due to the lines inside them. This is simply not true – the inclusions and sparkling rainbows within these balls are actually excellent for clairvoyance.

Natural Quartz Crystal Ball
Natural Quartz Crystal Ball

In my experience I would have to say that using the more ‘typical’ crystal balls is probably a lot harder. The clean and perfect crystal balls you are force-fed in Hollywood movies are not exactly the most efficient choice!

The markings inside quartz crystal balls are very helpful in forming physical images that help the psychic or clairvoyant eye tune into images. The psychic information tends to hold a lot firmer within these cracks and inclusions.

Natural quartz crystal balls are effective under sunlight, under moonlight and even by the light of a candle. They are an excellent choice when it comes to crystal gazing for beginners.

(2) Amethyst crystal balls

You will find that a majority of the psychic requests you receive will involve questions relating to health or cures/psychic healing. This is very normal procedure and Amethyst crystal balls are perfect for answering these questions.

Amethyst crystal balls
Amethyst crystal ball

They are also very effective for finding answers to questions involving past matters and spiritual matters.

Amethyst crystal balls are often used to answer questions from the female gender. More often than not they ask questions involving complex relationships with families and matters of the heart.

Amethyst crystal balls work best under darker circumstances like candlelight or moonlight.

(3) Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose quartz crystal balls are excellent for matters involving love and the family. Animals are often considered family members so they to are included in this category.

The subject of fertility is often quite a sensitive one and must be handled in the correct manner. Rose quartz crystal is a great medium for concentrating on these fertility questions along with general self esteem.

Rose Quartz Crystal balls tend to be pretty ineffective under candlelight and really bright sunlight. It is best to use them under moonlight.

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Crystal Gazing For Beginners – The Procedure

It’s important to remember that the following is just one of the more simple methods for crystal gazing for beginners. There are other methods out there but it is best to approach them after you have developed your skills through this procedure

  • Start by asking the question
  • If you are using a candle, light it and position it so the light shines onto the ball.
  • Gradually rotate the ball around in the candlelight/moonlight/daylight so that pictures can form.
  • Many images may manifest themselves within the lines and cracks of the ball so try and choose the largest and the one that appears the clearest.
  • Think for a second – how does that image relate to the question that you asked? Is it linked in any way? What is it trying to say?

At this point it is important to point out that you may hear words or feel impressions/feelings inside yourself. This is a way of adding information to what you are seeing within the ball. Do not ignore these feelings!

  • Go through every image you come across one by one until there are no more inside the ball
  • Grab yourself a pen and notepad and write down what those images meant to you. Whatever comes to mind must go down on that piece of paper – no matter how seemingly unrelated it appears at the time.
  • Don’t stop to read over what you have already written – you must start writing and not stop until you are completely dried out. When this happens relax and read over the whole record – the answer to your question will become clear.

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  1. I’m interesting in trying crystal gazing. I had a hunch that the natural crystal balls would be best for sparking intuition but they are pricier. Thank you for the good article.

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