Demon Classifications – Alfonso de Spina’s List


Demon Classifications

In 1497 Alfonso de Spina compiled a list of demon classifications based on German folklore and other European countries. Ever since I stumbled across an article covering this list it has stuck in my mind – it’s the type of thing I would have loved to have known when I was younger!

I thought it was about time we covered these demon classifications in an article here…

1) Lucifer ( The Devil )

The main purpose of the devil is to draw mankind away from the power of god’s light into the darkness of hell. The devil started out as god’s highest ranked angel – he was the brightest angel in the sky!

But the devil was an arrogant, power hungry angel who refused to bow to god and plotted to take over heaven himself. He ended up ruling hell where he stands over all demons and lives in fear of the light.

2) Ghoul

A GhoulThe ghoul is a demon that originates from Arabian folklore and lives in graveyard areas away from the living. A ghoul has the power to shape shift into whatever animal it chooses.

Ghouls prey on small children that are to young to defend themselves. Once they have caught their prey – they eat it!

If they are unable to capture anything living they then turn their attentions to the dead – robbing graves and devouring the organs of freshly deceased bodies.

3) Poltergeist

A Poltergeist is a spirit demon that is able to manifest itself by moving objects. Historically, many hypotheses have been explored to explain poltergeist phenomenon but demon activity seems to be the most popular.

The Poltergeist gets it’s name from the German word for rumble – Poltern.

4) Incubus

An IncubusAn Incubus is a strange demon that aims to rape as many women as possible. It is obviously a male form that opts to lay upon sleeping females in an attempt to impregnate them.

A child from an Incubus is known to have great beauty due to the fact it’s father was once a fallen angel. The women an incubus picks are subjected to many sexual attacks whilst they sleep and over time their health ebbs slowly away.

5) Succubus

The Succubus comes from medieval mythology and is much like a female version of an Incubus. It is known to use beauty to seduce men into sexual acts – it attacks in-between awake and asleep when men are at their most vulnerable.

A Succubus’s true form is known to be quite disgusting but she is able to brainwash men into thinking she is something beautiful.

6) The Sabbat Demons

The Sabbat DemonsThe witches Sabbath takes place once a year and it allows the most beautiful of witches to take part in a ritual orgy. During this ritual, Sabbat Demons possess the bodies of these beautiful witches.

Onlookers to the orgy are known to stamp all over the Christian cross and even allow themselves to be re-baptized under the name of Satan.

7) Drude

A Drude tends to target young female virgins and possess their bodies. At times they are able to leave these young bodies and either take a human form or travel in a sea of mist.

This mist form allows them to enter various properties with ease – they can basically slide under doors or through cracks in window sills or walls. It leaves the safety of the virgin’s body to claim victims be sitting down and crushing upon their chest.

8) Fairies ( Familiars )

Fairies or Familiars are the minions of witches and tend to work with only intelligent, dark and twisted people. Witches are in complete control of Familiars and send them out to gather these intelligent individuals with evil intentions.

A Fairy

They are another form of demon that is able to shape shift into various animals. If you ever spot of Familiar and they notice you looking they are able to take your form whilst you are sent to burn in hell ( they basically replace you! ).

9) Hobgoblins

Hobgoblins are very small cannibals that are able to turn invisible and take up residence in your home. They hang about in home’s the piping systems where they are free to feast on the dead skin washed down the various drains.

Of course they are able to leave these maze of pipes to hunt down fresh flesh if they feel the need…

10) Goblins

Goblin HeadApparently goblins are not just a favorite of Tolkien novels – they are also called upon by witchcraft and demonologists. When they materialize they are used to provide good health or wealth to the summoner.

There is a price to pay for receiving favors off these gruesome creatures. When the benefactor finally dies and his/her soul moves on they find the goblin waiting for them on the other side…wanting their payment in full!

Demon Classifications

I realize that Alfonso de Spina’s demon classifications should be taken with a pinch of salt due to their nature of being based on traditional folklore. There are many demonologists and white witches that STRONGLY BELIEVE these entities exist…what’s your opinion?

For more information on Demonology check out this encyclopedia here

6 comments on “Demon Classifications – Alfonso de Spina’s List

  1. I think that even though I have never experienced any of these creatures there is no reason to say they’re not real the world is so big and no one has seen all of it!

  2. I don’t want to believe that fairies are demonic. I know that some fairies are naughty. I like to think more devious that evil though. Who knows though. Maybe some turn to the dark side and work for the underworld. For the most part I want to continue to believe that fairies are good 🙂

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