Demonic Occupant – Tax Collector Bible

Demonic Occupant - Tax Collector Bible

This story brings a whole new dimension to the idea of a tax collector bible and it’s one you won’t forget in a hurry!

Get this – a lady in Liverpool, England, is dead set on the idea of a demon occupying a bedroom in her apartment…

Taxing Times

The lady’s name is Lorna McDonald and as you heard above – one of her bedrooms is apparently occupying a demon of sorts!

Now, this claim in itself is pretty mental but when you add the spice of tax collectors to the equation it gets even more interesting.

That’s right! Tax collectors are also haunting her for unpaid bills that she is attempting to blame on this satanic creature!

The Story

Lorna McDonald is apparently refusing to pay overdue under-occupancy penalties because the room she wants to rent out is now home to a demonic force.

under-occupancy penalties
The Under-Occupancy Penalties – Another Great Idea From This Idiot!

Her daughter used to occupy this room but decided to leave it about nine months back. This was mainly down to the fact that she spotted a demonic presence in one of the photographs she had in room (and who would blame her?).

Lorna then went on to explain that they began to hear noises and a mirror on the wall began to shake uncontrollably. Her mother had been there when these strange happenings were in full flow and she had decided not to visit again.

Apparently her neighbors in the area are all pissing themselves whenever they pass the house. They are petrified and they make the sign of the cross against their chest as they walk by.

There was even one instance when Lorna decided to get the place redecorated and attempted to hire a local decorator. He told her he would only come to work on the house if there was some sort of priest present.

The Tax Collector Bible

All jokes aside, the house has come under investigation from the Liverpool Catholic Archdiocese. They were also convinced the house was under some sort of demonic threat and sent a priest in to do the ‘dirty work’ on many an occasion.

This dirty work has included a handful of exorcisms and separate religious ceremonies. Even Lorna’s church has got involved and carried out a few investigations of it’s own after it found out the demon was actually assaulting family members.

Now this is where the tax collector bible comes into play – a new type of demon is haunting Lorna’s life. Most of us realize the tax man is a wanker (whichever way you look at it!) but can you imagine trying to convince him that you cannot pay due to demonic possession?

exorcisms and separate religious ceremonies

The Liverpool Housing Trust claim that Lorna owes them money from this rather scandalous bedroom tax we see in the UK.

This law clearly states that she has a lot more room in her house than she needs so of course the government want a slice of her pie ( money – in case you were wondering!).

She wants to move out for obvious reasons but she cannot as the tax man wants his money first!

How they are going to work this one out is way above my pay grade!

The Catholic Archdiocese says it will continue to offer support to resolve the demonic occupancy. What does the tax collector bible state???

If you have any opinions on this strange and unique situation please leave them in the comment section below…

4 comments on “Demonic Occupant – Tax Collector Bible

  1. no matter what she get made to pay that money the government are scheming basdards even if was on fire they basdards would still make her chase the money and yes the bedroom tax has be abolished now too many folk going homeless because of it it nearly made me homeless that was my food money for that bedroom tax I was living on porridge bread soup for like 6 months dirty government basdards how can they live with thereself

  2. I’m from the uk and it’s getting a joke! She should say technically there is a demon occupying the room anyway and invite them round as proof! The demon is probably easier to deal with than those power happy little bell ends down the council anyway

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