Denver Colorado Airport Conspiracy

Denver Colorado Airport Conspiracy

For some reason the Denver Colorado airport conspiracy has been gathering pace since it’s completion on February 28, 1995.

It cost just over $4.8 billion and construction ended up being 16 months behind schedule…

The Tunnels

The main reason behind the late construction of the airport was largely down to the tunnels that were being built underneath the structure.

They were designed to handle a really modern rail and baggage system that would rival any other airport in existence.

It is these same tunnels that draw the attention of conspiracy theorists ever since the airport’s conclusion…

The Conspiracy Theory

The tunnels underneath this impressive airport are now thought to house the rather creepy and worrying New World Order.

On top of this the same tunnels are thought to be used by the United States government to perform electromagnetic experiments. There is a little substance behind this claim as a several aircraft suffered from cracked windshields on the same day – electromagnetic activity?

Nazi Swastika

The Denver Colorado airport conspiracy theories just keep on coming don’t they???

The runways of the airport seem to be laid out in the shape of a Nazi Swastika when viewed from above.

I looked into this myself and if you pick and choose certain runways it really can give the impression of a Swastika. The problem is there are other routes and runways which have to be ignored to manage this – one of them being the main (or largest) runway at the airport!

Denver Colorado Swastika

Runways are usually designed with the prevailing winds in mind so that means it would have been pretty difficult to have achieved a Swastika shape on purpose. There is also the issue of health and safety – keeping this lot happy would of been paramount instead of concentrating on the shape!

But it is what it is at the end of the day and in a certain light the runways DO make up the shape of a Swastika.

The Denver Airport Murals Conspiracy

I thought I would cover the ‘artwork’ on display at Denver airport in it’s own section due to it’s completely sinister nature. To be honest I’m unsure who in their right mind would ever commission such disturbing pieces of art (for a public place!).

Before we even get to the Denver airport murals conspiracy we are confronted with a rather worrying horse statue.

Many people have compared this statute to the Pale horse of the Apocalypse and you can see why really. It isn’t nice – it freaks me out a little!

Pale horse of the Apocalypse?
Pale Horse of The Apocalypse?

Just to wind things up a little more – the sculptor who made this horse was actually killed by it! No I don’t mean it came to life and ate him – a piece of it fell away when he was working on it and struck him from above.

So that’s before we even get inside the building…what next?

  1. The Masonic Capstone – Well if you’re going to build a Masonic structure within the airport you are asking for trouble really! It has braille writing on it and Freemason symbols. It apparently also has some sort of time capsule buried underneath it ( to be opened in 2094 ). No wonder conspiracy theories erupt around this airport after seeing things like this hanging around!
  2. Children of the World Dream of Peace – I had to spend a little time looking into this one as I couldn’t really grasp what I was staring at! It turns out it is indeed the children of the world handing over various weapons to a German kid in the middle of the piece. A little worrying really isn’t it? The Denver Airport murals conspiracy seems to have a strong link to Germany at times ( along with the Nazi Party & Judeo-Christian beliefs ). It is thought that this picture is representing the countries of the world giving up their military to join The New World Order.
  3. But wait a minute – there is a second part to the Children of the World Dream of Peace! You have to follow the rainbow of the first mural to another separate mural altogether. Now I’ve heard this mural may well of been painted over recently but I cannot get a clear indication on this (I am currently in the UK so I cannot check for myself!). This mural provides us with a military figure in a Nazi-type uniform kicking the s**t out of the dove of peace. The left side of the picture shows numerous parents clutching their dead kids tight to them – awful. I fail to see what this painting could be referring to on a peaceful level. This terrifying figure is pointing at a letter that was written by a young girl that died in 1943 at the age of 14. It turns out that this girl came to her demise at Auschwitz Concentration Camp – the whole letter is included in this piece of art!
  4. Peace and Harmony with Nature Mural – A pretty strange piece of artwork this. The title suggests it should be a lot happier than it actually is. We have harrowed kids sitting around a dead (and extinct) animal – one of these children appears to be holding a tablet from the Mayan’s depicting the end of the world. In the background there seems to be a modernized city going up in flames. Right at the bottom of the picture there are 3 open caskets containing 3 dead girls (all from separate culture backgrounds). Caskets just so happen to be very important when it comes to Masonic symbolism
Children of the World Dream of Peace
Children of the World Dream of Peace

So there is actually substance behind the Denver Colorado airport conspiracy. I admit the Swastika runways seems a little ‘out there’ to me but there are other articles online that may well change your opinion (a lot of people are dead set on this Swastika theory being correct!).

Children of the World Dream of Peace 2
Children of the World Dream of Peace Part 2

Which ever way you look at it there is substance in the idea of The New World Order being involved in this sinister airport. Why it is involved…Well that’s up to us to decide!

Any opinions?

Leave ’em below!

7 comments on “Denver Colorado Airport Conspiracy

  1. If you look at the Masonic Capstone, there’s two names at the bottom that i just found super coincidental to have been together:

    Martin Marietta Aeronautics
    Zimmerman Metals

    Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman, and was the jump start to the current racial unrest between the government and civilians.

    Not sure how those would be connected, just thought it was a coincidence.

    1. Great stuff Courtney – I hadn’t noticed that before! I wonder if anybody else has picked up on that. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  2. I don’t know about any of this. The last image with the 3 girls, I’m not seeing caskets. I see 3 girls sleeping in brick rubble, dreaming of peace (the doves) but war destroys everything, hence the families with dead children, the fading of the rainbow and the huge soldier stabbing at the doves, which I’ll note is holding a scimitar (middle eastern), what looks like a kalashnikov/ak47 (russian) and the nazi uniform (german). The other mural I interpret as the death of war, the dead/stone soldier at the bottom with doves perched on him, the children and families of multiple nations giving up their weapons to be destroyed (indicated by the figure with the hammer in the center). I believe these are the children of past enemies destroying the weapons, determined to not let history repeat itself. The boy with the hammer looks german, the girl to his right helping him looks middle eastern, then the two boys on the left holding the handle of the sword look asian and (possibly) russian (to keep with the opposing theme of the other mural).

  3. I am just watching a video so…but it says “Martin mapietta” on that stone not marietta, mapietta doesn’t exist. Whats the thing there then?

    1. Hi Bill,

      Sorry could you explain a little clearer what your question is – it’s been a long while since we wrote this article! What video are you watching?

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