Disappearances in Yosemite National Park

Disappearances in Yosemite National Park


Last week I was sent a rather interesting article covering a handful of famous mysterious disappearances in the woodland and wilderness areas of the US. I was reading through it with the idea of taking some notes for a article for this site…when I realised something very strange…

About 70% of the article was made up of disappearances in Yosemite National Park, and to me, that signalled a much more interesting niche-specific article to write!

So here we go…

The 1981 Stacey Arras Case

Fourteen-year-old Stacey was taking part in a horse riding outing with her good friends and father at the Yosemite National Park. After the group arrived at the Sunrise High Sierra Camp, Stacey had a quick shower then told her friends she was off for a quick walk, to explore the area.

She had asked her dad, and her friends to join her on the walk, but they had all declined the offer. Stacey told the group that she was only going as far as the nearby lake, to snap a few photos, then she would be returning.

The teenager was never seen again.

A huge search party was put together and a nine day search turned up nothing…other than the lens cap to Stacey’s camera.

The Man With No Name 1968

The body of a man was discovered not far from the Sunrise High Sierra Camp in early August ’68.

This man has never been identified, but analysis of the body was never able to determine the cause of death.

One would think that evidence of attack with a blunt instrument, or a cut or two were present on the body – but there was nothing to suggest any sort of trauma.


The Man With No Name 1968


The Disappearance of Jeff Estes in 1976

Jeff Estes disappeared less than a mile away from the gorge where ‘The Man With No Name’ was discovered, he was 25 years old at the time. Once again official search efforts turned up nothing, and following private searches by his family and friends also failed to uncover any clues.

The 1988 disappearance of Timothy Barnes

July 1988, again, less than a mile away from the area where The Man With No Name’s body was found, Timothy Barnes vanished. Once again not a shred of evidence surfaced throughout the extensive search after his vanishing.


Disappearances in Yosemite National Park

The reason I found these four disappearances so fascinating was the fact that they all happened within a couple of miles of each other – they suggest a geographic correlation.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

Do you think there is some sort of link between these cases?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.


5 comments on “Disappearances in Yosemite National Park

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    1. Hi Byron!

      Well I’ve looked through the site and there certainly is a lot of info and angles there. Will go through it again and take my time with each subject. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us!

  2. perhaps there is some sort of natural or geographic phenomena occurring in that area, that is causing people to appear to have vanished, such as an undiscovered hole/cave in the ground, or something else like that. Or something completely left-field like they could have slipped into another dimension via a portal that occurs in the area.

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