Does Heaven Exist Now?

Does Heaven Exist Now?


With all the awful things we witness throughout the world on a daily basis it’s not surprising so many of us are losing faith.

Does heaven exist now? Can heaven still exist even after man has created so much darkness?

One man seems to think so…


Brian Miller’s Experience

Brian Miller is a 41 year old Ohio man that claims he actually travelled to heaven and back during a recent near-death experience.

Brian was unfortunate enough to suffer from a major heart attack and was rushed into hospital to recover.

At first the signs were good – Brian seemed to be making a decent enough recovery and the doctors were upbeat about his chances of survival.

Suddenly, without any warning, his heart went into a deadly arrhythmia called Ventricular fibrillation. There was a huge panic at his hospital bed as medical workers tried their hardest to keep Brian alive.

As they worked on him they struggled to find any sort of heart rate, pulse or blood pressure – the situation did not look good!


The Light

Brian claims that as this mass panic to keep him alive was going on he was traveling down a tunnel heading towards a bright light.

Down each side of the tunnel he spotted strange yet beautiful flowers somehow growing. As he looked into the light he noticed two people waving to him. On closer inspection he realized they were his mother-in-law and his father-in-law. Both of them were recently deceased.


The Light at The End of The Tunnel
The Light at The End of The Tunnel


It was his mother-in-law that approached him and he was amazed to notice she was young again. She looked a lot like she did when he had first been introduced to her many years before.

As she approached him she reached out a hand and grabbed him firmly looking him straight in the eye. She then proceeded to tell Brian that this was all wrong – he was not supposed to be here yet!

She went on to explain that Brian must return to Earth as he had many things to finish…


Meanwhile, Back in The Hospital…

The medical staff were working feverishly to get some sort of response out of Brian’s heart. They had tried shocking him many times but there was no sort of response whatsoever.

They were just about to give up the fight when they noticed Brian’s pulse register from nowhere!

Brian’s brain had gone without oxygen for nearly 45 minutes so it’s a complete miracle that he is in any sort of state to communicate his story to anyone.

Brian was not known for having strong religious beliefs or for having faith in the afterlife but all that has changed. This is his response to the incident:

“There is an afterlife and people need to believe in it big time!”


So, Does Heaven Exist Now?

All of us are aware of our own mortality – some worry about it more than others! Stories like Brian’s are great indications that something could well exist on the other side of life.

Is there life after death? Are our departed loved ones waiting for us at the end of that tunnel of light? Does heaven exist now?

Please leave your thoughts on the subject in the comment section below…



3 comments on “Does Heaven Exist Now?

  1. Yes, there is a heaven after this life, and virtually every one of us will eventually get there, but what many people do not realize is that there are various degrees of heaven (see Paul’s reference to a glory of the sun, a glory of the moon, and a glory of the stars), and even though virtually everyone will eventually make it to heaven, not all will make it to the hightest degree of glory–the glory of the sun–and some will have to pass through hell before they get there. That was Jesus’ message when He gave the parable of the prodigal son. The prodigal son eventually did make it back to his father’s home, but only as a servant, which was like heaven compared to the hell that he had been through, and he didn’t inherit anything because he had wasted his inheritance. The righteous son, on the other hand, inherited all that his father had, thus representing the different degrees of heaven in the next life.

    Many people think that the wicked will burn in hell forever. That is not true. Virtually all those assigned to hell will eventually get out of hell, just as the prodigal son did, but they will not be able to enter the highest degree of heaven. Those who will never get out of hell are very few and far between. In fact, in the whole history of the world, the only one that I know of is Cain.

  2. My father had a heart failure and his heart stopped for a few moments before doctors revived him. He stayed in ICU for nearly two weeks, and finally woke up one day to tell us his story.

    On the day he woke up from his coma, he said he remembered climbing a mountain. And he was not alone, there were many others trying to climb to the other side of the mountain with him. And suddenly, he heard a familiar voice belonging to his long deceased mother (My grandma) shouting at him :” It’s not time yet! Go back!” and suddenly there was this bright light and he just woke up. Not sure if it was all a dream, but on the day he woke up, he was totally dis-oriented. When I visited him during my work day lunch break, he ask me to return back to school in case i’m late for class. He thought that I am still schooling. It took him 2 days to get back to reality and he totally forgot what he had told us about him climbing the mountain.

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