Don Decker Rain Man


Don Decker Rain Man

Back in 1983, a 21-year old man was in the process of serving a short term jail sentence when his grandfather passed away. The prison authorities of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, felt pity on the inmate and allowed him to attend the funeral.

During this period of freedom he began to experience a bizarre phenomena which earned him the title of Don Decker Rain Man…

The Monster

Don Decker sat at the funeral looking around at all the grieving family members and slowly shook his head. These people had no idea what this monster of a man really was.

As a child, Decker was one of many children that his grandfather had secretly molested. He had managed to cover up his perverse actions all through his life.

Decker sat at the funeral listening to family members taking their turns in praising this twisted individual until something snapped inside him. He was accompanied at the funeral by close friends Bob and Jeannie Kieffer. They noticed his growing rage and decided to take him back to their home to calm him down.

But Decker’s temper failed to subside and his anger grew more and more by the minute. All of a sudden it began to rain…

The Rain

Decker excused himself and went to the Kieffer’s bathroom, as soon as he entered he felt the temperature fall a few degrees. He looked around the bathroom for this sudden cause of temperature drop and suddenly spotted someone at the window.

The figure he saw through the window had a strange ghostly appearance and wore a peculiar crown upon it’s head. When he met the gaze of this strange figure he suddenly felt a sharp pain across his arm.

He looked down to locate the source of the pain and noticed strange, animal-like gashes along his arm. He panicked and screamed for help.

Bob and Jeannie Kieffer ran to the bathroom and broke through the door to find Decker standing in the middle of the room with rain falling all around him. They pulled him out of the bathroom and the rain stopped immediately.

Later that evening the rain returned throughout the front living room sections of the house. The Kieffer’s contacted their landlord as they thought something must have gone wrong with the plumbing.

Rising Damp

By the time the landlord and his wife arrived the strange rain phenomena was taking place in every room of the house. On closer inspection the landlord discovered that the rain was actually coming up from the floor and travelling towards the ceiling.

He phoned the police and officers Richard Wolbert and John Baujan arrived at the strange scene within ten minutes.

The policemen had no idea what was going on and ordered all the house’s occupants to leave at once, just to be on the safe side. The landlord and his wife refused to leave but Decker and the Kieffer’s slipped off to a nearby diner.

The landlord later reported that as soon as Decker left the home the strange indoor rain stopped immediately. Decker and his friends had been in the diner no more than a matter of minutes before the rain started up there as well.

They quickly left the diner and returned home to the waiting landlord…the rain followed them.

Don Decker Rain Man

It become glaringly obvious to everyone that whatever was causing this rain was linked directly to Decker. Wherever he went, the rain followed.

The second bout of rain within the Kieffer’s home seemed to be a lot more violent than the first showing. Furniture was flung around the rooms and at one point Decker himself was lifted off the ground and thrown into a house wall.

The following day Decker was sent back to the correctional facility where it was noted he had various gashes all over his body. He was not back long before rain started to rise up through his cell floor.

Many prison guards witnessed this strange occurrence and reported it to the prison warden David Keen. Keen decided to challenge Decker’s new found powers and asked if he could make it rain in his office later that afternoon.

The rain never materialized but at one point Keen felt a strange sensation on his back and realized that his shirt was completely soaked through with water. He did not recall feeling hot or sweating at any point that afternoon – how did his shirt get in this state?

The warden was understandably freaked out so he called upon the services of Father William Blackburn…

The Exorcist

Father William Blackburn spent a few hours interviewing Decker and came to the conclusion that an exorcism would be needed to stop this strange phenomena.

The correctional facility braced itself for an outpouring of paranormal activity but the exorcism was carried out with little incident. Father William Blackburn proudly declared Decker free of all unnatural spirits.

Decker never again experienced the strange rain phenomena that rose through the floorboards of the rooms he inhabited.

Later that year Decker was released from the correctional facility and managed to last 29 years before falling foul of the law again. He was arrested in 2012 for arson in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania.

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5 comments on “Don Decker Rain Man

  1. Very, very awesome story guys! This is one of my favorites so far and it left me wanting to know more! I think it would make an awesome movie! Peace & love 🙂

    1. Hello again Sandy!!
      I can’t be 100% sure but one of my friends believes a movie was released on the subject of Don Decker several years ago. I’ve done a quick search online but it didn’t turn up. Maybe one of the site’s visitors can fill us in on the details?
      Speak to you again soon 🙂

  2. I haven’t seen a movie about him but I have seen paranormal shows where his story is shown and he’s interviewed. I think it was My Ghost Story but I can’t be 100% sure.

    1. Ahhh thanks for that Kellie – will have to do a search for that episode today online (maybe I can embed it on this article!)

  3. Thats mad! !! I think it was his grandad haunting him. What an evil bastard he should tell people what he done. Good story though, well not for don

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