Dr. Carl Tanzler

Dr. Carl Tanzler

In the mid 1920’s, Dr. Carl Tanzler abandoned his wife and kids in Germany and emigrated to the Florida Keys in the USA.

Tanzer had not really been much of a success in his home country of Germany. He was an x-ray technician and part time inventor that pretty much lived on the breadline.

When he arrived in the US he decided it was time for a change – time for a little ‘bump up’ in his qualifications!

He claimed to be a former submarine skipper and owner of numerous college degrees.

After landing a job in a tuberculosis ward in 1934 he saw sense and decided to send for his estranged wife and daughters.

They arrived shortly afterwards but the patched up relationship did not work out…when his wife realized he had been lying through his teeth about the qualifications he held.

True Romance?

After a few months of working at the hospital, Tanzler met a 22 year old Hispanic patient named Elena Hoyos.

At this point in time Tanzler had actually changed his name to Carl Von Cosel in an attempt to cover up the lies he had portrayed about his past.

Von Cosel was completely bowled over by this Hispanic patient and attempted to win her over several times. She refused his advances and made it clear that she was not at all interested in him.

But Von Cosel would not let go…and Hoyos’s health was getting worse by the day.

He contacted her family and claimed he could cure her – after all, he had more qualifications than any other professional at the hospital!

Carl Von Cosel and Elena

Elena’s desperate family, knowing the severity of her illness, gave Von Cosel permission to try his unusual methods.

The hospital staff watched in horror as Von Cosel carried out extremely strange medical procedures on Hoyos. But what could they do to stop him? He was a medical genius after all.

Not surprisingly, Hoyos died…

…And Von Cosel was left heartbroken.

The Mausoleum

Somehow, Von Cosel got permission from Elena’s family to build her an elaborate mausoleum. Her body was laid to rest inside.

But Von Cosel made sure that a secret spare key was constructed for the entrance to the mausoleum, that only he and Elena’s sister knew about.

The family was fully aware that he spent a lot of time at the mausoleum but they were also aware of his love for their daughter when she was alive (even though it was an unrequited love).

Where was the harm in letting this heartbroken man visit their daughter’s resting place?

They had no idea Von Cosel was using formaldehyde and other chemicals to preserve their daughter’s body…and secretly visiting it nightly…

Long Conversations

Von Cosel eventually used his own wealth to construct a strange above-ground burial vault. This vault was fitted with a telephone line so that he could hold conversations with the dead girl.

He also paid for a strange airship whose function he refused to state???

Elenas tomb

The long nightly conversations continued and Von Cosel frequently claimed he had interacted with the ghost of Elena Hoyos.

After two years of these ghostly claims the hospital he worked at pulled the plug on his career. He then left his home and moved into a remote shack.

She’s Coming With Me…

Von Cosel was certainly not lonely in his new rather dingy abode…he had taken Elena’s body with him!

He lay her in his double bed and spent the next few months pumping her full of chemicals desperately trying to stop her from rotting away.

He resorted to using morticians wax on her rotting face to re-shape the once beautiful features she displayed.

Elena Hoyos’s sister knew something was not right – she had not seen or heard from Von Cosel in quite some time. She notified the authorities and they searched Elena’s mausoleum only to find it empty.

She raced down to Von Cosel’s shack and confronted him about the missing body. He invited her in claiming that he and her sister were now deeply in love.

She entered the shack to face a horrifying scene of her dead sister plastered in rotting flesh and waxworks.

The police were contacted at once and they removed what they initially thought was a harmless wax dummy from Von Cosel’s shack.

Just to be sure, they took the strange dummy down to the local morgue to be autopsied.

Elena Hoyos's Body

The dummy was found to be the corpse of Elena Hoyos. Old piano strings held her bones in place and glass marbles sat in her eye sockets. She had also been soaked in perfume to hide the smell of rotting flesh!

Von Cosel had even gone as far as replacing the dead girl’s vagina where he had added a tube that permitted sexual intercourse.

Repulsively, he had been having sexual relations with Elena Hoyos’s body for over eight years…

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