EBE The Alien – The Sole Survivor

Whilst doing a little research through social media I recently came across a video on EBE the alien. I had come across this subject many times before but due to so much hoaxing and misinformation out there I decided to ignore it…until now!

What made me change my mind? Well a friend of mine directed me to a YouTube posting of William Cooper covering the subject of EBE the alien and the existence of the MJ-12.

I’m sitting on the fence with the video ( but not the subject as a whole! ) – some think it’s legit whilst other’s think this Cooper dude is well off his head. See what you think…

The Only Survivor of The Roswell Crash

EBE the alien is thought to be the only survivor of the famous Roswell crash. The official report on Roswell claimed that there was no fallen spacecraft and certainly no alien lifeforms. Forensic investigator Bill McDonald disagrees…

McDonald had direct contact with what was found at Roswell and claims that it was an extraterrestrial vehicle. The beings that were in control of this vehicle were part of a civilization who had come to earth many times to keep watch of our nuclear progress.

The Only Survivor of The Roswell Crash

The sole survivor of this crash ( EBE ) claimed to have come from the planet Serpo where two suns hang high in the sky.

In 1981 the former US president Ronald Regan insisted on receiving all the information available on the Roswell crash and EBE.

He was informed by former CIA Director W.Casey that EBE had been found at the crash site. The alien did originate from the planet Serpo and it was located 38.42 light years from Earth in the Zeta Reticuli system.

On Wednesday, November 2, 2005 the US government finally had to release some sections of the report on EBE and the so-called planet Serpo. This was down to the time limit on secret government projects of 25 years.


July 1947 brought the US government face to face with EBE – a product of the crash in New Mexico.

There were apparently TWO spaceships that crashed that day yet only one survivor. Both EBE and the craft’s wreckage were taken to the secure Los Alamos military base.

The being was named EBE – an abbreviation for extraterrestrial biologicalentity. Special holding accommodation was created for EBE deep inside the secure base of Los Alamos.

EBEThere were thought to have been a total of nine other aliens from both crashes who were not as lucky as EBE. Their bodies were taken to Wright Field, Ohio where they were stored on ice for further examination.

After this examination the bodies were packed in specialized containers and sent on the Los Alamos to be stored securely. The containers were designed to keep the alien bodies from perishing.

The Time Spent With EBE

EBE the alien was kept in captivity until his death in 1952. He had no vocal chords to communicate with so the scientists created a device through surgery to aid the process.

He was a very intelligent being and picked up English very quickly from the military personal in charge of guarding him.

EBE The Alien - The Sole Survivor

EBE never got upset or angry with his captivity and helped many elite officials with their studies and their questions. He explained that their vessels were able to travel to and from points in time with ease – the reason why they found it so easy to cover the long distance to earth.

The typical lifespan of EBE’s civilization is between 350 and 400 years. It is thought that the conditions here on earth and the crash contributed to EBE’s passing.

Their technology is thousands of years ahead of our own and what was found on the crashed vessels was so advanced that the scientists could not decipher it.

Not The Only One

As I mentioned in the introduction to this article – I decided to write this piece due to viewing the video I included above.

Whilst the video’s authenticity is up for grabs I know the subject of EBE the alien has some substance to it.

But EBE is apparently not the only one who has been held in human captivity – many other extraterrestrial civilizations have been offered secure accommodation in a rather famous military base….

…Area 51.

11 comments on “EBE The Alien – The Sole Survivor

  1. Interesting. I have heard Bill McDonald on the Art Bell program. Yes, planet Serpo is plausible and so is our contact and travel to there in the 1960’s.

    1. Hi Dura!
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion. I’ll have to check out this Art Bell program for myself!

  2. EBE was not involved in the Roswell crash all, when other ships arrived to collect the debris, they left him as collateral for a return (which they never did). EBE and the ships are plant based, so when EBE started to die, we brought in an expert in botany. We got many answers to our questions we had, and he gave all the ones that he knew we would like the answers to, only until he was about to die is when he gave us the answers we didnt like. They had to keep him in a room with electrified walls to prevent him from going through them.

    1. Hi Ken,

      Well we’ll publish this comment but it’s not part of the research carried out on the original article. If you could maybe tell us a little more about this view it would certainly help our other readers. As you can imagine, we get hundreds of comments a day bringing up different viewpoints etc.

      Anyway – opinions are opinions and we welcome yours!!!

      Nice chatting with ya

  3. what many researchers choose to ignore is that the Crashed Disc recovered from the Corona Site contained Human Body parts.

  4. Lot of people repeating Bill Cooper. Not complaining…just stating facts. Read the guys book. Too bad he’s long dead. Any who…one day the others will reveal themselves. Wear your brown pants.

  5. all obe, all advanced civilizations as well as inner earth, hallow earth and humans on the surface are all brothers and sisters. Compassion and loving all. May we practice telepathy and communicate with each other and get more educated.

    JP/Boston, Ma

    “ Live long & Prosper “

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