Cosmic Energy Manipulation – Free Cosmic Energy Profile


Cosmic Energy Manipulation – Free Cosmic Energy Profile


Most of us strive to reach some sort of personal success in life, be it in love, overall happiness or our career paths and hobbies. Unfortunately most of us struggle to reach these giddy heights in even one of these routes.

We all have these big dreams and we all work tirelessly to achieve them…but in most cases…they just don’t pan out the way we want them to!

I’m no different – I remember having BIG dreams in my early twenties, then being near enough drained of all positivity by the time I was thirty. I needed a change in direction…I needed to look at life through a new filter.

Despite working hard and putting in all the effort I possibly could, I simply wasn’t finding the types of people, opportunities, and life experiences that I had once dreamt of.

So where next?

What could possibly offer me this drastic change in direction and move me away from the tired and negative world I’d created around me?

After spending a couple of months of research into how I could change my path, I decided to invest in myself and took an in-depth look at my cosmic energy. I had come across the subject on numerous occasions before…but I’d never really given it the time it deserved.

To be honest – Initially I wasn’t expecting much out of it…but boy was I wrong!

What was once stressful daily work suddenly became a process of effortlessly attracting the energy I wanted in my life. I found love, financial freedom, and a sense of purpose that I never knew before.

Are you interested in learning more about cosmic energy manipulation, cosmic energy secrets and cosmic energy power?

In this Cosmic Energy Profile review, I will discuss how well it works, the features it offers, some minor drawbacks with it, and where to get the best deal when you buy it online.

By the end of this review, you should have a good idea as to whether the system is the right choice for your path.


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The Cosmic Energy Profile Review – Are You Ready For Cosmic Energy Healing?


Are You Ready For Cosmic Energy Healing?


Product: Cosmic Energy Profile

Subject: Free Cosmic Energy Profile


Price: You Can Access Your Complete Profile For $7

Money-Back Guarantee: Yes

Refund Policy: 60 Days

Our Rating: 9 out of 10


First things first   what is this Cosmic Energy Profile?

Okay, based on the ancient Mayan calendar, your cosmic energy signature was created on the day you were born. Every separate day, week and month are said to contain their own unique energy profiles, and these special energies manage to interact with the world around you as you go through life.

Included in the profile are all of the components of your galactic signature. These components will include your tone of energy, your day sign, colour and galactic symbol.

The elements and components play a big part in influencing your strengths and challenges, which are then added to the analysis of your cosmic destiny, resulting in an extremely powerful tool that allows you to manifest the paths in life that will bring you success (in any department you choose!).



The Free Cosmic Energy Profile – The Pros & Cons of The System


  • The profile hands the user the ability to prepare themselves for what’s to come in day to day life.
  • You will be able to plan out every day to make the most out of the positive ebb and flow of energy around you.
  • You will be able to synchronise your energy with daily life to manifest your goals.
  • You will have the power to attract the correct types of people, opportunities and circumstances in your day to day life.
  • Simply put – you will be able to manifest your own destiny.


  • People who have a negative outlook on life, and lack an open mind, may well struggle to get any sort of worth out of the Cosmic Energy Profile. They simply won’t be able or ready to accept the insight offered.


I’m not going to bang on about all the personalized and life-changing areas that the Cosmic Energy Profile will provide you with…because the site itself will do a much better job of doing that as you go through the process (seriously – I WILL confuse you!).  🙂

The truth of the matter is that there is certainly something in the ability to harass the energy of the universe, and it’s actually not as tricky as it sounds!

As I pointed out in the ‘Cons’ section of this guide – this Cosmic Energy Profile is not going to be for everyone.

Negativity will kill all chances of your results actually MEANING something to you, and becoming something you can act upon.

But think about it for a moment – Wouldn’t it feel fantastic to actually be in sync each and every day, knowing what that day’s energy holds in store?

The only question is: Are you ready to create your Cosmic Energy Profile and design a life you love?


Click Here To Find Out More About Your Own Personal Cosmic Energy Profile And Find Out How You Can Use It To Determine Where You Need To Go Next In Life!





14 comments on “Cosmic Energy Manipulation – Free Cosmic Energy Profile

  1. Cosmic Energy Profile sounds like a really cool thing. I have arthritis so I would need some kind of energy to deal with everyday pain. Maybe it could also help me cope better with it. But I tend to be a more pessimist person, especially in the days when I’m very sick, do you think Cosmic Energy Profile would work for me? If it could help me give up this negative view I have, it would be amazing!

    1. Hi Heather, 

      Well that’s a difficult one to answer really. Do you feel you can be open minded at times, and are not ‘negative’ or ‘pessimistic’ at times?

      We all have our down days, but how often do these happen for you?

      Simply put: If you are willing to open your mind and give something a go, this can work for you with ease. 

      Could you answer ‘yes’ to that question maybe?

  2. Does comic energy have anything in common with our zodiac signs? As a myopic person with a negative view of the world, is there any pre cosmic class to correct such view so as to be able to enjoy all positives of harnessing the cosmic energy?. 

    I am looking forward to having a better way of preparing myself for the goods of the cosmic energy synch. Thanks for this insightful post.

    1. Hi Olalekan, 

      Yes there are links between the two, but maybe not in the way you are thinking…

      Are you, or do you consider yourself as a myopic person, or are you asking for someone else? It sounds as though you are a little worried that your negativity will get in the way of a Cosmic Energy chart working?

      Please get back in contact and explain what your exact worries are and we’ll try our best to answer your questions! 🙂

  3. Thanks for this review.

    I am a self-development enthusiast and I am always looking for ways to better myself.

    This sounds like a very good way to invest in yourself

    Your personal experience you shared in the beginning, really inspired me to keep reading as I could relate to the feeling of complete drained and lack of motivation in life due to a lack of any visible outcomes of all the effort put in.

    negative emotions can really hold us back from achieving our dreams and in my opinion, should be seriously avoided. Thanks for providing a way out from this trap

    1. Hi Etah, nice to meet you!

      Yeah a lot of us suffer from lack of motivation due to our lives going in the ‘wrong’ direction, it’s common and it’s hard to shift once it’s there! 

      Hope this Cosmic Energy Profile can change your fortunes around. 


  4. I like to know why life treats me the way it does and why I act the way I do. And one cannot find that out through a physical means, they can only access such information only if they contact the world beyond, which is the cosmic world. 

    So your article on cosmic energy manipulation, interests me greatly. Because, I always like to save myself the energy of going through life groping in the dark. I would like to know how to exude positive energy, attract the right people and reach my destiny without much hassle.  

    1. Well this sounds like it could be right up your street then Peace. Give it a go (the chart is free after all so you’ve got nothing to lose!). Good luck! 🙂

  5. Hello, I just got my cosmic reading and most of the points stated are really close to home. Thanks for such an amazing review, until now I have always had a myopic view on cosmic energy readings. Never again. I intend to share this post with the few open minded friends I know would benefit from this.

    1. Well that’s great news mate. Remember to stick to what the chart is telling you and really think about the paths you think it’s laying out in front of you. If you take this any further we would love to hear how it goes (don’t be a stranger!)  🙂

  6. This is a great article, and I quite enjoyed the writeup. Good to know Free cosmic energy will allow me to prepare myself for day-to-day activities, allowing me to channel my strength toward productive activities. I’ve been reading about how to channel my energy properly but I guess this really shed a light on where to focus in getting it done. Great work sharing this. I really need more positive attractions in my life than I’ve been getting. 

    1. No problem Ayodeji

      If you have any problems understanding your chart etc, pop back here and give us a shout (we’ll do what we can to help you along!). 

  7. Wow, Cosmic Energy Manipulation can really give you any clues about the future? This is so cool! I’ve always been intrrested in energy related topics and I’m sure there’s some energy around us (which many people doubt). So if this program could offer me any clue about ways to use this energy in a positive way and make the most of it – I think it’s worth $7, which is such a low price

    1. Yeah the main setup is incredibly cheap at that price Ashley, but remember, the actual initial chart is free (so you have nothing to lose!). 

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