Developing Psychic Medium Powers

Developing Psychic Medium Powers

Before we look into developing psychic medium powers it’s important that you understand how simple it is to tap into your psychic abilities.

Most modern electrical gadgets come with some sort of radio. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cell phone, a Tablet or even a car radio – most of them provide a simple radio!

This radio is built into the device – our bodies come with psychic intuition built-in as standard.

But not all people want to listen to music – some prefer the peace and quiet. Some people will switch that radio on whilst others will choose not to.

If you want to tap into your psychic abilities you must turn your radio on…


Do I Have Psychic Abilities?

Of course you do – Everyone does! All you have to do is switch them to the ‘on’ position. This is not as hard as it sounds and just by landing on this page means you have already began.

The first step to strengthen psychic abilities is to admit to yourself that you actually have these abilities in the first place!

Don’t expect your subconscious to be able to communicate with your conscious mind if you are not even thinking about the subject!

Do I Have Psychic Abilities?

The simplest psychic awareness exercises involve keeping the idea at the front of your mind on a daily basis. You can do this by:

  • Reminding yourself that having medium abilities is the norm
  • Keep on telling yourself ‘I am psychic’ all throughout the day
  • Discuss the subject with friends that will listen to your thoughts on the matter
  • Read about the subject ( this page is a great start! )

If you have the time I would suggest attending a psychic workshop or even a seminar. These are great places to learn how to strengthen psychic abilities and are often very reasonably priced.

A fantastic digital course for developing psychic medium powers can be found here

Remember to use your gift – this will help improve your psychic power even if you are unsure whether it is working or not!


Using Focus Tools to Develop Clairvoyant Abilities

If you carry out some simple market research into this subject you will find that most (legitimate) psychics offer particular services honed into specific skills.

These will typically include:

  • Tarot Cards
  • Crystal Balls
  • Palmistry
  • Psychometry

These options are considered focus tools. They represent something physical that you can use to tap into your psychic abilities.

When developing psychic medium powers it is very important to have something tangible to focus on. These focus tools will provide you with that option and in turn improve your psychic power.

Using Focus Tools to Develop Clairvoyant Abilities

You are going to be primarily working with energy and thought so you must try and place yourself in this realm. Focus tools will act as a pathway or bridge that leads to this realm and help your mind make the transition.

Up until this point your mind has been trained to deal with your usual senses – it will take some time for it to get accustomed to these new senses. Focus tools will help your mind accept this transition.

It’s important to realize that focus tools are just that – tools! Don’t ever let them replace your own natural talents. When you are learning use them to strengthen psychic abilities but remember to test your own ability free from any help aid now and again.


Medium Spiritualists Genuine Ability

A lot of newcomers seem to think that it is possible to tap into your psychic abilities any time you feel like it – when you are first starting out this is not the case!

Medium spiritualists genuine ability can occur at any time, in any place and for any reason. Beginners will often complain that they cannot draw upon their powers when they need to.

Medium Spiritualists Genuine Ability

It’s down to that saying we all used to hate in our school days – Practice Makes Perfect!

If you want to improve your psychic power you must first get used to the new and exciting information coming to you. Practice is a lot easier than you might think:

  1. Try using the door trick – ​​Getting used to having medium abilities and the practice involved with honing them really is this simple! Whenever you hear the doorbell ring stay seated and take your time thinking about who is on the other side.
  2. The Phone – This is no different from the trick above really! When the phone goes wait a few rings until you feel some sort of idea who is on the other end ( don’t leave it to long though – ringing them back will cost money! ).
  3. People – This works well if you have a social work place. Simply talk to your work mates and try and feel which individuals are in a happy place, who is hiding a certain sadness or who is pre-occupied with something weighing them down.

It’s hard to describe really but a friend of mine likes to think of it as an antenna – he thinks ​that when you tap into your psychic abilities you are using this antenna to let the information flow through you.


Developing Medium Abilities as a Newbie

When you begin developing psychic medium powers you may find it hard to find a subject that will be patient with you.

A lot of the pictures you will see to begin with are going to be pretty trivial and a lot of subjects will find no relevance in them. Try and look for someone you know that will be patient and understanding with an open mind.

Remember that you are new to this – just because you are trying to improve your psychic power does not mean you will be right every time!

Developing Medium Abilities as a Newbie

In fact more often than not you will be wrong at first! Your brain has a nasty habit of filling in the gaps between visions and this can effect the outcome.

Other times you will stumble upon visions that are not meant for the here and now! They mean nothing that week but within a fortnight they may mean everything.

If you find a picture then make sure you pursue it until the end – this is a mistake many newbies tend to make.

The picture is there in your mind so use it – don’t be satisfied with a small portion of information when you can have the full meal!

If you are interested in developing psychic medium powers or want more information on how tap into your psychic abilities we recommend the guide and tutorials offered here

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  1. Hi, my girlfriend has been telling for a long time that we all have the capability for developing psychic medium powers. She has seen several medium spiritualists and swears the information she has got was invaluable. I always remained sceptical, however some recent events in my personal life has changed my way of thinking and now I am more open to learning more, hence I found your blog. I no longer dismiss these things, because how can anybody do that unless they are willing to actually learn and discover what is possible? Thanks for a great post, Mark.

    1. Hi Mark,
      I also had a drastic experience in my personal life that led me to the doorstep of a lovely old female psychic. It was after meeting her that I decided to look into the subject further – she was astonishing!!!
      Thanks so much for stopping by – really glad the article ended up being helpful for you 🙂

  2. I to believe everyone has the ability to develop there psychic gifts. You have a wonderful post here explaining how to develop these abilities.

    With a little guidance from the tutorials and course you have here your chances of succeeding is much better.

    Keep up the great work! looking forward to reading more on this subject.

    1. Hi David,
      Glad you found the article topic so useful – check out the guide we mention above if you’d like to delve deeper into the subject 🙂

  3. Chris that is a very interesting article that I read on your page. What you say about people having these powers could be true. I know that within my life I’ve had intuitive dreams or feelings that existed deep in my soul that came true, very unfortunately twice.

    As a 10 year old boy back in June of 1968 I woke up thinking that something had happened to Robert F. Kennedy, then running for President of the U.S. I to this day clearly can remember talking to my Mom at the breakfast table asking her if she had heard what happened to Kennedy. She looked at me as if saying “What in the world are you talking about? Nothing happened to him”. Turns out I was about 24 hours too early. That very night celebrating victory with his winning the state of California in the Democratic party run-off RFK was shot in the pantry/cooking area of a large hotel by a deranged young man named Sirhan Sirhan. He died later that evening as doctors could not save his life in the emergency room of a nearby hospital. So when I woke up that very next morning I was greeted with the news that Robert F. Kennedy, much like his older brother JFK some 5 years before HAD been assassinated several hours earlier, (news did not travel as fast 47 years ago and there definitely was no such thing as the Internet) and was now dead. I remember being so confused and wondering what was going on in my head as a 10 year old who seemingly had foreseen 24 hours earlier what actually happened.

    I also had a strange dream about my father that he was sick, a month before he was diagnosed with cancer. He died a few years later in 1994.

    So while I have no interest in becoming a psychic, I know that something twice occurred with me. As your great article points out some people become quite adept at predicting unusual things that could occur in other people’s lives.
    It was a thoroughly enjoyable article to read, and as I said causes one to pause and give thought!


    1. Wow this is a really interesting addition to our article Jeff – thanks so much for sharing it with us here 🙂
      Funnily enough I recently watched an in depth documentary on Sirhan Sirhan and a conspiracy linked to him that day.

  4. Hi Chris, this article is very interesting, Not that I feel I’m a Psychic, but I do believe in the Supernatural in another sense. I believe that Angels walk amongst us and I know I’ve met a few. Your content has been well researched. I did dabble in Tarot Card reading many moons ago. I became so good at it, that I scared myself and stopped doing it. LOL However, I also studied this subject for several years reading many books and I did attend one séance just for the experience, so you do know what your talking about.
    Your site design is attractive and your graphics are complimentary to your subject matter. When you speak to what types of aids to use when practicing Clairvoyance a lot of people may laugh at this, but your right, these are the tools that are used by most Psychics.

    I liked what you wrote and I would say that you are an expert on this subject and who is a very interesting individual. Thanks for the Insight, excuse my little play on words. Thank You. Sharon:)

    1. Hi there Sharon,
      It’s funny you should mention Tarot card reading – we are currently in the process of researching the subject for an article here! We’ll keep you posted on when we plan to publish it 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hi Chris

    This topic is still considered controversial but when you consider that we only use 10% of our brains ability it’s hard not to believe we as human beings are capable is so much more.

    Great read and I will be taking a closer look at your site.

    Kindest regards


    1. Hi there Gary!
      Yep we have no idea what the other 90% is used for – lots of theories but no real facts!!! Glad you liked the article so much – stick around and see what else takes your fancy here 🙂

  6. My favourite psychic, John Edward, has often talked about this radio that we all have within us, and how to best tune into it. I’ve had a couple of ‘episodes’ in my lifetime – nothing worth mentioning – but I do believe that the 6th sense is very real and alive in all of us. This is a really interesting post, and there’s a lot of useful hints and tips for anyone wanting to fine tune their own inner radios. A good read, well done 🙂

    1. Hi Jyl,
      I’ve come across a few mentions of John Edward online before – I’ll have to look a little deeper into his work ( sounds very interesting! ).

  7. This is a great post on how one can develop his or her psychic abilities.
    Obviously, there exists the supernatural world and even though most people find it difficult to believe, I don’t
    I am very much interested in learning more about this subject matter
    i will surely pass by again to check out your other posts
    keep up the good work

    1. Hi there Fidel,
      Nice of you to drop on by and give your opinions on the supernatural/psychic world 🙂
      Look forward to seeing you here again in the future – enjoy the rest of the site!

  8. Never actually became psychic or anything but do feel like I can feel negative and positive energies very well. Kind of like a child, but I am still pretty young. I do meditate and focus on places I see myself and it keeps me focused. I really like this article- different, but interested to see more!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. I know what you mean about negative and positive energies – they can turn the mood around me in a second flat! It’s great to hear you get an effect through positive meditation for focus – keep it up!

  9. Hello, this is really an interesting post. I never knew that everyone has the ability to be a psychic. This is way out of my orientation, and I am sure many other people would say the same. But it is really cool to know that, and being conscious of it will help one to develop it. I think this one unique article that could not be found easily on the internet. Thanks for bringing this.

    1. You’re very welcome Nnamdi!
      Glad you found it as interesting as you did – good luck with honing your psychic powers 🙂

  10. I’ve long thought that we all have psychic abilities. I often think of someone just before seeing them or receiving a call from them.

    It’s great to have a few different ways to develop that further. I was interested to hear about the tools – a reminder that these tools are separate to the abilities and not to rely on them to heavily.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I’ve heard from many people who have the ability to think about someone then the phone rings…
      A clear indication that you are probably more ‘tuned in’ than most out there!

  11. People always said my grandmother had psychic abilities, and would come to her for advice. I don’t know how true this all was as I was very small when this was happening. Is it true that anyone can develop their psychic abilities? How old were you when you realized you had this gift? Very interesting article!

  12. Hi Chris,

    I have always been intrigued by psychic abilities, mediums and premonitions. I have always believed we are born with higher senses and extraordinary abilities and as we grow, society doesn’t allow us way to nourish this or develop and it goes dormant and becomes unusable. Just my humble opinion. Love your site though! Very interesting.


    1. That’s a great opinion Germain – I don’t think society is built to handle these sorts of powers ( and probably never will be! ).

  13. Hello

    Thankyou for your post. I must admit I have a very open mind with regard to this sort of thing. I come from a family that is half sceptic and half believer.

    I actually do believe in an inuition of sorts and can sometimes predict events before they happen. Some would call it trusting your gut but im not so sure.

    Thankyou for your article it made for really interesting reading.

    1. Hi Andy,
      Trusting your gut seems like a perfectly natural way to describe certain powers you may or may not possess 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed your time here – pop back again soon!

  14. I really enjoyed that overview, especially the part about the focus tools. I’ve often wondered if they are just gimmicks; do they really facilitate the actual development and improvement of psychic powers? That would be interesting to me to know.

    I have a friend who goes to psychics and they tell her who she was and what she did in past lives. And she takes everything they say as gospel, even if she’s been told by two different psychics on two different occasions that she was TWO different people in the exact same year!

    I don’t know how she can rationalize that in her mind. That would be difficult for me.

    On the other hand, I am not a complete cynic. I do believe that some people are more gifted than others; more intuitive. And I even believe that some people can even pick up certain clues and signals at certain points.

    I might have to dive into your digital course to learn more!

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Diana,
      At a guess I would say that at least one of her psychics are not exactly ‘up to scratch’ with what they are doing. Obviously, being told you were two different people at the same time should really set off some sort of alarm bell! I’m not saying she’s being conned – I’m just saying it sounds like she’s being fed misinformation ( hopefully not on purpose! ).

  15. Hi Chris!

    You have put together a very interesting article on developing psychic medium powers, and is something I’ve always wanted to do from a young age.

    Thanks for the tips on learning to switch on my abilities and practicing daily techniques that will help too 🙂

    I have bookmarked this article for future reading because there is a lot of valuable information here that I look forward to putting in to action and unleashing my abilities!


  16. Hi Chris

    Let me tell you, Im a skeptical by choice.
    Even though I know people who had had psychic experiences, may because of fear to the unknown, I have kept myself far from this world.

    But your site is very well organized and the content is very consistent, so I will sure give It a more in depth read. 🙂

    Best regards


  17. I have heard that everyone has psychic abilities, and I do believe that to an extent. I would need to read a lot more about it to understand the complexities though. This is a great article because, as a newbie, you have already given me a place to start. I know know to have more of an open mind to it, and to wait a few moments before I answer my phone next time!

    1. Great to hear that we’ve given you a starting point Todd – and don’t forget to listen out for that phone 🙂

  18. The thought that we all have psychic abilities and we just need to decide whether we develop and listen to them or not, is pretty mind blowing. I guess it would be easier for some people to develop than others though, especially those who are more focused and in tune with their own spirituality? Also I guess there are some people who prefer not to know, as perhaps they fear what they’ll find out or hear if they tap into that side of themselves?

    1. Yes, everyone has psychic abilities but unfortunately not everyone is willing to put in the time and effort to develop them. As you mentioned – this could be down to a number of reasons.

  19. There are a lot of things in this world that are not always explained very well or are dismissed far to easily. I find that most people naturally use small parts of psychic abilities in there daily lives but as you have mentioned most people have not truly developed their ability.
    Some people do get a connection and experience things once in a while but have no control over when it happens or how.
    A very interesting topic.

  20. I have been interested in psychic powers every sense I was a teenager. I have read many books on the subject, and it just amazes me the power that the mind holds.

    I have had flashes of things that are happening while they are happening, and before they have happened and it is a very freaky filling.

    Do you think that Unleash Your Psychic Ability will help me to develop this skill?

    1. I certainly do David – it sounds like it’s right up your street really! Interesting powers you seem to be exhibiting there, you should definitely look into this subject further…

  21. This is so interesting, I always suspected that everyone has psychic abilities, but never delved any deeper. I can’t wait to read more. I know there have been many times in life when I have predicted or forseen certain things happening, small things, but thought it just coincidence. Perhaps there is more to if afterall. I knew it!

  22. I found your post to be very interesting! I did not know that everyone has psychic abilities. I thought it was a gift that was just given to some people. I have always been too scared to see one. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know the things that a psychic can see in my future, and it is scary to think a psychic can see something from my past.

  23. It’s crazy that I ran into this post because I had an encounter with a psychic a few weeks ago and it left me intrigued. At first when she mentioned that she had psychic abilities, I wanted to call bull; but as she continued, I learned that she wasn’t “predicting” the future, but more reading people and their emotions to determine the choices they might be inclined to make.

    I am definitely going to try the phone and door test. Next time someone calls me, I am going to focus on trying to develop an idea of who it could be.

    Great post,

    1. Great stuff Diana – make sure you come back and let us know how the psychic tests went ( we would love to know! )

  24. Hello! It is not too far fetched to believe that everyone is capable of psychic abilities. I think everyone has a moment in their life when they have experienced psychic phenomena. I have had those moments in my life. My boyfriend claims he can hear my thoughts sometimes. The tips you provide in your post are very helpful. The course you recommend is worth looking into. Thanks for the information!

  25. Hi Chris

    This is a very interesting article. I have never considered myself to be a medium but I do think I have psychic abilities, as we all do.

    I have sometimes thought something was going to happen, nothing shattering though, and it has.

    I have always believed in this sort of thing and have been to a few psychics. Most of them I have found to be rather disappointing as the things they predict never seem to happen.

    The one that really me impressed me though was one I visited shortly after my mother died. The psychic knew she had died but did not know that I had sat by her bedside while she was dying and helped her through it. However, she told me all this and how grateful my mother was for my help. She also told me of a slight disability my mother had that nobody in Australia would have known. (My mother died in England). I was overwhelmed by her reading and it made me feel so much better – so much better than a grief counsellor.

    So there definitely is something in it. Maybe I will try and hone my skills.


    1. Oh that’s great to hear Lucinda,
      I’m glad you were able to visit a legit psychic that could put your mind at rest. I also had the pleasure of visiting one after my sister died – a wonderful experience that settled me somewhat 🙂

  26. This page really makes it clear in a simple and understandable that everyone has psychic abilities. My wife is a Psychic Medium, and her readings and validations are very good. She has always been intuitive, but now in her later years, her intuition has exploded. I do think one needs to exercise their craft. I once read that it takes 10000 hours or over 400 days of consistent practise to truly master something. I agree that everyone has the ability. Taking a course would help. Do you think that experienced Mediums could still benefit from a course?

    1. Hi Michael,

      There’s definitely something for ALL mediums within this course – I was really surprised at the depth they went into on certain subjects. But if your wife really is as good as you say she is – maybe she doesn’t need extra tuition in the subject?
      I would say the overall course is geared much more to people learning the ropes 🙂

  27. I love the paranormal and your article is wonderful. I especially like the idea that everyone has psychic gifts. It’s just a matter of tuning into those gifts. What is even more encouraging is the knowledge that you can strengthen your psychic abilities with practice. The practical exercises you provided in your article are a great starting point! Thanks for the encouragement and great info!


  28. I like the similarities you made regarding the radio and our body. That our bodies come with in-built psychic intuition which we can either switch on or off.
    Though I believe in the supernatural but certainly not in the sense described in this your article.
    That notwithstanding, I think the article is well researched and those who believe in the principle will find it beneficial.

  29. Hi Chris,

    I love your site because I love the mysterious nature of life in general. And you focus on the mysterious! We may all have abilities, including psychic, that go untapped. Some of us are simply more intuitive than others and the maybe the more intuitive of us have a better handle on something like this.

    I wonder though, if psychic abilities are like talents – singing well, dancing well, being artistic or being athletic. Clearly, people either have these talents or they do not. Maybe some of us are gifted with psychic abilities and others are not.

    Thanks for continuing to showcase the mystery.


  30. I didn’t realize that there were courses available to teach you how to develop psychic abilities. I like your analogy that everyone has the ability built in and it just has to be turned on. I think everyone has had an instance of something where they “felt” what was the thing they should or shouldn’t do – an intuition. Is this the beginning of developing psychic abilitiy?

  31. Hello, I enjoyed your article and though I have never met anyone who claimed to have psychic powers, I have heard a lot of people saying online that it is all possible, which of course could be true and I try to keep an open mind when hearing anything like this, I’d be interested in hearing more from you

    1. Well there’s plenty more information on the subject on this site Steven – have a look around and see what you can find 🙂

  32. I can see where this actually makes sense I really can. I sometimes just know in my heart something is wrong and if I really think about it for a few minutes with an open mind, most of the time I know the person I need to call. In fact, about a month ago I just felt in my heart late on a Friday evening something was not right with one of my friends. I called her to find out her grandmother had just be taken to the hospital, and her 5 year old daughter was asleep so she needed someone to sit with her daughter a while so she could go take care of her grandmother. This post is really great and right on target. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  33. I loving using tarot cards and seeking out my psychic abilities so it is refreshing to read an article which seeks to educate the reader on how to exactly do this as there are many fake psychics out tehre who don’t really hone their abilities or skills but just focus on money. So thank you for creating this article as everyone has psychic abilities but they need to hone and stregthen these abilities through such techniques as the article explains. Well done

  34. I am still not sold on the psychic powers thing, however I do have an open mind. One day if someone shows that they really do have powers i will be very impressed. This is definitely a fun subject to read up on though. It would be great to have some kind of superpower =P

  35. An incredibly interesting read and well researched. I am very interested to have a read of “The Sirius Mystery” as I have been in some fascinating conversations around that topic! Definitely will be keeping an eye on this site for this is an area that greatly intrigues me and I want to learn more about! 🙂

  36. Hi,
    I really liked the fact when I read that of course I have psychic abilities, and as I read further, I realized that I already use them without realizing it.
    I’ve had many times where the phone rang and I knew exactly who it was when I answered. That is amazing.
    My sister also has this tendency to answer me when I was thinking about something (not saying a word out loud)
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  37. Hello and what a great website –

    Everyone loves the unexplained and you certanily have got what it takes –
    The site is the fastest that I have ever come across and the way you have everything laid out is excellent –
    You have lots of infomation and great quality pictures as well –
    I congratulate you on what you have done and let some con=mments as well

    great job LOVE it

    best regards


  38. Hi, really like your post about psychic medium powers! This is a very interesting and catching topic to talk about, so I think it will get people to read it. I once studied and was interested in these things some time ago, but the truth is, you will need an ENORMOUS amount of time to develop these kind of powers.
    By the way, I remember checking your website about a month ago, it’s nice to see it grow!

  39. I do believe human have abilities to do things that cannot be visible through our eyes. I’m a firm believer of the Law of Attraction and I think it is very related to psychic power. And I heard about tribal people and people in old days having abilities to sense living creatures miles away. They’d know if there are wild animals following them from miles away. However when I heard the word psychic I always imagined to be like supernatural power where people with these abilities can move things by focusing on objects without physically touching them or be able to see through walls.

  40. I have always had the sense in my mind that I was able to call things to happen, and then they happened!

    This is something that I have dealt with since childhood. I thought of it more as intuition than anything else. But I tell you what, that intuition, or whatever, has kept me safe from so many dangers. I called that being blessed.

    I would like to learn more about the subject, because I definitely have “something” and people are starting to notice. I’ll be like don’t this because______ and then it will happen just as I said. Without any prior knowledge of whatever the scenario.

    Now I wish I could channel that energy into the Lotto lol! Take care.

  41. Haha I always used to watch those psychic shows on television when I was younger some of things that they say are quite interesting. I don’t necessarily agree with everything that is said but I have to admit it is very entertaining though. I’ll have to look more into psychic powers to see if I can gain something from it.

    Good stuff!


  42. I have psychic abilities myself and these guides for those that want to pursue this is a great thing. I do like your thoughts about being a medium. I have seen two ghosts myself one just driving by to go home and the other one in my dream. Even though I have said out loud if the spirit wants to talk to me he is welcome in my dreams because he was the grandfather of one of the girls I was staying with. Even though she didn’t believe me that I saw her grandfather when I gave her the description of her grandfather you knew I was giving her the right description. The only reason I wasn’t able to talk to him was that I woke up from my sleep.

  43. Hey there!
    First of all I’d like to say that you are tackling a really “controversial” topic, for lack of a better term. There are a lot of sceptics when it comes to unlocking the powers of the mind, but I personally believe that everyone has a hidden potential that can be accessed through training and knowledge, practice, etc.
    Thank you for outlining these processes very clearly! Cheers 🙂

  44. I am just amazed by your article ! Personally I think that everyone could devellop some paranormal abilities. There are surely some exceptions when people born with some abilities or devellop them after an accident or a stresfull situation. Mystery definitely is present in our everyday life. Keep posting! Thx

  45. I often think about someone just before they phone and wonder whether it is my thoughts that prompted/attracted them to ring or whether I picked up on the fact that they were thinking about me. Which came first? Similarly with email and snail mail letters – I will suddenly think about someone or something and find an email or leter come in from the person or about that subject very soon afterwards. I can’t switch on this ability at will, unfortuantely. I once drempt I had the winning lottery numbers but by the time I fully woke up and came too I couldn’t remember what they were – would have been great if I had!

    1. Well that’s certainly the start of honing in on your personal powers Sarah – you’re almost there! A lot of people don’t even manage to get that far (and next time make sure you have a pen and paper in that dream with you – I could do with a lottery win myself!) 🙂

  46. Hi Chris, thoroughly enjoyed reading your article. I have always believed we humans have a degree of psychic ability its just some choose to tap into it more than others . I’m sure just about everyone has had that moment when they start thinking of someone and next minute you bang into them walking around the corner or the phone rings and there on the other end. Is it coincidence ?

    1. Hiya Shane – so glad to hear that you enjoyed the article above!

      I’m with you really – I don’t believe in coincidences, everything happens for a reason in my book! 🙂

  47. I have been interested in the world of Psychic powers all my life but never had the courage to take a look and gain an understanding of until I read your wonderful post, Wow! really has made me think!

    Very strange but as I read the “phone exercise” my phone rang and I waited for a while and to my amazement my Brother popped into my head, made my heart beat a little faster when it was him on the other end, still can’t believe it!!

    I do tune into people very easily and instinctively seem to know if the are troubled or not, my Husband often jokes that I have a “gift”.

    Thanks to reading your help, guidance and tutorial, it has made me intrigued and left me wanting to find out more, I imagine that this training could actually aid someone suffering from anxiety also, has a sort of calmness about it.

    Really have enjoyed your post and most definitely will be following it up – thank you.

  48. Definitely some interesting information. I have always been fascinated by the unknown. I have been to a few psychics in the past as well, even have my own deck of tarot cards amongst a few other things. I haven’t really done anything with any of it since a recent death in my family that I was foreseeing. Maybe one day I will look more into my abilitites, will definitely bookmark your site, great content here.

  49. I had no idea that everyone has the ability to tap in to psychic abilities if they work on it. I always was under the assumption that it is a talent that only certain people are born with, but maybe it is the case that it is just easier for some to sense these abilities. My mom has had several medium sessions since my dad passed away and I was never a believe until I joined her in a session, and was blown away.

    1. Oh sorry to hear about your father Ryan – my thoughts are with you.

      I strongly believe that it is easier for some to sense these abilities than others. It’s also down to acceptance at the end of the day – wanting to believe or preferring to be skeptical.

  50. I have always been intrigued by this sort of thing and the Unknown.

    While I don’t think I have any psychic abilities I found this read interesting enough to make me want to try it out for myself.

    Although I have to say I am a bit skeptical to the theory of being able to tap into something that may not even exist.

    However, I am intrigued all the same and am still going to try it out first hand.

    Thanks for publishing articles like these. I will be back to see what is next or to inform you on if my little experiment went well.

    All the best,

    1. Well that’s great news Jason – we really look forward to your return and hearing about how your experiments with the subject went. Good luck mate! 🙂

  51. It’s crazy reading about your powerful psychic experiences. I’ve also had experiences like this. The one that stands out the most is just before the 7/7 bombings in London happened, I had a really vivid dream about bombs and explosions. I was completely shocked when I saw the news the next day. I had shivers down my spine and everything. I firmly believe that we humans do have these powers and they can be built on and developed.

    1. I can remember those bombings Hannah – I was going through a divorce at the time so it was a suck day all round really! Yeah vivid dreams constantly provide warnings to certain people – and yet many still believe that dreams are nothing more than the brain re-positioning itself! I know what I believe….

  52. Interesting article. I have always been fascinated by movies with people with psychic powers. Anything from horror movies, to super hero movies. But that was movies and fun to watch, but when you start thinking about the possibilities of people having psychic powers in real life, it becomes quite scary. I will feel threatened if somebody with powers came close to me. Guess thats why the humans in X-Men want to get rid of the mutants. I guess its human nature. Do you think it is possible for someone to actually learn how to become psychic?

    1. Personally, I think we are all psychic Leo, but some of us are more in tune than others – you have to be a believer first! 🙂

  53. I was always very interested in the subject of psychic powers so I really enjoyed reading this post.
    I also think that the majority of people have psychic abilities it is just a matter of taking the time to concentrate on your inner feelings about people and places!
    I am looking forward to reading more posts about developing psychic powers in this website

    1. Well that’s good news Maureen – we’re also looking forward to having you here!

      Enjoy yourself (and feel free to comment on any article that takes your fancy!)

  54. I have had psychic abilities since I was a baby. I could see things through  my minds eye and I could tell the future. 

    I used to have frequent dejavus in the past, but these days they are becoming increasingly less frequent. 

    I have psychic powers to some extent, but I am not certified. I want to be able to tell the future more accurately and precisely. 

    1. Well they do say that these powers are more in tune when you are younger Peace. How often do they work these days?

  55. This article is really interesting, revealing some unknown facts about some supernatural abilities in man. I know that every man has it own Psychic Abilities, as I know that somethings in human beings are beyond the physical. But I just find it difficult of knowing mine, even with all the listed tips in the article. So what else can I do?

    1. Well, maybe check out the guide we have highlighted in the article? There’s some great information within it! 

  56. With each passing day, I’m beginning to believe in spiritual powers and psychic mediums. I will be willing to try to find out if I also have psychic abilities because, it’s something that excites me. Perhaps, your courses and guide will be a good way to start on this journey of discovery.

    1. Well they’ll definitely be a good way to start your journey Louis, but make sure you are willing to learn first! 

  57. Hi Chris, I love this article, it is expository. I’m of the opinion that people have supernatural power, just that not everybody know how to harness it. I believe there are just some supernatural order of power enshrined in incantations and other form of power outlet. Anyone can develop the psychic medium power because it lies in us

    1. Glad you approve Sammy!

      I’m with you, I think we’re all capable of spectacular powers…it’s just that most of us don’t realise we already have them! 

  58. Hello there,

    I found your post quite interesting and that is because I am a skeptic, I tend to be skeptical about spirituality and things in general. So,reading about developing psychic medium powers had me very skeptical about the possibility of everyone having those psychic powers and interested in actually testing this out, since I would like to know how authentic your claims are. So,you have got an avid reader and follower who would put into practice your recommendations in order to test the truth to them. Hopefully, I would be able to give you feedback on my journey, once in a well. Do you think my skepticism would  interfere hugely?

    1. That’s a tough one to tell Vapz, how sceptical are you?

      I suppose if you are able to go into this with an open mind, it is much more likely to work out for you. 

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