Egg Shaped UFOs

Egg Shaped UFOs

A few months ago I stumbled upon a rather interesting YouTube mini-documentary covering the subject of egg shaped UFOs – I decided to make a note of the subject for an article on this site…

…and in typical fashion I completely forgot about it!

Well, luckily enough a regular to this site reminded me about these egg-shaped dudes when she sent me a link to a video she had put together on the subject (Thanks!).

So, at last, here we go…

The Pilot’s Sighting

In 2010 during a training flight in Minnesota, two young pilots were shocked when they realized another aircraft was using their local frequency. They had just checked their equipment and it showed no other aircraft in the area.

Several minutes later a very strange egg-shaped craft appeared in the distance, right in front of them. They decided to make radio contact with the vessel to make sure it was not flying directly at them.

There was no reply.

The pilots decided to play it safe and contact their airport to report on what they were seeing.

When the airport received the report they noted that the pilots were close to their position – they decided to go to the tower and see if they could spot what the pilots were seeing.

They could plainly see the pilot’s plane AND the strange shaped vessel in front of it!

They quickly checked their radars and also reported that the object was not showing up on ANY of their equipment.

The Pilot's Sighting

Both the airport workers and the pilots were able to observe this strange vessel for several minutes before it disappeared. They finally came to the conclusion that it must have been a home-built, ultralight aircraft.

Do you believe that someone was clever enough to build this type of air vessel…and evade radar?

No, neither do I…

The USS Supply

This particular egg shaped sighting was reported way back in 1904 – by an American navy ship called the USS supply.

One night a lieutenant and two of his soldiers were standing on the deck of the ship when they noticed a strange object moving through the sky to their left. All of a sudden two similar objects appeared and they realized they were witnessing the flight of three UFOs.

Now, aircraft were not exactly commonplace back in the early 1900’s – so the men were pretty shocked at what they were seeing!

The lieutenant later stated in his report that there were three illuminated egg-shaped crafts flying in prefect formation above the ocean waves.

The three soldiers were able to watch this strange flight for an approximate time of 3 minutes – the craft then took off at ridiculous speeds into the night sky.

This was one of the first documented UFO sightings coming from the US navy.

The Backyard UFO

This egg-shaped encounter took place in 1988 when a man coming home from work noticed something strange ‘floating’ in his backyard.

Full of awe and wonder, the man in question decided to go into his backyard to get a closer look at the object – he claimed that is was a ‘egg-shaped being’ of unknown origin!

That’s right, he didn’t think he was looking at an egg-shaped UFO – he thought he was looking at something that was actually living.

It had no humanoid characteristics – but the man still believed that it was a living thing.

The Backyard UFO

He later claimed that it had skin that illuminated and would not stop moving – or shifting.

When he got within a meter of the egg it suddenly started a slow movement into the sky, it then stopped at about 30 feet above the ground. It was at this point that the man decided he had seen enough…and ran back into the house!

He stood at the back window and watched as the egg ‘being’ slowly make it’s way down his street, then disappear.

The Truck Driver

This particular report was made in Mississippi in 1957, by a truck driver in the middle of one of his ‘drop offs’.

He contacted the local police to let them know that a strange egg object was blocking off the road he was driving along. The police were obviously taken aback by this claim…but they had only heard half the story…

The truck driver then informed the police that he had witnessed three ‘non-human beings’ leave the egg vessel and stand at the side of the road…making a strange chattering sound!

Of course, the police did not really know what to think about this report – had the truck driver been drinking? Was he off his head through work stress? Was this a joke?

When they finally arrived at the scene the egg UFO and the strange beings were gone – the truck driver was still there…and he was completely sober!

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

4 comments on “Egg Shaped UFOs

  1. About 2 years ago i spotted a strange dark “egglike” object hovering / moving high in the sky from my bedroom’s window. It was flying too slowly and consistantly for it to be a drone.

  2. I saw a chrome egg-shaped “thing” as a child waiting for the school bus. It was approx. the size of a car, floating point-front, it was about 200’ off the ground, it was completely silent. It was moving at approx. 20 mph. It was. I was astounded at what I was witnessing and looked around for a second to see if anyone else was seeing this and noticed a man on his front porch watching it with binoculars. This happened in Spring Branch, Texas…a suburb of Houston, in around 1976-1980.

    1. Wow thanks for this Troy – very interesting!

      I love to hear sightings where someone else had actually witnessed the event, as well as the original watcher. Have you seen any since?

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