Elisa Lam Mystery – The Eerie End


Elisa Lam Mystery

Some cases are so strange and downright eerie they stick in your mind and refuse to go away. This is the feeling I often get when thinking about the ​Elisa Lam mystery.

Elisa Lam was a twenty one year old Canadian student who was found dead at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. The frightening thing is she wasn’t found in a hotel room – she was found in the rooftop’s water tank…

Accidental Death

The L.A. County Department of Coroner came to the conclusion of accidental death by drowning. This seems a little strange in itself really doesn’t it?

At the same time the reports indicated that she was not drunk and there were no drugs in her system – why would she jump into a rooftop water tank?

The police reports seemed to satisfy the various departments involved with the case but not everyone was so convinced by their findings…

The Video

I think the creepiest element of the Elisa Lam mystery is the video we have included below. It’s an elevator surveillance tape that recorded Elisa’s behavior only a few moments before she died.

The video was posted online and it shows Elisa pressing the elevator buttons in an attempt to get it moving. When she realizes the elevator is not yet moving she begins to act very strangely indeed…

How creepy was that? As you can see she first enters the elevator an decides to press every one of the available buttons – why would she want to do this?

She stands back and waits for movement from the elevator but nothing happens – could this be because she’s pressed to many buttons?

She seems to get very agitated and starts looking around everywhere – all of a sudden she feels the need to hide. Was someone chasing her down? Was she actually attempting to hide from someone?

At 1:57 in the video, her arms and hands start moving in a slightly deranged or demonic fashion – we already know there were no drugs in her system so what was causing this?

When her arms starting moving in this fashion it seems as if she is trying to communicate with someone – as if she is actually talking to someone! She finally has enough and walks away leaving the elevator door to suddenly decide to close…

The End

Right after the events of this video Elisa managed to get onto the roof of the hotel and climb inside the large water tank where she perished.

It took the authorities over two weeks to find her body inside the tank due to the fact nobody knew where she had gone. After a few days the visitors to the hotel started to complain about the color of the water in their rooms and the taste ( what an awful thought! ).

This surveillance footage is a real eye opener and shows us a very dark and eerie side to the events leading up to her death. She looks like she is off her face on some sort of drug but we already know that is not the case.

Was she haunted by some sort of stalker or was she suffering from some kind of mental breakdown. Who was she talking to and why was she acting in this strange manner?

The Elisa Lam mystery continues to be one of the creepiest cases I have ever come across – what are your thoughts on the subject?


18 comments on “Elisa Lam Mystery – The Eerie End

    1. Hide and Seek could be one explanation but it doesn’t seem to answer many questions. Who was she talking to? Who was she hiding from? Why were her arms flailing about in that manner? From the video itself it’s impossible to answer these questions – very strange and eerie to watch…

    1. Yeah schizophrenia seems to come up quite often as a possible cause. She was a young girl who moved away to college and maybe all the change in her life triggered it?

      1. She was on vacation with her parents when this happened.i thought it odd they would even stay there,not a safe hotel for anyone to vacation in.

        1. She was on vacation with her parents? Thanks for the input Luann – we were not aware of this! If you have any more info on the story we’d love to hear it 🙂

  1. This story was also covered in newspaper for a few days in Singapore. It was reported that friends and family of Elisa feel that it she was not her usual self as seen in the video. It was also mentioned that Cecil hotel itself, was actually one of the few famous haunted hotel in LA. To get to the water tank, there is a locked safety door which cannot be accessed by outsiders. If anyone tries to break the door, it will trigger the alarm. It was reported in our local newspaper, that apparently the door was not damaged and the alarm did not ring. How did she get to the water tank?

  2. It’s also worth mentioning that the water tanks are EXTREMELY difficult to get into. Google a picture and you can see that she would have had to climb up and lift a very heavy hatch or lid. Whether paranormal or not, it’s hard for me to believe there was no other entity (living or dead) involved in this. At the very least, it is very suspicious of murder.

  3. Why weren’t the doors able to close until after she left….it’s like the elevator wouldn’t let her go down even after she pressed multiple buttons….. maybe the Cecil Hotel knows more about the crime than they make known

  4. by god this is a strange case I believe some basdard murderd this poor gjrl and put her in this tank there no way she could got in to it herself maybe something had happened to her abused or something for her to start acting strange then they decided to murder her finish her off that’s who she was hiding from

  5. Her clothes were found folded, as you would your laundry and set next to the water tank along with her shoes. The poor girl had to find the way to the roof, get through the security door without setting off the alarm or damaging the door in any way shape or form, undress and neatly fold her clothes , setting them and her shoes next to the tank, climb the ladder, open the hatch that even big Burly workers have a hard time opening, all by her little self, climb in the tank AND close and secure the hatch from the inside of the tank. There is no way this could be done alone…it just isn’t possible. Someone or something helped, or forced this poor girl to suffer a horrific death.

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