Elongated Skulls Around The World

Elongated Skulls Around The World


In this article we will be taking a look at the mystery of the elongated skulls around the world. This rather gruesome ritual has been an integral part of a number of societies on Earth for thousands of years – why do it?

On the flip side of the coin – are these skulls linked in some way to extraterrestrial life?

Let’s take a closer look…


How is This Ritual Carried Out?

WARNING – This is probably going to be the most disturbing part of the article.

So, how is it done?

Well, newborn babies have rather pliant skulls during the early stages of development. From here, two wooden planks, or boards, are strapped tightly to the infant’s head. This means that the skulls are pushed backward and upward to create strangely oval-shapes. This oval-shaped skulls remain with the child throughout their life.

The ritual stretches back thousands of years, modern society has now managed to stop this practice.

The whole process never really effected the individual it was carried out on – no lack of intelligence or permanent physical damage to the brain.


How is This Ritual Carried Out?



Bit of a hard one to answer I’m afraid!

A lot of archaeologists and experts believe that these selected infants were part of a royal family in their society, so they had this ‘treatment’ done so that they could stand out around more ‘normal’ people.

Other experts believe that the elongated skulls were put in place so that the tribe could stand out from their neighbours.

It’s also worth pointing out that a scientist and 19th-century naturalist named Johann Jakob von Tschudi believed that the elongated skull formations happened quite naturally to people in certain parts of the world. He studied various skulls for a number of years and insisted that nothing had ever been done to them to shape them in that way.


skulls were linked to ancient royalty


Are They Alien Skulls?

So what about the link between these strange skulls and extraterrestrial life?

Well, back in 1928, an archeologist named Julio Tello uncovered an ancient cemetery in Paracas, Peru. This old cemetery contained a large collection of elongated skulls which later went through DNA testing in 2014.

The results clearly showed that parts of the DNA were not of animal or human origin…but they also indicated that the skulls were about 3000 years old and probably originated from Europe.

This was enough for many ufologists, who still believe to this day that there is a direct link between elongated skulls and alien lifeforms.

It’s worth pointing out that a number of leading experts have scoffed at these DNA claims, and instead believe that the results were made up to draw more research to the area, boosting the local economy at the same time.

So what are your thoughts on the subject?

Do you feel that these elongated skulls were linked to ancient royalty?

Maybe you think that there is some sort of link between the skulls and extraterrestrial life?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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