Elvis Presley Didn’t Die – Conspiracy

Elvis Presley Didn't Die - Conspiracy

Elvis Presley was announced dead on August 16, 1977 from a drug overdose; however, theories and fans believe that his death could possibly be one of the world’s greatest cover-ups.

Strange facts have lingered around his death since August 16th, which could possibly conclude that Elvis Presley didn’t die…

The King

Before his death, Presley was well-known around the world for his role in influencing the musical world about Rock and Roll. Due to his major and vital part in musical history, he is known as either the “King of Rock and Roll” or simply, “The King.”

He inspired many young artists to reach their inner “rocker,” so he became a significantly cultural twentieth century icon. He attracted multiple fans and paparazzi to follow his every move to the point of which he barely had any privacy.

All girls wanted to marry him, and all boys wanted to be just like him. Many believe that the musical comedy, Bye Bye Birdy, is actually about Elvis Presley since everyone in the movie swoons over the male lead singer.

Elvis Ticket Stub

Most likely, he had fans follow him around, trespass into his home, call him throughout the day. Presley’s fame was rising quickly, and the extent of his fame would not reach an end unless something terrible happened.

Due to the attention around Presley, his life was no longer safe because he did not have privacy, and fans did not understand how to take a step back.

There could be only one way to guarantee his safety, to pretend he was dead; however, this task could be much more difficult than it sounds.


Many questions arise about how Presley could perfectly pull off his death. If his death was a cover up, how did he get the police to get involved? How did he get a hospital to follow along? How did he have an open-casket funeral?

All these questions could easily be answered. Elvis Presley entered the Witness Protection Program.

Despite him being a witness in a federal case, Presley could have had special circumstances. For example, his life was in danger, but it was only in danger due to his crazy fans and stalkers.

Although this is not enough to join the actual Witness Protection Program, the life of the “King of Rock and Roll” was at risk.

Usually, those who join the Witness Protection Program have their loved ones join the program along with them. Again, this was not the same case. Since he was not a witness, his family could not have joined the program along with him.

The Witness Protection Program had to find a way to fake Presley’s death in order to prevent his actual death. Since the police coincide with the FBI, having evidence tampered about the death scene was not an issue.

Likewise, the hospital could have been on board with the Witness Protection Program to protect Elvis Presley. After his “death,” Presley went into hiding, away from most civilization. However, Presley’s fan base would probably had figured something out if it wasn’t for his funeral.

The Funeral

Elvis Presley’s funeral was the nail in the coffin to finally cover up his death. His open-casket funeral was only open to family members, so the National Enquirer paid Presley’s distant cousin to take a few photos of Presley.

From the photos, many fans and conspiracy theorists believed that the man in the coffin was not Presley because the man in the coffin had features unlike him.

Some sources say that the coffin and body weighed 900 pounds, but Presley did not weight that much and the coffin couldn’t have weighed more than 600 pounds alone. Theories point to the body actually being a wax dummy, and wax can be heavy especially if it is used to make a life-size human.

After Presley’s death, Tom Parker, Presley’s manager, made a statement to the press that “Elvis didn’t die,” and he “talked to him this morning” and told him to “carry on.” Was Tom Parker dropping hints?

We may never know what truly happened to Elvis Presley, but multiple theories of his life have still been created since his death.

He could have died from a drug overdose or he could have joined the Witness Protection Program to protect his life from the dangers of others. There are still many conspiracy theories that point to the belief that Elvis Presley didn’t die.

2 comments on “Elvis Presley Didn’t Die – Conspiracy

  1. Great Article! I love conspiracies. I have heard before that the Death of Elvis Presley could have been a fake. I even heard about a real man living under a bridge died and they discovered his name being Elvis Presley, possibly a different man with the same name but who knows. The witness protection theory does make a lot of sense and I believe it could have been done. Do you believe he faked his own death? What got you interested in conspiracy’s?

    1. Hi Kenny!

      Yeah there are so many Elvis Presley theories floating about we just had to write an article about them…excluding the ‘kidnapped by aliens’ theory (even we have our limits!) 🙂

      I’m really not sure on this one – I mean, how difficult would it have been to stay hidden? Sounds near enough impossible…but at the same time it is possible!

      All I know is that there are many reasons why he could of decided to disappear…whether he did or not????

      …Is anyone’s guess!

      Thanks for stopping by and reading our work Kenny – have a nice day!

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