Enfield Poltergeist House


Enfield Poltergeist House

I decided to cover the ​Enfield poltergeist house in an article due to Sky TV releasing a mini series on it next month. It’s a strange case that has certainly managed to divide opinion over the years.

Fact or fiction? You decide…

The House

284 Green Street, Enfield, LondonIn August of 1977 a semi-detached council house at 284 Green Street, Enfield, London, received it’s first poltergeist activity. At the time the house was owned by Peggy Hodgson – a single mother with four children to look after.

On this particular August evening she had just put the children to bed when she heard an almighty sound from upstairs. She screamed up the stairs at the children to be quiet and settle down.

Her eldest child, Margaret, called back that something was wrong with the beds – they were moving on their own accord!

By the time her mother made it upstairs the movement of the beds and the noise had stopped. There was no further activity until the following evening.

The Next Night

The following evening Peggy heard the strange rumbling noises again shortly after she had put the children to bed.

This time it was followed by a loud crash so she ran upstairs to find out the cause. She entered the room to find one of the bedside chest of drawers thrown across the doorway.

She attempted to move the drawers out of the way but some sort of invisible force was stopping her. She quickly gathered all the children and they slept in her room for the night.

The Enfield Poltergeist House

The house soon became a hub of paranormal activity that progressively got worse by the day. In desperation Peggy got one of her male neighbors to help find out the cause of the strange activity.

He didn’t last long. After a short time in the house he witnessed toys and furniture floating around specific rooms. He left and did not return!

It soon became apparent that 11-year-old Janet was the focus of the spectral activity that plagued the home. She would often slip off into strange trance-like states and levitate from her bed when she was fast asleep.

The Enfield Poltergeist
The Enfield Poltergeist

After a time her trances would lead to her speaking in an old man’s voice. This voice claimed to be the ghost of Bill Watkins – a man that had died in that very house. When he spoke through her he described how he had died in the house.

They later located Watkin’s son and he verified that his dad had died in their house in exactly the same manner as Janet described.

Poltergeist Activity

The police were eventually called into the home to see if they could locate the source of the trouble. They didn’t think much of the claim until they arrived there.

WPC Carolyn Heeps was one of the officers that arrived at the home and she witnessed a chair fly across the room. The stunned officer then proceeded to check the chair for any fake wires but found nothing.

Even though the police had witnessed the paranormal activity they refused to take the case any further. To be blunt – they were completely baffled!

The Media Contact

So the neighbors couldn’t help and the police were completely baffled – who could Peggy turn to now?

She decided that the media was the only option left to her. She contacted the British newspaper The Daily Mirror and they sent out reporter Graham Morris. He was joined by some sound engineers from the BBC.

Janet Levitating During an Incident
Janet Levitating During an Incident

They experienced complete chaos inside the house and could locate no reason for it happening. They swiftly called in the paranormal investigators…

The Investigators

Guy Lyon Playfair from the Society for Psychical Research carried out a full investigation on the home and he was convinced the poltergeist was real.

But with every powerful believer came another powerful skeptic – magician Milbourne Christopher believed the children were behind the frightening activity in the home.

Janet actually admitted to a few of the investigators that she had made matters worse with her sisters. She claimed that they had been responsible for some of the noises but also claimed that the poltergeist was a VERY real entity.

Peggy eventually enlisted the help of a local priest who managed to clear the house of all poltergeist activity in 1978.

Janet now lives in Essex and has not returned to the house on Green Street since her mother ( Peggy ) had died. These days she does not experience any paranormal activity.

The family that moved into the house after Peggy died only lasted a matter of months. They claimed something evil was always watching the family members but it would never show it’s face…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here, please leave them in the comment section below.

6 comments on “Enfield Poltergeist House

  1. Very fascinating story. I hope I can see the mini series about this case.
    Peace & love 🙂

  2. Hey, I live within a 15-20 minutes of this house, I think every time I walk passed it that there will be a ghost staring at me from one of the windows.

  3. I believe that they believe it! Let me explain – Janet looks like she is leaping from her bed – most tiny young girls are very lithe – they can do that without breaking every bone in their bodies! The girls admitted that they faked some of the phenomena to keep people interested – they were sick of people being around! I do not deny that the elderly gent died there – people die in their homes all the time! These young girls just got very bored with their lives and wanted a little publicity and it all got out of hand! They needed their mother to set them down and explain that what they were doing was wrong!

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