Eugene Izzi Death

Eugene Izzi Death

Author Eugene Izzi spent all of his life living in Chicago but unfortunately he was never really able to reach the heights of fame that his predecessors achieved (Mickey Spillaine and Dashiell Hammet).

His writing did not end up making him famous…but his death did…

The Death of Eugene Izzi

On December 7th, 1996, a man that was walking down Michigan Avenue happened to glance upwards and spot something terrifying.

He was rooted to the spot as he watched in horror as a man thrashed about outside a window 14 floors above street-level.

The police were called and they arrived on the scene soon afterwards. They broke into the 14th floor room and discovered an asphyxiated Eugene Izzi hanging from a noose outside the window.

Things were about to get even stranger…

When the writer’s body was searched they discovered $481 in cash, a set of brass knuckles, a can of what was assumed to be Mace and notes regarding a batch of threatening phone calls.

On top of that, the upper half of his body was covered in a bullet-proof vest.

The Manuscript

Detectives decided to hide a certain detail about the death scene until about a month after the author’s death. A 800 page manuscript was found at the incident that Izzi’s publishers had never heard of.

Contained within these pages might have been a premonition, or even an inspiration.

One of the chapters in the manuscript covers a scene where an author is thrown out of a 14th floor window with a noose wrapped around his neck. This author was also supposed to be Chicago-based.

The character in the manuscript was also found with brass knuckles and Mace on his dead body. The Indiana militiamen are blamed for his murder.


Opinion was divided on how Izzi ended up in a body bag.

Many of his friends believed that he was killed by racist militia due to the fact he had infiltrated one of their groups for research in the past.

The Chicago office building
The Chicago Office Building – Scene of The Hanging

They believe that this group were so pissed off with the infiltration that they wanted EVERYONE to see the result of their handy work.

But on the flip side of the coin is Izzy’s own demons – maybe this was a simple suicide?

He was not an incredibly well known author but he had juggled severe drug and alcohol problems throughout his life.

Maybe he had just had enough of life?

The problem here is that he was well known for hating publicity – why would he choose this extremely public ending to his life?

On January 15th, the Cook County Coroner’s Office ruled Izzi’s death to be a suicide and the case was closed.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Eugene Izzi death, please leave them in the comment section below.

13 comments on “Eugene Izzi Death

  1. Hi Chris,

    Fascinating read especially about Eugene Izzi. I have to admit that I had never heard of him before. I have always been interested in the unexplained and reading these stories really ignite one’s curiosity. I’d be particularly interested to hear how you managed to research this and did you come across any hurdles?

    Best wishes,

    1. No hurdles at all Craig – I work with a few other webmasters and we all research together. It’s a well-oiled machine! 🙂

  2. In this day and age, there are conspiracy theories about almost everything. That Eugene Izzi was not robbed or his apartment ransacked, this makes me lean more toward suicide, especially with the severe drug and alcohol problems he had.

    1. Why would a man wear a bullet proff vest to commit suicide and leave a gun on the floor ? Maybe someone took away his gun tossed it on the floor after they got him by the window ,just a thought

      1. Mr. Jefferson, great insight, I never hear of Mr. Izzi, nor of his demise, although I am a life long resident of Chicago for over 58 years except for my 4 years serving in the US Military. I can tell you this, If someone wanted to commit a murder, Chicago is most definitely the town to commit the dirty deed. Chicago, Cook County and the entire state of Illinois is one of the most criminally corrupt place/s in the Nation. The CPD is criminally compromised from the top all the way down to the lowest levels. Members of the CPD are involved in numerous rackets, symbiotic relations with street gangs, organized crime outfits, etc., shakedowns, take downs, murder for higher, drug conspiracies, racketeering etc. The federal government and US Intelligence agencies are fully aware of this heinous reality. I was informed in 2012 that two- thirds of the CPD were criminally corrupt and compromised. That would be about 8 thousands cops, and this was the number that was known to be compromised, there could possibly more that were yet to be known to involved in the rackets.

  3. Thanks for shining a light on the mysterious death of Eugene Izzi Chris. I really like how you look at all the details of the case, to get to reasonable conclusions or even the complete truth.

    We should chat more, i think you might be interested in some of the things i talk about, if you research my name you will see some things.

    Do you have any perspectives about celebrity cloning?

  4. Interesting and sad article. Poor man! Thank you for the interesting read.

    I’m interested in hearing more about this celebrity cloning! Maybe in a future post? 🙂

  5. I was actually a fan of Izzi’s work while he was alive. The Take and Bad Guys were favorites. My thoughts on his death are this… the fact that he seemingly re-enacted the writer character’s 14th floor hanging while wearing the same items described in the unpublished manuscript makes me believe that this was an elaborate suicide-as-a-publicity-stunt. Maybe he thought that his own bizarre death would cause the new book to become a huge bestseller which would be a financial windfall for his wife and his estate. Maybe he was trying to trigger a life insurance policy by making the suicide look suspiciously like a homicide.

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