FAILED Ghost Hunting Events

FAILED Ghost Hunting Events

Not all organized ghost hunting events are what you’d call…successful. Sure, you need a certain amount of luck and patience to witness a paranormal experience…but you also need a couple of brain cells to get started…

The Neighbor

This first example of a paranormal super-fail comes from the Tennessee area, and involves a group of rowdy teenage ghost hunters, who were convinced that a local tunnel was a paranormal hot-spot.

Anyway, armed with their ghost hunting equipment (basically – whatever they could afford!), they claim to have gone into the tunnel in an attempt to capture auditory hallucinations linked to ghosts…

Instead, they found the neighbor from hell.

Yep, Brandi Lea Amey, a local who lives not far from the tourist-trapping spirit pipe, decided to crack that night – the tunnel had apparently been a pain in her ass for quite some time.

A paranormal super-fail

She ran into the tunnel shooting off her Red Rider BB gun – she later told police that the amount of ghost investigations that had taken place at the tunnel, had left it a danger to human life, so she was just saving the teenagers from possible harm…by shooting at them?

Anyway, the police didn’t buy her explanations.

Amey later admitted that she’d had enough of “people routinely getting out of their cars to stand in the road in the middle of the night.”

The Bug

A health department employee (anonymous I’m afraid!) in Montana suspected her place of work was under attack from some sort of poltergeist activity. So, she decided to secretly hire a professional paranormal investigation team to set up a ghost-detecting camera in the building.

The Bug

Yes, just to recap – she secretly had a camera installed in a government building to look for paranormal activity.

She narrowly avoided jail.

The Cake is a Lie

A rather keen amateur paranormal investigator named Jim Pace managed to drag a whole news crew from Oklahoma into an abandoned jewelry store.

How did he manage this?

Well, he actually convinced them that he had found a message from a ghost scrawled on a chalkboard at the property.

The Cake is a Lie

He claimed that the message, “The cake is a lie”, was a historical reference meaning “The promised reward never happened.”

Unfortunately, Jim really should have Googled the term first before dragging the media in. The message is actually a reference to the popular video game named Portal – numerous teenagers pointed this out (one of which probably wrote it on the board in first place!).

The Guy in The Attic

A rather sketchy psychic named Chris Date…who goes by the name of ‘Knight Guider’ (try not to laugh!), recently led a group of wannabe ghost hunters through a hotel he was convinced was haunted.

Of course – he took payment for this expedition.

He managed to ‘make contact’ with a phantom spirit who began knocking on the ceilings above their heads…

Proof of the afterlife at last.

Well no…a group decided to wait around after the hunt, and to the surprise of absolutely nobody on the planet – a man climbed out of the attic.

The Guy in The Attic

Our good friend, the Knight Guider, jumped in his car and sped off before anyone could get hold of him…for a refund.

I’m thinking the police might have got involved at some point later?

Burn it Down!

The LeBeau Plantation House in Louisiana was a well known paranormal hot spot…before a stoned group of amateur ghost hunters turned up for a session one night.

The seven weed-smokers actually managed to accidentally set the plantation on fire…and burn it to the ground.

Enter the police, once again!

Burn it Down!

FAILED Ghost Hunting Events

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the (rather amusing) paranormal investigations we have covered here, please leave them in the comment section below. 🙂

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