Falkville Alien – The Metal Man

On October 17, 1973, Police Chief Jeff Greenhaw received a phone call that would change the way he looked at life forever.

In this article we will be taking a look at the events that led up Greenhaw’s encounter with the Falkville alien – the metal man…

The Call

Police Chief Jeff Greenhaw was relaxing at his home in FalkvilleAlabama, at about 10 o’ clock at night. His television program was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the house phone so he got up and answered it.

On the other end of the line was a lady who remains anonymous to this day – she was in a complete state of panic.

The lady claimed to have just witnessed a UFO land on a piece of land owned by Falkville resident Bobby Summerford. Greenhaw took the call very seriously and decided to respond to it even though he was off duty.

He loaded his police car up with his camera and his gun and set off for the area the woman had described on the phone.

When he arrived there he found nothing out of the ordinary. He walked around the area several times but could not see any signs of anything strange. He was just about to head off back home when he decided to give the area one more scan – the woman had sounded very concerned on the phone…

The Falkville Alien

Greenhaw decided to check out a gravel dirt road that he had avoided during the initial searches. As he drove along it slowly he noticed a figure in the distance moving rather strangely.

He approached slowly because he believed the figure to be hurt in some way due it’s strange movements.

It was a fairly dull night so visibility was not that good – Greenhaw pulled up about 5 yards away from the figure in complete shock.

He was confronted by a small being in a complete silver body suit. Here are Greenhaw’s own words:

“It looked like his head and neck were kind of made together… he was real bright, something like rubbing mercury on nickel, but just as smooth as glass-different angles give different lighting… when I saw him standing in the middle of the road I immediately stopped the car and asked if he was a foreigner, but no sound came out of his mouth.”

Greenhaw suddenly remembered his camera on the passenger side seat of the car. He grabbed it and started taking as many shots as he could manage.

The flash of the camera seemed to send this strange being into a complete frenzy and it dashed off into the night at an inhuman speed.

The Aftermath

Greenhow later allowed MUFON to examine the negatives of the photos and they found them to be completely legit. Not only did thy find no sign of tampering, they found what appeared to be UFO like objects on the negatives which did not show up on the photos.

But Greenhow’s life took a swift nosedive after the report of this encounter went public. Locals from the area all claimed that it was nothing more than a hoax by a bored police officer.

The police force also took this view and fired him from his position immediately. His wife tired of all the ridicule leading to divorce and his family home burned down.

Police Chief Jeff Greenhaw had no reason to lie about this matter – he was well known as a serious man and an excellent officer. He has always stood by his initial report on the incident.

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