Falkville Alien – The Metal Man

The Falkville Alien

​On October 17, 1973, Police Chief Jeff Greenhaw received a phone call that would change the way he looked at life forever.

In this article we will be taking a look at the events that led up Greenhaw’s encounter with the Falkville alien – the metal man…

The Call

Police Chief Jeff Greenhaw was relaxing at his home in Falkville, Alabama, at about 10 o’ clock at night. His television program was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the house phone so he got up and answered it.

On the other end of the line was a lady who remains anonymous to this day – she was in a complete state of panic.

The lady claimed to have just witnessed a UFO land on a piece of land owned by Falkville resident Bobby Summerford. Greenhaw took the call very seriously and decided to respond to it even though he was off duty.

He loaded his police car up with his camera and his gun and set off for the area the woman had described on the phone.

When he arrived there he found nothing out of the ordinary. He walked around the area several times but could not see any signs of anything strange. He was just about to head off back home when he decided to give the area one more scan – the woman had sounded very concerned on the phone…

The Falkville Alien

Greenhaw decided to check out a gravel dirt road that he had avoided during the initial searches. As he drove along it slowly he noticed a figure in the distance moving rather strangely.

He approached slowly because he believed the figure to be hurt in some way due it’s strange movements.

The AlienIt was a fairly dull night so visibility was not that good – Greenhaw pulled up about 5 yards away from the figure in complete shock.

He was confronted by a small being in a complete silver body suit. Here are Greenhaw’s own words:

“It looked like his head and neck were kind of made together… he was real bright, something like rubbing mercury on nickel, but just as smooth as glass-different angles give different lighting… when I saw him standing in the middle of the road I immediately stopped the car and asked if he was a foreigner, but no sound came out of his mouth.”

Greenhaw suddenly remembered his camera on the passenger side seat of the car. He grabbed it and started taking as many shots as he could manage.

The flash of the camera seemed to send this strange being into a complete frenzy and it dashed off into the night at an inhuman speed.

The Aftermath

Greenhow later allowed MUFON to examine the negatives of the photos and they found them to be completely legit. Not only did thy find no sign of tampering, they found what appeared to be UFO like objects on the negatives which did not show up on the photos.

But Greenhow’s life took a swift nosedive after the report of this encounter went public. Locals from the area all claimed that it was nothing more than a hoax by a bored police officer.

The police force also took this view and fired him from his position immediately. His wife tired of all the ridicule leading to divorce and his family home burned down.

Police Chief Jeff Greenhaw had no reason to lie about this matter – he was well known as a serious man and an excellent officer. He has always stood by his initial report on the incident.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject of the Falkville alien, please leave them in the comment section below.

44 comments on “Falkville Alien – The Metal Man

  1. Hi,
    my name is Osvaldo Carigi and I’m from Rome (Italy). I am a contributor of
    the italian Ufologic Magazine XTIMES.I’m trying to organize a UFO conference and among the topics the one is the case of Jeff Greenhaw
    Can you helpme with some photo or documents in exclusive for my lecture?
    Hoping for future positive feedback I send you my Best Regards.

    1. Hi Osvaldo,

      What exactly are you looking for? We don’t really own any images on this article other than the ones we’ve shown. Most images/proof online is actually under copyright so you have to be careful what you choose to put on your website ( as we are here ).
      How can we help you further?

    2. I’m from falkville this was a hoax I know one of the people that done this it was a simple joke that got out of hand

      1. Unfortunately this is about the 500th claim we’ve received from locals to that area saying they were behind the hoax or they knew someone who pulled the hoax off. This only manages to dilute the hoax angle even further than before (if that is even possible!).
        We thank you for your input but the article still remains in place – we can only ever go on evidence of a hoax, which nobody has ever been able to supply us with! 🙂

        1. The man who played the jokes name is Frank Mullins Sr. My mother was married to his son. His son committed suicide in the late 70s. My mother was already with my father at this time. I wouldn’t ever ask that the article be removed. It adds a tiny bit of interest to an otherwise very sleepy town. I live in the adjacent town. I believe the people all claim to know someone in on the hoax because everyone knows each other in that town. Frank sr passed away a few years ago or he could tell you it was a joke. I realise this is in no way proof and I only have what I’ve been told by the perpetrators themselves to go on, but I thought I’d give my accounting of it anyway.

          1. Wow we seem to have had an influx of comments on this article over the last week or so (there are still about 10 to moderate and publish after this one!). Thanks for your input but we have had contact from numerous people in the area – some believers, others, like yourself, not.
            Both are fine. We sit on the fence if we can.

            Frank Mullins must be about the 100th name we’ve received from people living in the area. How many people actually live there?
            It seems as though the ‘metal man’ was played by numerous locals on different occasions throughout the night(s) in question.

            We’ve also received key accounts off direct relations, friends and associates of Mr. Greenhaw – some of this evidence is pretty impressive.
            So we have to sit on the fence you see – regardless of whether we are believers or not.

            It’s up to you lot in the comment section here to argue it out! 🙂

            Thanks for chipping in with your view though.

    3. Of course there is something real to this case! Our human arrogance absolutely astounds me at times! To think we are the only sentient beings in this vast universe is abjectly absurd and stupid. Why would this policeman just one day wake up and decide to pull a hoax of this magnitude and risk his job and everything? Well he most probably wouldn’t and this is probably real. How come we can commit someone to a lifetime in prison based on eyewitness verbal testimony in a court of law, and we can’t even trust our fellow human beings one bit when it comes to aliens, spirits, etc. We have become very intellectually arrogant as a race.

      1. I think the same. Why would a man like this, in his position of trust, pull some stupid hoax knowing it would get him sacked from his job, and in this case run out of town?!

    1. Hi Osvaldo,
      Well we try our best not to cover or include any fake stories here so the Falkville alien is indeed a true report. As with most of these reports there are always skeptics but the evidence is there for all to see. We certainly believe it to be a true account.

    1. Hi Osvaldo,
      From what I gather the community in Falkville is still pretty much gripped by the UFO incident – it’s quite a famous report after all!

      1. Thanks Chris! Only an other question: There is someone in Falkville for an interview regarding the story of Jeff Greenhaw?

        1. I’m afraid you’ll have to do a bit of research into that yourself Osvaldo – I do not know anyone off-hand from that area but I’m pretty sure there are many witnesses and connections to Jeff Greenhaw in that area!

          1. Sorry Osvaldo – I am based in Wales so I don’t know any local newspapers to that area. Maybe try a Wikipedia search to find out?

          2. I just want to say thank u Chris. For writing the truth. My dad has been thru enough.

          3. Hi Lena,

            I just noticed your surname – you are his daughter right?
            (You don’t have to thank me – we always stick to what we believe is the truth here!) 🙂

  2. Lena,
    next time in Italy my conference about UFO and one of topics will be the case of Jeff Greenhaw. Can you send me something more about the story of your dad? It would be an honor for me.
    Osvaldo CARIGI

  3. Chris, I have read above that “Greenhow later allowed MUFON to examine the negatives of the photos and they found them to be completely legit. Not only did thy find no sign of tampering, they found what appeared to be UFO like objects on the negatives which did not show up on the photos.”
    This is very very important if “they found what appeared to be UFO like objects on the negatives which did not show up on the photos.” Where are now these negatives?

    Osvaldo CARIGI

    1. Thanks for including that Osvaldo – we’ll have to look into it a bit further (another article for the site maybe?).

  4. This Happens A Lot To UFO Witnesses!, I Also Heard This Police Officer Was Visited By M.I . B. ( Men In Black ) Strange Black Dressed Men Who Some Time Show Up And Tell UFO Witnesses Not to Talk About Any UFO They May Have Seen!, I Think This Man Was Telling The Truth!

  5. The being sounds similar to the Cisco Grove incident when the hunter was up in the tree and a “robot type being” appeared after the UFO was spotted in the woods.

    Coast to Coast Am, George Knapp Cisco Grove

    1. Cheers for that ‘S’ (don’t know your real name unfortunately!).
      We’ll look into Cisco Grove and try and cover it here in an article! 🙂

  6. What an interesting story. That poor man though. To go through so much afterward. I only hope he was able to get his life back on course and is in a happy place now.

    1. Yeah I know Kellie – it’s really sad that his life fell apart like it did. It’s a shame that sometimes in life it’s best to keep your mouth shut…even when you know the truth.
      Brave man to stick by his story though!

    2. Hello Kellie, we share a common interest! This case is legitimate IMO, we have had several this summer here in Kingman as well.

  7. I’m writing up this account in the revised Volume 3 of Haunted Skies 1970-1977 and one or two things puzzle me as to what was the time Jeff arrived at the location some accounts say 10pm others that he received a call from the woman at 10pm? For the quality of the books please see http://www.hauntedskies.co.uk Very genuine man love to speak to him perhaps Chris can help me . John Hanson retired Police Officer UK

    1. Hi John,

      Sorry for the delay – we have a security setup on this site that stops people from posting links…and it took me a while to get your’s through on this comment section. From what I remember, our research pointed to the fact that he was home late evening receiving the call (around ten at night).

  8. My dad lived in Falkville…. He spoke of different occasions of ufo sightings he and others had in the area…. He told us after a friend and I were on the mountain and something huge was floating on the other side of the trees that had a heavy Humming sound to it…. It was a TRIP!

  9. I remember when this happen, I was going to Morgan count high in Hartselle, there was a number of sighting in the area. If I remember right , the Corner of Morgan county was Guy Holloway he was involved in some way. I dont remember what he had to do with this. I do remember him talking about it. W O W that was a long time ago.

    1. Thanks for adding this information to the article William – we seem to be getting a lot of comments on this subject over the last 3 weeks or so!

  10. This was delightful to read….old hillbilly jokes from the 60s. There is a ton of folklore from this area it’s fun to see all the cute responses.

  11. I believe it to be fake I’m 32 lived around falkville all my life never heard of this it looks like the bottoms of falkville

  12. All these people say this sighting is a fake? Where is their proof (other than I heard it was fake from so and so). Events like this happen so fast and your mind is so completely confused. I was an observer to a UFO when I was a child back in 1966. Look up the Wanaque NJ UFO case. You will see what I mean. Thanks for the article Chris!

  13. After all those years its diffucult to Judge any UFO Case, but I think it was a hoax, but not made by the policeman Maybe some locals wanted to have their revenge on him for some reason.

  14. Umm…has no one ever thought to talk to Jeff Greenhaw since? I gather he no longer lives their but still he is the person to shed any light … I heard it was prank for revenge etc, but either way the amount of people claimed to be involved outnumbers the population of the town..!! Until someone pulls that suit out and proves it was a hoax .. it all means nothing… people can say they knew someone all day long but like Loch Ness with the surgeons photo they found the fake model in his garage after he passed away etc – you need proof to discount it.. I’m on the side of fake BUT until the person comes forward and has proof it was a hoax it will always sit out there.

    1. That’s a good place to sit with this one Jason – on the fence!
      We get hundreds of people claiming they know the person that created this hoax, contacting us…and each name they give us is different!
      I’m waiting for someone to blame Elvis! 🙂

    2. I’ve communicated with Mr. Greenhaw since that time. There is, indeed, more to the story. He was quite generous in answering my questions. As I was not speaking with him as a journalist at the time, however, I plan on withholding the details of that conversation until his passing, in respect to Jeff and his family.

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