Find Your Past Life – Past Life Regression Guide


find your past life - past life regression guide

Product: How To Uncover Your Past Lives ( By Ted Andrews )

Subject: Find Your Past Life

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications

Language: English

Price: $8.00

How To Uncover Your Past Lives – Product Overview

With How To Uncover Your Past Lives you will discover the techniques used to find your past life and gain clear insight into your spiritual purpose for this lifetime.

The author, Ted Andrews, will take you on a journey through your past life experiences by covering:

  • Self hypnosis
  • ​Find your past life memories through meditation
  • Using crystals
  • Exploring your past life through fragrance
  • Studying Reincarnation

The book will teach you how to become aware of certain aspects of your past life so that you can use the experiences for spiritual growth. You will also be calling upon this awareness to locate soul mates and their individual roles in your life.

Your past lives will contain many negative experiences and this publication will help you learn from those experiences and change behaviors. You will be looking deep into methods to gain insight on your life’s meaning and purpose.

The Good & The Bad

The Pros:

  • Written by Ted Andrews – an ​award winning writer and successful teacher in the metaphysical and spiritual field
  • Not at all confusing – book is easy to follow/read and the information is not to complicated
  • Meditations come with specific and well laid out instructions
  • Fantastic starting point for beginners
  • Provides a very informative outlook on reincarnation
  • Book has been written in a very straight-forward manner
  • You are not required to know ANYTHING about reincarnation to understand this product

The Cons:

  • The book concentrates on opening these spiritual doors leaving you to decide what to do when you actually go through them
  • ​​The section on soul mates seemed to be a little short and thin on information when compared to the other sections
  • Some people may find Ted’s writing style a little cheesy in places ( as I did! )

Who is This Book For?

If you are looking for information on how to find your past life for management of current life circumstances then this is the book for you!

The book will help you expand your view on Reincarnation, Karma, self-hypnosis, meditation and past-life awareness.

It is the perfect guide for those of you who are looking to gain clear insight into your spiritual purpose for this lifetime.

Our Final Opinion on How To Uncover Your Past Lives

Ted Andrews has supplied a wealth of knowledge here for a very reasonable price. It is a very effective book written in an extremely straight forward manner.

The information and instructions are presented in a very practical manner and include numerous deep and interesting ideas.

There is a slight worry with the book targeting people who are yet to venture into reincarnation. This indicates that the book is meant to be used by beginners to the subject – not a bad thing at all really!

Once you start to use the methods the author provides you will quickly get to grips with making changes in your current life. As I mentioned earlier it is a little cheesy in places but you are reading this book to learn – look through this to the important information underneath it!

Discover How to Uncover Your Past Lives Today:

US Product Link – How To Uncover Your Past Lives (How To Series)

UK Product Link – How to Uncover Your Past Lives (Llewellyn’s How to)

80 comments on “Find Your Past Life – Past Life Regression Guide

  1. “How To Uncover Your Past Lives” looks like an interesting book. I’ve never heard of this book until reading this, thank you for sharing. I like that you stated the pros and the cons it has to offer. This topic I find is very complex to understand, hopefully this book helps people who are interested in this topic.

    1. Hi Katrina,
      Glad you like the look of the book – it is a little in-depth at times but overall it’s a very comprehensive guide ( which comes highly recommended! )
      Hope it’s what you’re looking for 🙂

  2. As a Buddhist, I believe in karma but it has never occurred for me to investigate on my past life.

    My life at the moment is not superb, but it’s okay. I (try to) put consciousness into every action and give my very best in any given situation. I like to think that I am continuing the good deeds from my past life, instead of repaying any form of ‘debts’.

    It keeps me positive and looking forward to the things that I do instead of thinking negatively about it. But meditation is in the list. When I get to sit down in peace one of these days, I might have a better insight to my past life.

    Thank you for giving me the idea 🙂

    1. That’s a great way to look at things Cathy! Anything that manages to keep you on the positive path in life must be worthwhile 🙂

  3. Hey Chris
    I have never contemplated searching to find my past life experiences,

    I would think that one must be predisposed to the concept.

    How would knowing what experiences I had in a past life have a practical use in my present life? Could you give an example.?

    A good review on the pros and cons but to a sceptic how would you offer some kind of proof it works.?

    Thanks Tim

    1. Hi Tim,
      Offering proof on past life regression would be a near enough impossible task really – especially to a skeptic 🙂
      I think everyone’s experiences with this subject would GREATLY differ depending on the past life and the individual. I suppose advising people to go into it with an open mind would be the best bit of advice I could give. You never know – you may well find your answers to these questions in the book Tim!!!!

    2. There are two rather three types of mind ie; conscious mind, subconscious mind, and unconscious mind. In subconscious mind there are mental image pictures (MIPs) of bad experiences, like grief, sadness, light harm to our body or emotions and in unconscious mind there are mental image pictures which were stored during our unconscious state due to pain, anesthesia etc.
      Sometime those bad MIPs get stimulations and change our present behaviour/attitude in daily routine life. So simple personality development occurs following these MIPs. These stored MIPs are four dimensional and recorded with all perceptions, not conventionally accepted 5 senses ie; touch, smell, listen, hearing and looking. Rather there are 52 senses in human beings as described by LRH. When these MIPs are restimulated our emotions, actions, reactions, behaviours and personalities are changes accordingly. REFERENCE: DIANETICS: modern science of mental health. Read it carefully and do not mix it with religion SCIENTOLOGY

  4. Great article!

    It is not really something that I’ve ever wanted to do although I used to be spiritual (not in a religious sense) but have since gone on my merry way to experience life to it’s fullest in my own way on my own journey.

    I decided that there are 2 different types of people in spirituality, the nice, kind people who use it to benefit themselves and the crazy people that use it as a crutch for their erratic behaviour/emotions/reasoning. Not for me.

    Great review of the product though, you were very in-depth with a lot of pros and cons.

    1. Hi Aiden,
      No problems mate – we allow all opinions on this site 🙂
      ( It’s what keeps it fresh after all! )

  5. This is a great subject, unexplained mysteries.

    I’ve thought about linking to some subjects on Coast 2 Coast AM but I haven’t found something relevant yet for my blogs.

    Concerning past life regression: I haven’t got this life figured out yet and delving into lives long past, I’m afraid, might just cause confusion.

    I’ve actually written several books about related subjects at Thought Formation Dot Com if you’re interested in that sort of fantasy fiction.

    1. That sounds very interesting Gary – I’ll have to get on over there and check some of your work out!
      Cheers for stopping by 🙂

  6. Hi!
    This looks like a book worth reading and it is right up my ally. This is a subject I really would like to dive into in the near future.
    I am not familiar with Ted Andrews and I look forward to checking him out.
    How many other books does he have on the market? (just curious)
    Thanks for the review!


    1. Hi Shawn,
      I believe that Ted Andrews has several publications currently floating about, most of them covering the subjects of reincarnation and past life theories 🙂

  7. Love the third eye! Past life regression is really interesting. If you’ve ever watched Long island medium the show, there’s an episode where Theresa goes into past life and describes her experiences. She was hypnotized by someone to reach her destination.
    For some people, it could be dramatic, so definitely proceed with caution. Do you know of any places to go and actually have someone help you?

  8. Hi Chris, awesome review. I believe there is past life but in the future I not sure. As people always say everything happen for a reason. I do not wish to know what is my past life but I really wanted is to change to a better person and able to help other with my ability. ]


  9. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your review on this interesting book. This topic is really mysterious and intriguing to me as I have never thought about looking back into my past life. Is it really possible to uncover the past life by doing meditation and self-hypnosis? By the way, if this method can help bringing spiritual growth and positive thinking in the current life, I may give it a read.

  10. Very interesting topic. I have always wondered about past lives. Being a fan of past lives and habits you carry from one life to another. i also had a fear as a child, the fear came from no possible source. It was a fear of getting caught at the knee by something when I was walking. I had that fear as a small child and it carried into my adulthood. I started looking into reasons, that brought me to past life regression. I haven’t really gotten into it as much as I wanted, but your article inspired me to delve into the unknown. I had received many theories as to my fear, like maybe, in another life, my legs were severed at the knee. Anyway, I am sure there are a lot of people who have fears that aren’t warranted by anything in this life. It’s worth checking into. Thanks for the inspiration, I will start checking into this.

    1. Wow that’s pretty interesting stuff Kitty – a little gruesome as well 🙂
      Well I hope you find a few answers in this book as it seems to be right up your street!

    2. My friend was too fond of taking rice with sugar, although he was diabetic patient. He was advised by doctors not to take too much amount of rice but he was not able to control. When counselled in DIANETICS SESSION, it revealed that in his childhood he belonged to poor family where rice were taken with sugar. Once sugar was not available at home refused to take ONLY RICE (without sugar). His father came at home and asked about AZIZ (my friend’s real name), his wife stated AZIZ did not take rice due to unavailability of sugar at home. Aziz’s father found him hidden beneath the bed. He was forcefully been put rice in his mouth by his father. Total forcefully. Totally with force. He was crying but his father continued to put rice in his mouth. He was vomiting, but father in anger forcefully continued. FROM that time he was fond of taking rice. This was reactive phenomenon stored in AZIZ’s subconscious mind. When it was recalled again and again and again and again in DIANETICS SESSION, till his laughter on recalling it now, ( that is known as GOOD INDICATOR in DIANETICS COUNSELLING)…… his reactive mind vanished force in that MIP by recalling, recalling, and recalling ……….. till good indicator observed. Now he is not interested to take rice in much amount and he is happy without taking rice !
      THIS IS DIANETICS developed by LRH

  11. Great site! I always find unexplained mysteries very interesting to read, i saw many great sites and yours is just as good as any top site in this niche. WA really does wonders. I hope you get a lot of traffic and continue to develop your site. I will come again:)
    Best regards

  12. I love stuff like this! It really makes you look at the world differently. Birth and Death are such mysterious things and science cannot help us understand conciousness. That is where you are being able to come in and take the torch from science. Awesome job! People wonder about mysterious things like this every day and you are helping to provide.

  13. Very cool! I think this book, “Find Your Past Life Regression” looks so unique by helping you to uncover your past through self-hypnosis. I’ve always been so interested in this one aspect.

    I went to a show once at my college back in the day where they would have all these students on stage and actually hypnotized them, and guess what? It worked! I was so surprised to see the power in this and am sure it can do wonders to help accomplish a more soulful insight on your past. Great job reviewing this product!

  14. Hi Chris I never thought to know what my past life ever was but this is a real eye opener. I know the ancient Egyptians had a monopoly on some spiritual awakenings as well as certain yoga practices. To me personally it fascinates me and I probably at a later date would want to know more.

  15. Hello,
    What an intresting topic ! Even though not many people believe in past lives, i would say that no one is sure anyway! The idea of being reincarnated is pretty nice ! I would love to know who or what i was in a past life (if i had one). Who knows i might give this book a try. Who’s the autor ? What does he believe in ?
    Thank you for your post. It made me dream a bit when i went threw, thinking of who I could have been in the pass.
    Keep working hard on your website.

  16. Thank you for the well written review of How To Uncover Your Past Lives. I have always been interested in these kinds on unexplained mysteries and it is wonderful to find a website that takes a thoughtful look at this topic. I will be back to visit often.

    I found this review to be well balanced and objective which is a rarity in the paranormal arena. Very nicely done!


  17. Hi Chris,
    I must say I am sceptical by nature, but I’m no close to any new ideas. To you think these kind of experience will work with just anybody? Or maybe you need some predisposition. I have never experience anything like that before, but before I jump in, I would like to know if it could work for me?
    Thanks Phil

    1. That’s pretty much the million dollar question Phil – I was also skeptical when I first came across this subject ( quite a while back now! ). I suppose if it actually worked for everyone we would be a lot closer to the truth now? I have witnessed it in full flow with numerous people – I feel it can work for anyone if they are willing to take that step.

  18. Our past lives, this is a Big issue, to know who we were, to know what we did, where we lived.
    It could be really great. but a little scary too! haha
    I would like to know it at some day, maybe this book could help me do it.
    do you found something interesting in your own past?

    1. Hi Alex,
      I actually haven’t been as lucky as some of my friends were on this subject – my journey was a bit of a scrambled mess ( but there definitely was something there! ).

  19. How to uncover your past lives is a new topic for me, but this now makes me very interested. I am especially interested in the self hypnosis. On the other hand, I am a little perplexed about what to decide if spiritual doors are opened as you stated in your cons. I do think this book is worth the read as I’d like to see what it’s all about.

  20. Hey man, that’s some very interesting reading here. I was always atracted to this type of mysteries…There are many things that we don’t know, some do but they won’t tell us…It would be nice to know who I was in past lives, there are many people who remeber at young age, up to age 5 i think…very nice post, thanks for shating this.
    Cheers and best of luck

  21. I have never read much on reincarnation before but this sounds like the kind of book that would get you well on your way.
    Learning from past experiences in previous lives to understanding where you are with this live and what your purpose is today is quite the mind set for what some people may or may not believe.

    I could see the interest in a lot of people wanting to know and learn from this book.

    1. Cheers Travis – thanks for the interest! Take a look around the rest of the site, we have plenty more articles in this category 🙂

  22. Wow, this sounds interesting. I delved into spirituality in self hypnosis during childbirth and I was amazed at how it worked as it was something that terrified me. Since then I have really opened my mind to more spiritual possibilities, and this looks like a good start. Would you recommend it to someone with only a little background in this field?

    1. An axiom is an irreducible primary. It doesn’t rest upon anything in order to be valid, and it cannot be proven by any “more basic” premises. A true axiom can not be refuted because the act of trying to refute it requires that very axiom as a premise. An attempt to contradict an axiom can only end in a contradiction.
      The term “axiom” has been abused in many different ways, so it is important to distinguish the proper definition from the others. The other definitions amount to calling any arbitrary postulate an ‘axiom’. The famous example of this is Euclidean geometry. Euclid was a Greek mathematician who applied deductive logic to a few postulates, which he called axioms. In this sense, “axiom” was used to mean a postulate which one was sure was true. Later, though, it was shown that his postulates were sometimes false, and so the conclusions he made were equally false. The “axiom” he used was basing his geometry on a two dimensional plane. When his work was applied to the surface of a sphere, though, it broke down. A triangle’s three angles add up to 180 degrees on a plane; they do not add up to 180 degrees on the surface of a sphere. The point is that Euclid’s “axioms” were actually postulates.
      True axioms are more solid than that. They are not statements we merely believe to be true; they are statements that we cannot deny without using them in our denial. Axioms are the foundation of all knowledge. There are only a few axioms that have been identified. These are: Existence Exists, The Law of Identity, and Consciousness.

  23. I like your website about real unexplained mysteries. I think of them often myself. Regarding Past Life Regression Guides. I’m open to reading the guide however, I would think that as a beginner you need much more training to uncover your past life and guidance too. What if you find something traumatic? I’d fear that a guide couldn’t help with that. But all in all, I’d be willing to try. Thanks for the write up.

    1. No problems Tiffany!
      You bring up a good point on finding something traumatic in there – definitely something to think about before jumping in head first!

  24. Hi Chris,

    This is a well thought out article. You did well on the pros and cons. I like that when reading reviews. Gives more input into the product.
    I’m not really into the past life stuff… afraid of what I might find. LOL I do believe in Karma however… strong believer of it. It may be worth reading the book just to hear more about what Ted Andrews has to say about it. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Tanya,
      It always makes sense to include both the pros and the cons – we need people to see the whole picture before they decide to purchase 🙂

  25. This is a topic that I do not know much about. Based on your review, I know what to expect from reading this book.

    Without getting too religious, I do believe that we have some form of past life. It seems that certain people and families are drawn to careers of fields and it feels natural.

    I often have feelings of deja vu and remember details about people that I know I have not previously met.

    This will be a great book for me to check out and dig deeper – thanks for sharing!

  26. This book sounds really interesting, even if cheesy! You mention reincarnation quite a lot, and it made me wonder: is the book purely based around past lives, or would it help with those that are looking to recover potentially lost memories (from deep inside the subconscious)?
    It sounds like a fascinating topic to start looking into- and I love anything like this.
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Well I’ll have to say both really Chloe – they are, after all, closely linked 🙂

      Glad you like the look of the book so much! Thanks for stopping by!

  27. Looks like a really interesting website. I saw the site on how you can develope your own abilities. How did you get into these kind of things? Have you ever tried to develope your own abilities? Maybe you know a place you would recommend, some kind of organization? Let me know, thank you

    1. Hi Benedetto,

      There are many different organizations out there that cover this sort of thing – especially online! Do a quick search and see what tickles your fancy! 🙂

  28. Hi Chris, I’ve been searching for some inspiring books and once again I stumbled upon your website 🙂 Well, your website here really provides some unique information.

    I am a believer of Karma (what you sow is what you reap), although reincarnation is somewhat in my ‘Grey’ belief area. However, it is nice when you said the use of knowing past life for managing our current life and growth.

    Perhaps I can try and look for some information in this book. I have been a natural-born vegetarian for almost my entire life, so I wonder if past life did exist, maybe I was a cruel animal slaughter? 🙂

    Thanks for your review here.

  29. Hello Chris, man this book seems DEEP! I feel like I would really enjoy this read. Seems to me that it would help me find my true purpose in life. Sometimes I feel like my purpose was to follow my dreams and that is what I am doing everyday. How about you.. did you read this book and did you find a clearer past?

    1. I did read this book Billy and I did take certain things from it…

      But I think I’d like to keep those things private! 🙂

  30. hey Chris

    Really great that I stumbled upon your site, since I’m very much interested in paranormal phenomena! And I have to say, being a theologian with a PhD, this is not self evident. BAsically, it all comes from my interest in science.

    Besides quantum physics, I studied a lot of psychological research. Regarding past lives, two authors were eye openers to me: Michael Newton and Brian Weiss. The notion, that we can access other lives, cannot be refuted in my mind, regardless of the different explanations we give.

    Since PLR is a challenging topic, where do you see stumbling blocks?

    Cheers, Stefan

    1. The only stumbling blocks I ever come across with PLR is down to beliefs I’m afraid Stefan – it’s a very individual thing at the end of the day! 🙂

  31. Sounds like an interesting book! Past-life regression in general is a touchy and interesting subject. It’s always eye-opening and food for thought to find out what we were in another era of history. Burt Goldman also teaches similar techniques of meetig your “past-lives” via meditation, however…he fails in telling people that they need already-existing meditation skills.

    1. Hello once again Lakan! Thanks for chipping in with yet another comment – great to see that you are enjoying your visits here! 🙂

  32. Interesting. I’ve always found the concept of past lives to be true. I believe that everyone has had infinite past lives and will have infinite future lives.

    I’ve done regression in the past but I couldn’t be sure if they memories were real or just my brain reconstructing it to meet my need for answers.

    Have you tried doing the past life regression? Anything interesting come up?

  33. Great review for this past-life book review. I wish you would give more on the author reason being is when it comes to these kinds of concepts there is either the education cultural anthropologist who takes to explain it logically. While on the other hand there’s the loony who is just guessing as they write down their beliefs. Great page though, Keep it up!

  34. I’m really curious about finding my past life. I think it gives really good information about it.

    Can you describe a bit about the author? It may be more interesting if you could talk about Tedd Andrews.

    And i would like to ask you, can you write an areticle about introduction to black magic? I would like to have a list of introductory books for black magic and demonologty.

    1. Well Google is there for a reason Tyler – I’m afraid the day to day running of this website restricts us from writing articles we cannot publish here. Do a quick search on ‘Tedd Andrews’ – see what pops up!

  35. Hi Chris,
    This is a really fascinating sounding book, particularly suitable for someone like myself, who has never delved into reincarnation. I believe some people think that’s where “deja vu” sensations and experiences come from. What do you think? Between reincarnation, spirit totems and guardian angels there certainly seems a lot to explore, if you’re that way inclined. Thanks for a rgeat review,

  36. Hello!

    I had never heard of past life regression before but started to have really weird dreams about different places that I had never been and conversations with people that I didn’t remember meeting. Different time periods, different clothes, stuff like that…

    I went to a hypnotherapist and she explained past life regression. I have only just started to dig into it, but this book sounds like it will be a great guide!

    This is a great article, thanks for sharing!


  37. Hi Katrina,

    What a great review on “How to Uncover Your Past Lives”. This is incredibly intriguing to think that we can discover who we once were and learn how previous experience may have very well constructed the characteristics we see within ourselves today – perhaps even discover some strengths and talents that are hidden inside of us just waiting to be found. This is powerful stuff and I look forward to the read.

    Thanks again!

  38. Finding out about my past lives has been something I’ve been thinking about for some years now. The only reason I have not looked into it yet is because I never knew how. I might have to buy myself this book soon. I reckon there is a lot to learn about ones self through finding out whose body the soul was in before the current one!

    Interesting read. Great job on this review. Thanks very much for sharing.

  39. It is not really something that I’ve ever wanted to do although I used to be spiritual, but have since gone on my merry way to experience life to it’s fullest in my own way on my own way. But it is really good how you explain it so other know if the want it or not.

  40. Hey, Chris! To be honest, I am not a believer in past lives or the such, so I will pass on this one. I love your site, though! I’ve looked into it looking for a specific content that I have had happen to a friend: spontaneous combustion. Do you happen to know anything about it?

  41. “How To Uncover Your Past Lives” looks like an interesting book. I would like to read more on reincarnation and the afterlife. If meditation can incite you into your past life that would be really cool and amazing. all in all this appears to be an interesting book and I look forward to checking it out some time in the future.

  42. Thanks for the great info provided!

    I’ve always found past life regressions fascinating! I’ve been tempted so many times to find a facilitator to help me with it. But I haven’t done it yet! Now that I found this book, I think I should look into it and become better informed before I do it.
    Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

  43. Very interesting read.
    I have a great interest in anything paranormal and spiritual, anything that goes beyond our abilities of comprehension. I’m constantly looking for, not proof, but argumentation that lead to plausible theories. I was raised a christian, turned atheist, but found my lost faith again some years ago.
    Love the pro’s and con’s part.

    1. That sounds very much like me Ossur – I recently felt a bit of faith again and I’m slowly letting parts back into my life. Great to speak with you! 🙂

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