Flight MH370 Conspiracy

Flight MH370 Conspiracy

On March 8, 2014, 239 souls disappeared on board their Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. Pieces of debris have washed ashore in widely scattered locations.

Still, this tragic loss remains an intriguing mystery.

Any solution to the flight MH370 conspiracy theory went down with the plane somewhere in the vast Indian Ocean.

Somewhere in the 46,000 square miles of cold, dark, deep ocean lies the Malaysian Air Boeing 777 that went down somewhere during its flight from Kuala Lumpur.

However, despite the discovery of debris on Réunion, Mauritius, and Mozambique, the MH370 flight conspiracies only grow stronger.

Theory #1 – Indian Triangle

Considering the weakest theories first, there is the claim that the MF370 went down in another version of the Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious vortex where thousands of ships and missions have “magically” disappeared over the centuries.

Theory #2 – U.S. Conspiracy

Early rumors held that flight MH370 could have set down at the U.S. base at Diego Garcia.

The United States denied the claim, and nobody has yet come up with a reasonable explanation why the plane would land there or why its location would remain classified to this date.

Theory #3 – Suicide

An early theory held that the flight MH370’s Captain Zaharie Ahamad Shah or his co-pilot Farique Abdul Hamid intentionally ditched the plane in a bizarre attempt at suicide.

MH370 flight path

Malaysian Airlines principals, government officials, disaster investigators, and family members insist there is no evidence that these otherwise experienced pilots did anything to risk their mission.

Theory #4 – Mechanical Failure

A persistent theory holds that an electrical fire did enough damage to kill the passengers and crew, perhaps with smoke or toxic fumes, before bringing the plane down.

This may explain why the plane flew so long on radar and why it made several graceful turns before it disappeared.

On the other hand, such a fire would likely have led to distress calls which never occurred.

Most conceivable incidents of mechanical failure would have warned the pilots to make adjustments or corrections, but it apparently remained on autopilot until it vanished.

Theory #5 – Hijacked

Malaysia has been a target of various terrorist forces in the past. One early version claimed the plane had been hijacked and flown to Afghanistan where the plane and personnel are still being held captive in squalid conditions.

Those same theorists cannot explain why no ransom demand has been made or why the captors have not laid claim to the event.

Theory #6 – Shot Down

Yet another theory holds that Malaysian flight MH370 went down in flames as the result of an internal explosion or, perhaps worse, a missile fired during a joint Thai-U.S. military exercise.

Another version says the plane was deliberately shot down by the United States to protect its interests in Diego Garcia from terrorists using the plane as their missile.

Take Your Pick…

As the search for the Malaysia Air MH370 flight continues, theories grow and strengthen as conspiracy theories will.

It’s also true that, for conspiracy theories to exist, there has to be an element of believability. So, it follows that, as the search continues, additional opportunities will arise.

For example, the existence of debris compatible with a Boeing 777 would seem to eliminate the idea that the plane somehow mysteriously vanished into any sort of Devil’s Triangle.

The fact that the debris does not appear to be flame damaged might argue against theories of fire and explosion.

AIN Online reports, “A 15-strong ‘Independent Group’ of current and retired aerospace and communication industry professionals have voluntarily investigated the disappearance and corresponded with the relatives.”

Their work, based on evidence from telecommunications and other metrics over the plane’s almost eight-hour flight, supports the idea that there was a basic error in mechanics or human judgement.

Other investigations continue to revisit and revise theories on the plane’s location and search area.

Richard Quest, Editor-at-Large for CNN Money, warns this could happen again.

Even though flights now report more frequently in real time,

“Lessons have been learned but the change is slow and too much is still being left to chance. Everyone agreed MH370 must never happen again. Now aviation must prove it has made the changes needed to ensure history does not repeat itself.”

So, we find ourselves with new worries and without solutions to the flight MH370 conspiracy theories.

6 comments on “Flight MH370 Conspiracy

  1. Hi Chris,
    I found this tragedy, just that, an incredible tragedy – not only because of the significant loss of life, but also because there hasn’t been any closure for the families of the victims. How painful to not know the cause of the crash. I remember hearing about the possible suicide theory, but my hunch is theory 4. I think perhaps something happened in the air such as loss of cabin pressure that caused everyone to pass out, thus leaving the plane on autopilot until it crashed. Sadly, several of the other theories are just too painful to consider. I truly hope we find the real answer one day.

    1. It really is a tragedy Jessica and the fact that there is no closure for the families makes it even worse. I guess we’ll never know the real reason behind what happened that day…

  2. Of all the conspiracy about this MH370 i choose the 2nd one, i heard this theory about chinese intel agents in the plane that was able to find a gap or a weakness in the US missile Defence via satalite and their early warning system.so cia made them land in diego garcia it is also possible that the US used theyre scallar weapon to control the plane and the rest are still unknown.

    1. Hi Kian,

      Good points you’ve covered there – thanks for including them with our article (it always helps the content to evolve!)

  3. There is so much more to this “disappearance” than anyone is being allowed to realise or report. Someone knows something that they don’t want the world to know, whether MH370 was deliberately shot out of the sky near Diego Garcia (it’s not the first time America has taken out a civilian plane…) or it was hijacked and the passengers captured. If it did ditch into the ocean, for whatever reason, someone has GOT to be hiding wreckage, and if they are, why? I wish there were some answers so the families of the victims can finally have some sort of closure.

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