Frederick Valentich Theories – The Mid-Air Abduction

Frederick Valentich Theories

Ufologists have been coming out with numerous Frederick Valentich theories since his strange disappearance on October 21, 1978. What were the real reasons behind the Valentich disappearance that night?

The Valentich Disappearance

On that fateful night, 21 year old Frederick Valentich was on a training flight from Australia to King’s Island. He wasn’t what you’d call the most experienced of pilots as this was only his second solo flight at nighttime.

At just past 7 pm that night Frederick contacted air traffic controllers in Melbourne because he had spotted a strange aircraft flying near him. He asked the controllers if they knew of any other airborne craft in that area and they told him they did not.

He then went on to explain to the air traffic controllers that something was now flying next to him and it was definitely NOT a plane. He described the object as having at least four lights and one green light, he said it was elongated with a strange shine to it.

The conversation with air traffic control went on for about 6 minutes and at one point Valentich claimed the object was travelling at super speeds. Whenever he tried to get a good look at it the object would shoot off and then return to his plane’s vicinity from another direction.

Towards the end of the conversation between Melbourne air traffic controllers and Frederick Valentich, Frederick complained that his engine was coughing…all of a sudden the radio went dead and they heard no more from the pilot.

Did it All End There?

Many Frederick Valentich theories lead to the report being incomplete. They claim that the conversation with air traffic control went on for a lot longer than what was reported.

Bass Strait Valentich disappearance
The Bass Strait Area of The Valentich Disappearance

Apparently Valentich said his plane was engulfed in a green light and he felt as if his skin was burning off his bones. This was then accompanied by a strange metallic scraping sound indicating the end of the transmission.

The men and women working at air traffic control that night claim the last words Valentich spoke were “It is not an aircraft”.

Many extensive searches were arranged by the authorities but the young pilot and his plane were never to be seen again.


On that night in October there were numerous sightings of strange lights in the sky around the areas where Valentich had been travelling. There were also a handful of UFO sightings in this same area the weeks before and after the strange disappearance of the pilot.

Unfortunately a lot of these sightings are from sources that are not entirely reliable. One report claimed the majority of the reports arrived AFTER the disappearance was made public therefore the the information had become convoluted.

The people closest to Fredrick Valentich claimed he had a deep interest in UFO’s and aliens before the incident. Many people took this as a reason for some sort of hoax – but if this is the case where is Valentich and where has he been for all these years?

Over the years the Frederick Valentich theories have grown to include:

  • An elaborate practical joke
  • He committed suicide in a very public way
  • He was abducted by aliens
  • He was killed by aliens
  • The UFO effected his plane engine causing him to plunge into the ocean
  • Technical faults led to the plane crashing into the ocean where his body remains to this day

​The truth of the matter is that the Valentich disappearance will always remain a complete mystery. Skeptics will have you believe it was simple plane trouble while more open minded individuals will claim it the result of an alien encounter.

What do you think happened to Frederick Valentich that night?

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