Gef The Talking Mongoose

Gef The Talking Mongoose

Article Written By Site Contributor Frank Statler

Gef the talking mongoose is an amazing story that comes from Chasen’s Gap – a small hamlet located on the Isle of Man off the coast of England. Also referred to as the Talking Mongoose or the Dalby Spook, Gef was the name given to an allegedly talking mongoose which was claimed to inhabit a farmhouse owned by the Irving family. The Irvings’ farm was located at Cashen’s Gap near the hamlet of Dalbyon on the Isle of Man.


In September of 1931 the Irving family started hearing scratching, vocal noises and rustling coming from behind the wooded panels of their farmhouse walls. Soon a so-called ferret that declared itself to be “Gef” and claimed to be “Extra clever” and hailed all the way from New Dehli India made his self be known. He was so funny and had a great sense of humour.

He would disappear for a few days and then come back and tell the family about the latest goings on at the neighbours house. At times he would claim to have ridden the local bus into town and would listen to all the conversations which he would then come back and regale the family with the conversations word for word.

Personally, during my research I found some great photographs supposedly of the great Gef. I will post the link to them at the end of the article.


I am the ghost in the form of a weasel and I shall haunt you” is what Gef proclaimed to the stunned family one summer day. It started with a tap, tap, tap the man of the house has relayed to us. Soon it developed into a wise cracking back and forth with the amazed farm family that eventually turned into a seeming friendship between the two.

Gef even slept in the youngest son’s room with him to stay warm during the bone chilling winters that he spent with the family. Just in the room and not in bed with the boy though. The people in the town dismissed the claims as utter nonsense and declared the family quite mad.

However, they were at a loss to explain how the family members seemed to know their private conversations and actions. “Gef” was known to devour the sausages and snacks given to him by the family and was always sure to thank them. Everyone in the family had seen “Gef ” at one time or another and the Father of the family told a newspaper reporter that “Gef” was a little animal resembling a stoat, a ferret, or a weasel, yellow in colour with a body about nine inches long. Its long bushy tail is speckled with black”. He said.


A couple of researchers by the names of Lambert and Price collected and scientifically studied the supposed fur of “Gef” and they took plaster casts of the Mongooses tiny foot prints. The hairs unfortunately, after being studied, was found to be the hair from “a longish haired dog”.

The two naysayers also concluded to themselves that the “footprints” were made with a stick and that Gef’s voice was merely a trick of ventriloquism.

The story of “Gef” soon faded into obscurity but has recently had an resurgence of interest. As his story is shared across the world wide web more and more people are learning about this great supernatural incident. I personally just acquired a recently written book to add to my library called Gef!: The Strange Tale of an Extra-Special Talking MongooseI can’t wait to dig into it!

So jump online or hit the local library to learn more about a clever Mongoose named “Gef”.

Frank Statler


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