Georgia Guidestone Monument – The Antichrist Commandments

Georgia Guidestone Monument - The Antichrist Commandments

I grew up with images of Stonehenge in my mind due to the structure being near my uncle’s house in England. I wasn’t aware of the American equlivilant to Stonehenge until I was in my teens but it also fascinated me.

So, I decided to dedicate an article on the Georgia Guidestone monument and the mysteries and conspiracies that surround it…

The Strangest Monument

Deep in northeastern Georgia lays five massive rocks of of polished granite. They are quite a sight as they make up the shape of a star.

They each stretch up over 15 feet and weigh over 20 tons. On top of them lies a singular stone that itself weighs about 25,000 pounds.

The Strangest Monument

No matter which way you approach the Georgia Guidestone monument it will always remind you of a modern version of Stonehenge.

It has only been standing for about 3 decades now but nobody is the wiser to who built and what purpose it serves.

The Message

MessagesIt is inscribed in eight languages with ten instructions for humans post-apocalypse. The languages range from English to Swahili and the instructions they cover are very strange indeed.

It sort of has a new age and peaceful feel to it giving advice on successful reproduction along with fitness and diversity. It also includes what seems to be a little mysticism as well.

As one would imagine the more religious individuals in the area are not to keen on this idea! It actually lies in the heart of the Bible Belt so people either see it as a sign from Christ or a message from the ‘Dark Lord’ himself.

There are well known open minded celebrities who have stood by the idea of the Georgia Guidestone monument. Yoko Ono came out and claimed the messages were pure of thought and a stirring call to rational thinking.

But as with many things in life – not everyone agrees with Yoko Ono ( she should be used to that by now! ). Opponents of the monuments are doing a good job of convincing many that the Guidestones are the Ten Commandments of the Antichrist ( pretty heavy s**t really! ).

The first of the instructions offered by the stones seems to be the most controversial really and I agree. It claims that:

“humanity should be maintained under half a billion”

I find that one quite a bit worrying if these stones are not meant for post-apocalyptic reasoning. Why would someone include this instruction?

The sixth instruction also seems to set the cat among the pigeons in conspiracy terms. It instructs that nations resolve disputes in a world court (New World Order???).


These are not just a bunch of stones thrown up by group of hippies – whoever built this structure new exactly what they were doing.

The monument is a highly engineered structure. It is designed and put together in a way that allows it to follow the sun’s progress through the sky.

Georgia Guidestone Monument Plaque

It also boasts some pretty impressive astronomical features that are pretty much unexplained. There is a hole in the structure that allows you to follow the North Star each night and a hole on the capstone which functions as a solar calendar at noon.

Whoever designed this structure new exactly what they were doing and where the monument was going to be placed!


As I mentioned above this strange structure has been standing since 1980. Since that time every sort of preacher, astronomy expert and pagan has frequented the site. 

Another of The Georgia Guidestone Monument Stones As you can imagine there have been quite a few religious rituals at the site ( again only winding up the local bible belt! ). 

But as far as we know the monument WAS commissioned by someone – the problem was they used the false name of R.C. Christian and remained completely anonymous.

This R.C. Christian was said to have been a really tall and striking man who dressed in very expensive suits. He showed up at the Elberton Granite Finishing Company with a wooden model of the monument.

He told the owner of the Elberton Granite Finishing Company that he was willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money to get the wooden monument made properly out of granite.

He was true to his word – the money was directly wired to the company within a couple of weeks!

As was instructed, over 4,000 letters were ultimately etched into the surface of the stones and on March 22, 1980 the monument was ‘born’. It was placed on a large field near the U.S. Highway 77.

A Mystery

At the end of the day the Georgia Guidestone monument is as much of a mystery now as it was when it was built.

The instructions clearly stretch back as far as the Cold War era and that could be the reasoning behind the apocalyptic tones.

Experts on the subject believe the astronomical features included with the structure are mediocre at best so it’s primary purpose is not for star gazing (apparently Stonehenge is light years ahead in terms of astronomy!).

So what do you think this mysterious and fantastical monument was built for? Who do you think built it? Do any of the conspiracies that surround it make some sense to you?

Please leave your opinions in the comment section below 🙂

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