Ghost in Idaho – Pocatello High School


The Ghost in Idaho

​Recorded surveillance camera footage from Pocatello High School has been causing quite a stir in paranormal investigation circles. This ghost in Idaho was captured on security camera over the recent Christmas break lending credence to past reports of the school being haunted…

The Haunted Halls

The video below captured what seems like a spectral figure lurking in one of the school hallways. It appears to materialize by one of the school drinking fountains before making it’s way down the hallway.

For some reason it’s pauses by the bathroom door before deciding to enter and disappearing from sight for several seconds. It then re-appears and continues it’s journey down the hallway.

The video caused quite a stir among the locals and within days a paranormal team where called in to investigate the building.

Scientific Paranormal Investigative Research Organization John and Lisa Brian were contacted and they jumped at the opportunity to investigate the event.

After painstakingly going through all parameters of the video the Brown’s came to the conclusion that the video was indeed the ‘real deal’. The y pointed out the the video shot is completely raw, secure and therefore has not been edited in any way.

John Brian reported that:

“You can see that it’s not necessarily a person, but more so a translucent figure walking down the hall.”

The pair of paranormal experts went through the video numerous times and slowed it down to different speeds – the outcome was the same!

The also noted that the police had been called to the scene because the security there had no idea what was going on.

One of Many Incidents

This is just the latest ‘ghost in Idaho’ incident at Pocatello High over recent times. Numerous reports of paranormal activity have been documented by teachers and officials to the school.

The hub of activity often seems to centered around the bathroom areas of the school where students claim they constantly hear toilets being used with nobody occupying them.

Theater students reported over the years piano keys being pressed with nobody in the halls and shadows moving through the rafters above their heads.

There have been six confirmed deaths at the school throughout it’s history including:

  • A small group of girls succeeding with a suicide pact and hanging themselves on lockers
  • A librarian who committed suicide by hanging herself off a library ​chandelier
  • A male student who mysteriously drowned in the old school swimming pool

​Many of the professional ghost hunters that have investigated the school claim that the hauntings could originate from when the school burned down in 1914. There were no reports of paranormal activity until the school was rebuild shortly after the event.

The ‘ghost video’ was only one of the strange events that took place at the school over the last Christmas period. The high school’s lights constantly flickered on and off and the police were called out on numerous occasions due to the alarms being triggered.

They found nothing…


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  1. I was pretty convinced on the paranormal validity of this video at first. However, I am not so sure after watching a YouTube video explaining how this shadowy figure could be faked using a string. In the video, they note that the shadow goes above the door frame, and moves diagonally outward. A string swinging in front of the camera lens could have these effects. All that said, it could be real and is still totally creepy!

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