Ghosts of The Stanley Hotel

I’ve been aware of the ghosts of The Stanley Hotel for some time now and that is largely down to the link the building has with one of my favorite authors.

Stephen King apparently used The Stanley Hotel as inspiration for his classic novel The Shining. He apparently stayed in room 217 but it was not used as the location for his writing or the Stanley Kubrick film itself.

The Stanley Hotel

The hotel itself was built in 1909 by Freelan Oscar Stanley. From what I gather Freelan was the creator of the Stanley Steamer automobile so he was obviously a wealthy enough individual.

The hotel is located in the Colorado Rockies and is made up of 138 rooms. These days it is a very popular destination for various ghost hunting groups and tours. It is also a popular location for spiritualists to demonstrate psychic abilities.

The Ghosts of The Stanley Hotel

Over the years there have been many different reports of various entities showing themselves throughout the hotel. Below are a handful of the more prominent paranormal visitors:

The Stanley’s – Many people believe that the ghosts of Freelan Stanley and his wife Flora are haunting the building. There have been numerous reports of them gracing the hotel’s function rooms in formal attire. They seem to concentrate their energies on appearing in the lobby and the billiard room.

The Earl of Dunraven – The Earl used to own the land that the Stanley Hotel was built upon. He is considered one of the oldest ghosts of the Stanley Hotel and likes to frequent room 407 ( for some unknown reason! ). Many reports have come in from visitors arriving at the hotel. They claim that when they looked up to the window of 407 a spectral face was looking back down at them. Guests who stay in room 407 often complain about the smell of cherry pipe tobacco at night – this was the Earl’s favorite choice of smoke!

Elizabeth Wilson – Elizabeth was the housekeeper of The Stanley Hotel up until the 1950’s when she passed away. It is her spirit that is thought to inhabit the room Stephen King stayed at – 217. Very strange poltergeist activity has been recorded in this room with doors opening and closing by themselves and lights switching on and off throughout the night.

The Small Child – There is a ghost of a small unknown child that seems to be stuck inside the walls of the Stanley Hotel. Many guests and ghost hunters have reported him running through the corridors calling out for his childhood nanny. Stephen King himself even reported an incident where he had come face to face with this spirit child.

Room 418

Most of ghosts of The Stanley Hotel seem to congregate in room 418. Staff that work at the hotel believe that this room is by far the most haunted location in the building.

On numerous occasions guests have been awoken by the sound of children playing outside the room door. When they get out of bed to shout at the kids in the corridor they find nobody there.

On other occasions the occupants of the room have heard children crying throughout the night in the rooms either side of them. When they complained about the children the next morning they were told that there were no kids currently staying at the hotel.

More disturbingly the beds in 418 often give off the impression someone is sleeping on them. There are deep body shaped impressions laid into the mattress as if an invisible being is laying down there.

The ghosts of The Stanley Hotel are very frequent visitors and it is widely known as a popular paranormal location. Visitors are constantly witnessing unseen hands yanking at their clothing and disembodied voices.

There are many complaints throughout the year from visitors who have awoken to find their blankets taken off them and folded neatly at the end of the bed…

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