Gifts From The Dead

Gifts From The Dead

Last week I received a image-based article (infographic) from a regular visitor to this site covering the subject of gifts from the dead.

The lady in question is a medium and she often supplies me with interesting subjects she feels would go well on this site – she never lets me down really!

Unfortunately the infographic came with a BIG copyright warning…and I didn’t fancy messing about with that so early on in the week…

So I decided to turn it into a regular article…

Communicating With The Dead

A recent report (Feb 2016) revealed that 74% of Americans believe in life after death, and 20% of Americans believe that it is possible to communicate with our deceased loved ones after they are gone.

This article will be taking a look at the various ways a deceased loved one could reach out to you…

1) Feathers

It is said that the wings of birds are nearer to heaven than we can ever be – so our loved ones could well be using them to send us a message.

Feathers from the dead

Whenever a feather is spotted in your path, no matter what color it is, remember that it could well be a marker from a passed loved one, letting you know they are watching over you.

2) Pennies

We’ve all heard of the phrase/saying “pennies from heaven” right?

This actual phrase comes from the fact that many believe that coins are a communication attempt from a lost loved one.

Pennies from the dead

Psychic medium Amanda Linette Meder has carried out a lot of research on this subject, and has come to the conclusion that both pennies and dimes mean you are valuable…

They mean you are still loved and are being watched over by a loved one.

3) Words

Have you ever walked past a graffiti project or a street sign and immediately thought about a loved one?

Maybe an advert posted to a street lamp or a sidebar of a website?

Many psychics believe these words to be specific messages from loved ones – usually as a sign of action that you may need to take.

Words from the dead

The loved one is actually trying their best to look out for you here, and change a direction you are looking to take in life.

If it is found in graffiti or a street sign – go down this street and explore, try and find out what they are signalling toward.

If it is a sign on a shop, go in.

4) Butterflies

Angels are said to be the messengers of God, but these smaller insect versions are commonly known in psychic circles as the messengers of the dead.

If you believe that the presence of a butterfly is indeed a message, then stop for a moment and stare at it – think of your loved one for a moment.

By making that mental connection, you are receptive to the message that they are sending you.

Butterflies from the dead

My partner is Bulgarian, and in her country there is a strong belief that butterflies are actually the spirits of loved ones returning to you, to watch over you, and to let you know that they are okay…

5) Numbers

Have you ever experienced a series of numbers that seem to repeat themselves, through a short period of time (approximately a week?).

Have you come across a set of numbers that coincidentally match an important date in your life, or age?

Numbers from the dead

Psychic medium Amanda Linette Meder says that:

“The meaning of the number one is significant, as number one is usually associated with the meaning of a Oneness, as in a One God, a One Spirit, or of One Body and One Spirit united.”

It is thought that the message numbers contain can vary greatly, depending on the numerals sent through to you.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here, please leave them in the comment section below.

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