Global Warming Hoax Facts

Global Warming Hoax Facts

In centuries to come historians will surely look back upon our age as one of amazing progress and achievement. Sadly, they will probably also see it as an era of selfish consumerism and destruction.

Recent decades have seen a growing awareness about how us humans impact upon the environment. The production of carbon dioxide emissions has forced a rise in global temperatures with devastating effects.

We only have to turn on our televisions to see the evidence of our destructive behavior, forest fires, floods, droughts, hurricanes and blizzards all seem more commonplace.

We are told that at the ends of the Earth the ice caps are melting, while the lungs of the world, the rainforests are being destroyed as trees are cleared for farming and industry.

The warnings from experts are indeed dire, if we don’t do something quickly we will go past the point of recovery and mankind will reap the terrible consequences.

All very scary stuff, if it is true.

But what if we are being duped, fed a line for nefarious purposes?

There is growing support for the belief that climate change is not the result of mankind’s selfishness, but a natural phenomenon that has existed since the beginning of time.

For some experts in the scientific world, the greenhouse effect is a myth and us, the public, are being sucked in by incorrect and deliberately misleading, global warming hoax facts.

Global Warning, The Hoax

Since 1750 and the advent of the industrial revolution, scientists have detected that our planet is warming up causing catastrophic damage to the climate and atmosphere.

At the beginning of the 21st century, we are told that we stand almost at the point of no return.

The main culprits for this damage? The production of CO2 due to the consumption of fossil fuels, the production of cement and the deforestation of the Rainforest.

In recent years, however, more and more scientists have come forward to debunk these ideas.

John Coleman, a founder of The Weather Channel, described global warming as ‘the greatest scam in history’ while Senator James Inhofe questions the political aspirations of those who are keen to advance the global warming argument.

Effects of global warming

The documentary The Great Global Warning Swindle aired in 2007, brought the issues sharply into focus when it was aired on UK television.

The makers attempted to prove that the idea of global warming is being peddled by scientists and politicians for their own financial and political gain.

To support their argument those who do not accept the consensus on climate change, take a number of scientific points and counter with their own arguments.

In particular they are keen to disprove the fundamental argument that the emission of CO2 into the environment causes a rise in global temperature…

· Carbon Dioxide levels have increased steadily since 1940 without a corresponding rise in temperatures. In fact temperatures continued to fall until 1975, when they began to rise slowly again. This suggests that CO2 does not influence temperature to the extent stressed by global warming theorists.

· Solar activity can account for the rise in global temperatures over the past century. Solar activity varies and is currently at a very high rate. The activity of the sun has far more impact on the Earth’s temperature than the activity of mankind.

· At the end of the Ice Age, there was of course a rise in global temperatures. However, this did not correspond to a rise in CO2 levels.

· Carbon dioxide levels increase due to temperature not vice versa, this evidenced by the oceans absorbing CO2 when the Earth’s temperature drops and releasing it when the temperature rises. Temperature does not follow CO2 levels, rather the reverse is true.

· Weather balloons and satellites prove that not all parts of the Earth’s atmosphere are warming.

· There are other periods in history when temperatures have been higher than they are now, for example, the medieval period when there was very little industrialization.

· Volcanoes produce more CO2 emissions than human activity yet science does not link their activity with the same stress, to the rise in global temperatures.

the rise in global temperatures

A Myth Perpetuated

So if the myth of global warning can be so easily disproven or at least challenged, why does it perpetuate? The answer is both complex and sinister according to the conspiracy theorists…

· Scientists are keen to protect their research budgets and reputations. They refuse to acknowledge that another point of view exists despite clear evidence that their evidence for global warming is flawed.

· Those that support the argument for global warming are often political and environmental activists, with their own agendas, these include controlling the world economically and politically. In particular they support anti American ideologies. The suggestion is that they will go to any lengths to support their incorrect beliefs.

· Advocates want to limit the use of fossil fuels in third world countries in order to keep them in poverty. Fossil fuel consumption has no impact on the desertification of Africa, for example, in fact it has little impact at all. The rise of third world countries, however, would directly impact the economies of the western world, however.

· The global warming argument is put forward by those who wish to seek alternative forms of energy production. In particular the nuclear industry with its financial investors, has benefited from the scaremongering of scientists and politicians.


The global warming hoax facts have largely been debunked and ridiculed by mainstream science since their publication.

The conspiracy theorists would probably argue that this is part of the swindle itself. It is certainly true that our weather is a complex subject that science is only just unraveling and explaining.

So who do we believe, mainstream scientists and politicians who undoubtedly have their own agenda or the conspiracy theorist who are convinced that we are being lied to?

Accept that global warming is a myth, that changes in weather patterns occur naturally, and we may discover too late, that we are burying our heads in the sand.

Could any right thinking person believe that the levels of industrial pollution and consumerism that exist in today’s western societies be acceptable, even if they do not believe in global warming.

Perhaps the best course of action would be for each of us as individuals to treat our planet with the respect it deserves and more importantly recall the American Indian maxim;

“We have not inherited the Earth from our fathers. We have borrowed it from our children”

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  1. Hi there, thanks for your interesting article. I have previously wondered this theory, but never explored to find what others think.

    I personally believe that global warming is a big hoax that has been blown wide open by science, despite whatever agenda they possess the science has still prevailed.

    Will you be doing other similar stories related to global warming? I’m keen to find out more!

    Thanks, Dan.

    1. Hi Dan,

      We are in the process of putting one together actually with a guest writer – we are waiting on their side of the research at the moment! Hopefully it will be up before too long. 🙂

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