Government Alien Secrets – CIA Admission

Government Alien Secrets - CIA Admission

A somewhat shorter post for you than normal – but this is all about the excellent documentary from the Shadow Squad YouTube channel, titled – Dying CIA Agent Reveals US Government Alien Contact, Area 51 Secrets, Black Ops and UFO Knowledge.

If that doesn’t get you interested – you’re on the wrong website (try something from the Disney website instead!!!).

I suppose the only question that needs answering here, is why – WHY would this guy waste the last few days of his life lying to everyone?

He wouldn’t – would he?

If you have the time, please consider visiting the actual upload on YouTube – I often find that the comments below these videos are even more interesting than the media itself (and these comments do not disappoint!)

I would love to hear your opinions on this documentary and this interesting former CIA employee. Please consider leaving them in the comment section below.

Author and UFO researcher Peter Robbins, said of the account:

“In my opinion, if it can be confirmed by any relevant supporting documentation, this moving and fascinating account does qualify as an authentic ‘death bed’ testimony from an individual who convincingly claims to have been a CIA officer deeply involved in the matter or crashed and/or recovered craft, and at one time a liaison between the agency and the President (Truman).”


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6 comments on “Government Alien Secrets – CIA Admission

    1. What, five years to the day that I posted the article? Or five years to the day that the video was originally posted? Sorry – I’m on the road and I can’t check at the moment!!! 🙂

  1. Right at the start of the video, it says “March 5th, 2013” so that was the day when this fellow was interviewed. I think you posted it a bit more recently than that! 😉

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