Government UFO Footage – Why Now?

Government UFO Footage - Why Now?

Just before Christmas, I stumbled upon this video when it was posted to one of the social media groups I’m involved with (your typical ‘geek’ conspiracy group!).

Anyway, at the time I was traveling back and forth to London – trying to get everything wrapped up for the 25th of December…so I didn’t really pay it much attention.

Last week I came across the video once again on the YouTube channel secureteam10, and this time I was able to give it my full attention.

Before we go further, let’s take a look at the footage…

Undeniable UFO Footage?


I always find UFO footage on YouTube extremely interesting…but most of the time I’m not actually paying much attention to the footage itself!

More often than not I find the comment section, beneath each video, more enlightening than the so-called proof in the video above it.

Before you ask NO – I’m not a fan of trolls, but their comments can sometimes be amusing. I prefer the comments from the REAL paranoid section of the population – sure they get laughed at…but they certainly come out with some inventive angles (they’re my kinda folk!).

One comment in particular stood out, by a user named Connor Anderson

“Yeah, sketchy for the US Gov to release something like this….. HOWEVER, the good Grey’s are on the verge of fully disclosing themselves if the governments don’t do so. They are here, and have been here for a very long time. The Grey’s are protecting us and they need all of us to know what the truth really is as we face a threat from Orion!”

I’m not interested in the Grey Alien angle here – personally I don’t see the fit with this particular footage. I’m more interested in the first line he typed – ‘Yeah, sketchy for the US Gov to release something like this’.

You’ve gotta stop and ask yourself the same question really – why would they release something like this? Why now?

Do you believe/agree that more and more media outlets are reporting on UFO incidents these days?

Do you think the government is getting us mentally prepared for something?

Or, do you think this video has been faked by the government in question?

I would love to hear your opinions on this subject because many (well respected) ufologists have spent the last 12 months claiming that something is coming – something that simply can’t be brushed underneath the carpet…this time!

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

6 comments on “Government UFO Footage – Why Now?

    1. Oh yes – I’ve just finished posting a ton of ‘ghost footage’ to the sister site we have linked to this one! Some of it beggars belief!
      This particular footage confuses me though – CNN, FOX, BBC etc, etc, have all covered it. Why?
      No idea why this was released – what’s it’s purpose, and why so many news outlets have decided to look a little ‘X Files’ with it?

  1. I realised that after I posted my comment. 🙁 I didn’t think anyone could embarrass the USA more than GWB, but I was wrong.

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