Granger Taylor UFO – The Disappearance


Granger Taylor UFO

​I’ve been fascinated by this story ever since I clapped eyes on a black and white photo of the Granger Taylor UFO. Was this talented young man really in contact with extraterrestrials and where did he disappear to?

Granger Taylor

Granger Taylor was an extremely talented young man who dropped out of high school early. He was a was a mechanical genius who managed to build a one-cylinder automobile at the tender age of 14.

Through his teenage years he built many other impressive machines but the Granger Taylor UFO turned out to be the most famous.

From a young age Taylor had a strange fascination with alien craft and was very interested in how they were powered.

He ended up building his own spaceship out of a pair of satellite dishes. This flying saucer became a ‘little den’ for Taylor and he equipped it with a furniture, TV and a stove.

A few years later Taylor claimed that he was in constant contact with alien lifeforms who were teaching him how to get his UFO off the ground. He also claimed that they promised to take him to their home world.

One night in November, 1980, Taylor disappeared and left a note for his family. There was a huge search that lasted years but he was never to be seen again.

The Granger Taylor UFO

The UFO young Taylor built still sits in the backyard of the Taylor home at Duncan on Vancouver Island. He left many unfinished projects behind in the barn that sits near the grounded vehicle.

It was in this barn that he decided to leave this note to his parents:

“Dear Mother and Father, I have gone away to walk aboard an alien ship, as recurring dreams assured a 42 month interstellar voyage to explore the vast universe, then return. I am leaving behind all my possessions to you as I will no longer require the use of any. Please use the instructions in my will as a guide to help. Love, Granger”.

His parents have not given up hope of him returning one day and leave the back door to their property open every night in case he shows up.

A young man this talented could not have simply disappeared off the face of the planet – surely he would stand out as a brilliant individual no matter where he ended up?

The search lasted for four whole years but there was no sign of Taylor. Hospital, passport, employment, and vehicle records were all extensively checked but there was no sign of this brilliant young man.

What really happened to Granger Taylor?

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4 comments on “Granger Taylor UFO – The Disappearance

  1. I have been leaving comments on every site that allows me to .
    If you want the whole real and accurate story of Granger Taylor find the kid he mentored and spent almost every single waking hour of every day with for over a year . This kid and his family were the last people to see Granger alive (other than Grangers step father)

  2. They say his body was likely the one found at a explosion site near his home
    He had left with some explosives, and a few miles from his home they found bone fragments among a site where an explosion of some sort had occurred. The coroner ruled that due to circumstantial evidence, this was likely gregors body until further evidence says otherwise

    1. Cheers for leaving this info Mandy – hopefully it will help the reader’s make their own minds up/come to their own conclusions!
      Thanks for chiming in and taking the time to leave your opinion – hope to see you here again soon! 🙂

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