Grey Aliens Are Demons

Aliens, who in this day and age hasn’t heard of them? A grey, slant-eyed, over-sized bald head and an unusually proportioned body immediately comes to mind.

For a long time now, from cartoons, movies and science fiction novels, we have been exposed to these so called ‘extra-terrestrial’ beings, their images burned into our minds.

Often referred to as ‘Greys’, named so because of their skin color, references to these foreign creatures no longer surprise or shock any of us.

But don’t be fooled, these are not aliens as they want you to believe. These Grey aliens are demons…

Government Conspiracies and Cover ups

Over the years, there have been countless witnesses of UFO sightings. Many of whom, claiming to be victims of alien abduction, being subjected to weird and often sexual experiments.

Of course it is easy to discard such reports as the ramblings of a delusional mind, but not so easy when prominent and respected members of our society come forward with confessions of their own.

One such example is of Steven Greer, founder of the Disclosure Project. Geer is also the head of CSETI, and an eminent UFO theorist.

Greer had addressed a press conference in Washington DC with over 400 government, CIA, military, and other high-level intelligence community testifying to the existence of aliens and UFO’s.

When government conspiracies and cover ups of the ‘Greys’ are exposed like this, it becomes quite clear that information on the subject is being held back.

The Bible

Time is witness that, although we claim to have faith in our Lord, we conveniently tend to ignore the real truth that is so often revealed in the Bible.

Genesis, Chapter 6 says that as the population of men on earth grew and they gave birth to daughters, the divine beings, seeing how beautiful the daughters were, took those that pleased them as wives.

Thus the ‘Nephilim’ appeared on earth – the of-springs from the cohabitation of the divine beings and the daughters of men.

The bible here is referring to the fallen angels, who in spite of being kicked out of heaven for their rebellion against God, still believed and pursued their plan to usurp God.

Corrupting the human DNA until the perfect host is finally created for their end of days grand plan.

Mary Sutherland, an expert in the field of ancient history and unusual phenomena is of the opinion that the Greys, instead of destroying mankind are trying to save their dying race by absorbing through mankind.

Inbreeding their kind into ours, over generations they become us and we them. The Greys needed the host females as their ‘container’ to reproduce.

If you trust in our Lord, then one need not look much further than the bible, for the answers we seek have always been in there.

Rev 16:12-21 says that when the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East, John saw three frog like evil spirits.

Coming out of the mouth of the dragon, the beast and the false prophet.

They were demon spirits performing miracles and they gathered the kings of the whole world to battle against the God Almighty.

But what exactly are these frog like evil spirits that John is referring to here?

Do we really need to break our heads in seeing the obvious similarity with the Greys?

But hey, lets not judge!

Let us look further into it instead.

Wikipedia defines the ‘Greys’ as typically diminutive humanoid beings, lacking external human organs like nose, ears and sexual organs.

Their bodies usually depicted as elongated and the limbs often depicted as proportionately different from a Human’s.

Devoid of hair anywhere on the body or face and no evident ears or noses.

Witnesses and victims of alien abduction too, often similarly describe them as being unusually proportioned, having large slant eyes, large heads and lacking facial features otherwise common to man.

Now does that ring a bell or do I have to describe a frog too ?

Chuck Missler

Chuck Missler known for his notable work on aliens in ancient historical documentation and hieroglyphic representations, said that there are quite a few who believe the recent “alien” involvements to be demonic and signs of the soon approaching end of times.

The so-called new world leader is also expected to boast about “alien connections”.

All of these are consistent from what we can understand from the Scriptures. Of all the demonic activities that goes on in this age, the alien phenomena as mentioned in the book of revelations is the most significant.

One must also wonder why the government and other secret societies are hell bent on covering up the truth about aliens and often silencing those who step up to reveal the truth.

I for one do know the truth, the grey aliens are demons, and as it says in John 8:32 – ‘The truth will set you free’.

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