Grey Aliens Are Demons

Grey Aliens Are Demons

Aliens, who in this day and age hasn’t heard of them? A grey, slant-eyed, over-sized bald head and an unusually proportioned body immediately comes to mind.

For a long time now, from cartoons, movies and science fiction novels, we have been exposed to these so called ‘extra-terrestrial’ beings, their images burned into our minds.

Often referred to as ‘Greys’, named so because of their skin color, references to these foreign creatures no longer surprise or shock any of us.

But don’t be fooled, these are not aliens as they want you to believe. These Grey aliens are demons…

Government Conspiracies and Cover ups

Over the years, there have been countless witnesses of UFO sightings. Many of whom, claiming to be victims of alien abduction, being subjected to weird and often sexual experiments.

Of course it is easy to discard such reports as the ramblings of a delusional mind, but not so easy when prominent and respected members of our society come forward with confessions of their own.

One such example is of Steven Greer, founder of the Disclosure Project. Geer is also the head of CSETI, and an eminent UFO theorist.

Greer had addressed a press conference in Washington DC with over 400 government, CIA, military, and other high-level intelligence community testifying to the existence of aliens and UFO’s.

When government conspiracies and cover ups of the ‘Greys’ are exposed like this, it becomes quite clear that information on the subject is being held back.

The Bible

Time is witness that, although we claim to have faith in our Lord, we conveniently tend to ignore the real truth that is so often revealed in the Bible.

Genesis, Chapter 6 says that as the population of men on earth grew and they gave birth to daughters, the divine beings, seeing how beautiful the daughters were, took those that pleased them as wives.

Thus the ‘Nephilim’ appeared on earth – the of-springs from the cohabitation of the divine beings and the daughters of men.

The bible here is referring to the fallen angels, who in spite of being kicked out of heaven for their rebellion against God, still believed and pursued their plan to usurp God.

Corrupting the human DNA until the perfect host is finally created for their end of days grand plan.

fallen angels

Mary Sutherland, an expert in the field of ancient history and unusual phenomena is of the opinion that the Greys, instead of destroying mankind are trying to save their dying race by absorbing through mankind.

Inbreeding their kind into ours, over generations they become us and we them. The Greys needed the host females as their ‘container’ to reproduce.

If you trust in our Lord, then one need not look much further than the bible, for the answers we seek have always been in there.

Rev 16:12-21 says that when the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East, John saw three frog like evil spirits.

Coming out of the mouth of the dragon, the beast and the false prophet.

They were demon spirits performing miracles and they gathered the kings of the whole world to battle against the God Almighty.

But what exactly are these frog like evil spirits that John is referring to here?

Do we really need to break our heads in seeing the obvious similarity with the Greys?

But hey, lets not judge!

Let us look further into it instead.

Wikipedia defines the ‘Greys’ as typically diminutive humanoid beings, lacking external human organs like nose, ears and sexual organs.

The Greys are typically diminutive humanoid beings

Their bodies usually depicted as elongated and the limbs often depicted as proportionately different from a Human’s.

Devoid of hair anywhere on the body or face and no evident ears or noses.

Witnesses and victims of alien abduction too, often similarly describe them as being unusually proportioned, having large slant eyes, large heads and lacking facial features otherwise common to man.

Now does that ring a bell or do I have to describe a frog too ?

Chuck Missler

Chuck Missler known for his notable work on aliens in ancient historical documentation and hieroglyphic representations, said that there are quite a few who believe the recent “alien” involvements to be demonic and signs of the soon approaching end of times.

The so-called new world leader is also expected to boast about “alien connections”.

All of these are consistent from what we can understand from the Scriptures. Of all the demonic activities that goes on in this age, the alien phenomena as mentioned in the book of revelations is the most significant.

One must also wonder why the government and other secret societies are hell bent on covering up the truth about aliens and often silencing those who step up to reveal the truth.

I for one do know the truth, the grey aliens are demons, and as it says in John 8:32 – ‘The truth will set you free’.


23 comments on “Grey Aliens Are Demons

  1. This is a very interesting take on aliens. I’ve never been one to believe in aliens or ghosts, for that matter. To me, ghosts were most likely demons so I guess the idea of aliens or something unidentifiable could most likely be a demon, too. It doesn’t seem all that far-fetched. I can honestly say, either way, I’m glad I’ve never seen one!

    Things like this that really make me question and think about what I’m reading make my day – love this site and will be back here in the near future to see what new articles you have.

    Keep up the great work – really love this! 🙂

    1. Hi Ashley,

      You say that to you, ghosts are most likely demons, that’s a bit hectic isn’t it? I mean, we welcome all opinions here but surely you must know, deep down, that certain spirits are completely harmless?

      On the flip side of the coin – it’s great to hear that you enjoyed your visit here and are planning a return!

      1. Demons can present themselves in any shape. Sometimes they do so as deceased relatives. Some as visitors from another planet. This does not mean that behind every apparition there is a demon, nor that every encounter with extraterrestrial beings is with demons. But, some ghost apparitions or et encounters are demonic in origin, specially ghosts appearances. Why? to confuse us or gain control over our lives through obsession and ultimate possesion, not always achieved. Some testimonies prove that some spirit apparitions are demonic indeed. Some people have seen their lives totally ruined after an ET encounter or UFO or abduction experience. Who can enjoy causing such damage to humans?

        1. Sorry for the late publishing of your comments Pedro – this site has been extremely busy over the last few days! Great opinions and comments – thanks for sharing them with us! 🙂

  2. I have experienced four attempts abductions starting at the age of 11. This ISNA true testimonial, if you pray out to god, Jesus, our heavenly Father, the abduction stops. It just stops. For all those people that do not believe in the Father I don’t know what to tell you other than that I know what has happened to me, the demons could not succeed, simply because, if I’m terrified, my response is to call out for God.

    1. Hi Robin,

      First off, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us – very interesting stuff! I have heard about this ‘praying’ link before and apparently it has worked out for many abductees. You say your experiences started when you were 11 – could I ask how old you were when the last experience happened?

      Thanks in advance,

  3. i really, I mean really need to get this message out, especially to any one that has been abducted, the terror that is experienced, is beyoy explanation, but it stops abruptly, if you call God, please believe me for your own sakes. I am not the first to believe that this was the case, most ufo investors that research the reports, will not mention reports when they are told exactly what I have said. They don’t want to discredit themselves, by talking about God, that is the crazy part, you talk about aliens, but not God?

    1. It’s up on the site now Robin for everyone to see – sorry for the delay but we have a moderation system in place in our comment section (it stops the spammers from attacking us!).

    2. And some UFO or ET encounters are followed by myserious visits of men in black of unhuman appearance and by paranormal phenomena at the victims’ homes, like poltergeist phenomena. Not many researchers have the courage to talk about it, afraid of being discredited because people would not find the connection between both things. So not many people know that sometimes there is a link between the UFO phenomenon and paranormal phenomena. Not always but sometimes. And, in many paranormal cases well investigated, everything starts with a ouija board session. So sum up and draw your own conclusions.

  4. I had a frightening dream about ufos and aliens I was in my backyard when I saw a huge UFO it felt so real the UFO approached me but what terrified me was what I saw the beings in the UFO looking at me the greys when I looked at them I felt an overwhelming fear then I woke up and started praying.

    1. Hi David,

      That sounds like a pretty heavy dream to be having David – I feel for you mate! Do you have dreams that include Greys often?

      1. Some UFO experiences are reminded as dreams and if that is the case, that dream occurs only once, as the ET visit did, unless the visits are several but then the dream is not the same every time as the visits aren’t.

      2. I had an experience in 2002 (Decemeber) . I have had sleep paralysis before…many times..due to stress…so I know for a fact it was NOT sleep paralysis. I have also had lucid dreams…and This was not a dream. I only lost 10 to 15 minutes…but what happened during that time has stayed so clear in my mind. Tall greys..3 of them…they also only had 3 fingers on each hand. They spoke..but not with words. When they noticed I was awake it shocked them I know it was real because the three “wires” that were in my armike an IV type thing…left Mark’s. As soon as I was home I checked….and three small red places on the exact spots. I don’t know what happened…I have tried to believe it was a dream or maybe it was just some part of a government thing to see how easily we can be manipulated.

  5. Thanks so much for making the connection between aliens and the fallen angels. I grew up believing in God and the bible till I came to the US. My faith decreased over time. But im a truth seeker and I like to investigate and the more I do my faith strengths. Off topic but I have always being experiencing a strange paranormal thing, like seeing the death, precognition abilities, etc. I feel it may not be good but I am afraid to where that’s coming from.

    1. Hi Daena,

      Unfortunately I’m not qualified to answer that paranormal question but I believe many of our readers will be. Hopefully one of them will get back to you in the comment section here!(keep an eye out!)

      P.S. When you see death are you in a sleeping state or awake?

    2. ETs are not demons, that for sure. ETs are material and they can die. Demons are eternal as they are angels, fallen, dark, but angels anyway, immaterial in nature, they have no body, are spiritual beings in nature.

  6. According to the Bible, angels are immaterial, they have no body nor can be visible, thus, grey aliens are not fallen angels (demons). The Nephilim has nothing to do with grey aliens who have no sexual organs as they are genetically engineered biological androids (this, from autopsies reports). Demons’ goal has nothing to do with matters such as reproduction, but tempting men to fall into grave sins so they can enjoy torturing our souls in hell in the afterlife. People mix many strange things that happen nowadays and have been happening on Earth for eons and make a soup the incultivated delightly taste. Reader, cultivate yourself, acquire knowledege and have your own conclusions. Don’t let yourself be deceived by sensationalism nor extravagant ideas ex-profeso made to sell books written by people who do not know much about anything.

  7. I’ve seen a creature or apparition of something in my room it resembles a grey alien small frame dark grey skin I have to say I have vision problems I can barely see when I’m not wearing glasses everything is distorted but I clearly saw the frame this being appearing in my room also I felt being pulled upwards really fast and that’s all I remember I wasn’t scared it was really weird only

  8. I was visited by o e about 2 years ago. I never wake up at night, but this time it was different. I woke up completely paralyzed. I was o ly able to move my eyes, and first thing what I saw was this being sitting in front of me on my bed, just as human would sit, all it did was staring at me moving it’s head only a bit. It was 120% real as you and me. I was scared, but not terrified. My heart was racing, but I was able go breath noreally. I wanted to call my mother next room and I did that actually, but when I tried to speak I wasn’t able to shout because of being paralyzed, I’ve only managed to do that very quiet and it was so pathetic in the end. After this this creature disappeared how I don’t remember exactly, but after all this I’ve checked my mobile for time and it was exactly 3:33 AM. Strange thing was that this creature looked VERY SAD, like it knew my terrible situation that I found myself in, I got stuck in something and I will never accept my situation even tI’ll today after 11 years and counting. It seemed to be very worried, heaving it”s hands hanging low like trying to show me that there is no way to help me or something… I stayed at my parents house just for one night In my younger sister”s old room. Couple of years before I divorced my wife and left her alone with my small son, I regret this to that very day. After I left them, because of other woman ofc, my whole life got ruined in just 3 months time, I’ve lost everything one by one and my health permanently in the end. Life became a disaster. From being at the top I was kicked down to the underground, I’ve found myself in hell and I got stuck in it for 11 years and counting. Sexual sin equals death in many situations, as written in the Bible. You can be forgiven, but life’s will be ruined as a repentance. There is obviously a War happening for our souls. The Eden’s Garden Biblical eaten apple means something serious, at least in my example, but I’ve heard of so many others too. Unrepented sins, most popular are sexual in nature, really lead us to the underground, where hell presumably is located, and where these so called aliens reside together connected somehow by tunnels with the so called “elite” members, DUMBS underground military bases, 6 stars SPA Hotels in fact or really are coming from.

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