Greys Alien Race – The Truth

Greys Alien Race

Many Ufologists believe the Greys alien race has been visiting earth for many centuries. They are a well known breed of alien due to their constant activity in our solar system and on our planet.

There are many witnesses alive today that claim the Greys abducted them at some point. These witnesses are the main reason we have such clear and concise descriptions of these alien beings…

Two Types

When people are asked to sketch a quick alien down on a piece of paper most of them will end up with something very close the Grey alien race.

They are what most of us imagine aliens to look like due to their images being used in films and books.

There are two different types of Greys that visit Earth. The first type tend to be very intelligent and play the leader role. They stand at approximately 6 – 7 feet tall and sport very large heads.

They have the over sized dark puddle eyes that are so popular on aliens in Hollywood movies – in fact most of their characteristics are stolen by the silver screen!

The Greys alien race

They have the long and lanky arms with thin fingers at the end of each with equally long and skinny legs. Their mouths seem incredibly small when compared to the rest of their facial features and they also have two tiny ear holes on each side of their head. The nostrils and nose in general also appears to have that ‘miniature’ look.

These Greys have no hair whatsoever on any part of their body. They are believed to have the power of telepathy which they use to converse with each other. There are also reports of them using this telepathy to communicate with abducted humans to.

The second type of Greys is more the laborer of the species as they are cloned from the larger, more authoritative Greys. These are the smaller aliens you tend to see plastered over typical media – they are no taller than 4.5 feet!

They do bare a resemblance to their larger counterparts but in a smaller scale. Their arms, legs and fingers are slightly stubbier than the leader versions. They are not thought to be as clever as the taller Greys and their main task is to carry out the ‘legwork’ during abductions.

The Alien Agenda

The Greys are thought to originate from the binary star system Zeta Reticuli 1 & 2. The sun in this system is apparently a lot older than our sun and at some point it is thought it will give out.

With the risky sun above their heads and the resources on their planet depleted they have taken to space to find a new home. However, this is not the only problem they face…

The Greys have been cloning themselves for many centuries now and this has led to severe problems with their DNA. This is where the abductions and experiments on humans comes into play.

The Alien Agenda

There are numerous reports of sperm and eggs being taken out of abducted men and women. It is thought that there are a number of alien human hybrids created after each abduction.

These hybrids are monitored closely to determine whether they could possibly be a fix for the dying Greys race.

Government Contact

Many conspiracy theorists believe that the Greys alien race have many contacts within the big government players on Earth. Some of these meetings are thought to have been very fruitful for both species.

Other meetings did not go down so well – the Roswell incident and Area 51 being one of them.

There are also reports of Greys bases being located on the moon. When we first landed there our astronauts were said to have been eventually chased off and told not to return.

Grey Aliens and the Roswell Incident

Another rumor is that they have created human hybrids and put them in government without our knowledge – many of the X Files episodes were based on this theory.

It is one of the many techniques they use to eventually control civilizations…

What are your thoughts on the Greys alien race?

Do you believe world conquest is their game or do you believe they are simply after a cure for their ills?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

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