Haunted Furniture Stories – Jason’s Bed

I come across many examples of haunted furniture stories but none of them seem to stand out as well as the Cobb poltergeist case in 1998…

The Bed

Al Cobb of Savannah, Georgia, decided to surprise one of his twin sons with a rather groovy looking antique bed for his bedroom. The son in question was named Jason and he was a 14 year old with a passion for older styles.

Jason fell in love with the elaborate bed and for the first two nights he enjoyed perfect sleep patterns. On the third night things took a turn for the worse…

Paranormal Activity

On the third night Jason awoke to the sensation of someone kneeling down on his pillow and breathing deathly cold breath into his face. Jason’s parents thought their son was simply dreaming and dismissed the incident as nothing more than teenage nightmares.

On the fourth night Jason noticed that a picture of his grandfather had been removed from the wall and placed face down on a bedroom cabinet. He placed the picture back on the wall and thought no more about it.

When he awoke the next morning he found his grandfather’s picture in the middle of his bed with various other possessions surrounding it. In a circular shape around the picture were a Conch shell, a dinosaur made from small shells, a plaster cast of a bird and two Bennie Babies.

He ran from the bedroom screaming and cornered his parents in the kitchen. His parents accompanied him back up to his bedroom to examine the strange circle of objects on his bed.

At this point the parents knew something was amiss – they to had noticed strange goings on in the household over the previous 24 hours.


Jason’s father, Al Cobb, decided to try and make contact with the ghost to see if he could stop the poltergeist activity. He stood in Jason’s bedroom and attempted to talk to the entity for a few hours – he got no response.

He decided to leave a crayon and a few sheets of paper on Jason’s bed and left the room for several minutes. When he returned he found that one of the sheets of paper had crayon writing on it – Danny 7. He took this to mean the spirit was a young boy named Danny aged seven.

Danny Aged 7

Al Cobb was fascinated with this young spirit and spent the next few weeks communicating with him through the crayons and paper. In this time he discovered that Danny’s mother had died from illness on the antique bed and Danny would not let anyone else sleep on it.

After a few weeks Jason decided to test out this theory and returned to the bed to try laying on it one last time. Nothing happened at first but as he rose back off the bed a wall hanging flew at him narrowly missing his face.

The Others

Before long it became apparent to the Cobb family that Danny had brought along a few friends with him. Jason became very receptive to the paranormal activity and claimed that there were several phantom visitors in the home.

He claimed that a man who called himself Uncle Sam roamed the corridors in search of his daughter. She was apparently buried underneath the family home and he wanted her back!

Jason also claimed that a young girl named Gracie was stuck inside the confines of his family’s home. Gracie Watson was a young girl who is buried in Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah and immortalized in a statue there.

Haunted Furniture Stories

A parapsychologist who had investigated many haunted furniture stories was called in to the Cobb’s home. His name was Andrew Nichols and he carried out a thorough study on the home and it’s occupants.

During his investigation he discovered some rather dodgy electrical wiring in the wall of Jason’s bedroom.

This wiring mistake created a strong electro magnetic field that he believed was responsible for the sudden psychic abilities within Jason. He also concluded that the antique bed had nothing to do with the change in Jason.

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