Haunted Goldfield Hotel Nevada


Haunted Goldfield Hotel Nevada

​In the early 1900’s searchers stumbled upon a natural supply of gold in the city of Goldfield, Nevada. This discovery turned a quiet area into a bustling city in no time at all.

During this period a huge hotel was built on top of an abandoned gold mine to accommodate the influx of Goldfield visitors.

In this article we will be taking a look at the paranormal reports from the haunted Goldfield Hotel Nevada…

The Millionaire

The Goldfield Hotel was built in 1908 by millionaire George Winfield. He made his fortune out of local gold and owned the the Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company.

The impressive building was set up with 154 hotel rooms and was designed by the talented architect George E. Holesworth.

It was built in the center of the city and is a permanent reminder of the success the city saw at the time.

During the early 1900’s the area that surrounded the hotel was full of saloons, shops and various mine stock exchanges – it was the city’s social center.

Main Street, Goldfield, 1904
Main Street, Goldfield, 1904

But nothing lasts forever and the gold mines soon dried up taking with them the constant stream of city visitors. The once proud hotel was then bought and sold many times over the years but nobody has been able to restore it to it’s former glory.

The Haunted Goldfield Hotel Nevada

On the first floor of the hotel sits the rather impressive George Winfield Room. The hotel’s creator is said to be at pains to leave this room and his presence is often felt there.

The smell of cigar smoke and piles of fresh ashes have been found in the room frequently. There are also a handful of reports claiming his spirit was spotted on the lobby staircase along with that of a midget and two small children.

In every report these young children are sort of ‘winding up’ Winfield by creeping up behind him and tapping his shoulder. When he stops his descent and turns around the children disappear into thin air.

Psychics have claimed that room 109 is haunted by the presence of a pregnant woman chained to a radiator.

There are rumors that this woman could well be a prostitute Winfield had a sordid affair with. This girl was named Elizabeth and she unfortunately fell pregnant with Winfield’s child.

Legend has it that Elizabeth begged Winfield to leave his wife and support her and his upcoming child. In rage he chained Elizabeth to the radiator and left her there until she gave birth. The child was instantly disposed of down the old mine shaft at the northeast end of the basement and Elizabeth was left to bleed out and die.

There have been many reports involving “a woman having long flowing hair, wearing a white gown, and looking terribly sad as she paces the hallways, calling out to her child.”

Late at night workers at the hotel have reported hearing the tortured cries of a small baby – nobody has ever been able to locate where the cries are coming from.

On the third floor of the hotel lies the ‘Gold Room’ which is home to an entity named ‘The Stabber’. This strange ghost seems intent on scaring off visitors by lunging at them with a spectral knife in hand.

He never harms anyone so the locals believe that he is only attempting to protect his territory. He always disappears instantly after each lunge.

There are also two ‘suicide ghosts’ that are thought to haunt this impressive hotel. One of them is the ghost of a woman who hanged herself on the third floor and the other is of a man who threw himself off the hotel’s roof.

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  1. I Wanna visit the hotel and see if I can’t help Elizabeth walker get her baby back, I Know it’s dangerous – if I succeeded great if I get killed by the ghost oh well

    1. Okay Brian – but I really wouldn’t worry about a ghost ‘killing’ you. They are generally not able to do this (well, maybe scare you to death!).
      Hope you enjoy your visit there….

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