Haunted Ohio University – The Tuberculosis Ward


Haunted Ohio State University

​Ohio seems to be one of the largest paranormal hot-spots in the USA due to numerous accounts and incidents. But one place, in particular, is known by many to have been very haunted…

In this article we will be taking a look at the haunted Ohio University and the former tuberculosis ward that looms on it’s grounds.

Ohio University’s Tuberculosis Ward

When the Civil War came to a close the country decided to take on the increasing problem of mental illness in the 1800’s.

Almost overnight, hundreds of mental asylums popped up across the United States. Most of them were built as a tight-knit group of Kirkbride-style cottages on a large portion of land.

A lot of the positions in these hospitals were taken up by ex-soldiers who struggled to come to terms with what they had seen during the Civil War.

The Athens Lunatic Asylum ( Ohio University ) became very full in a short space of time due to the influx of elderly patients left there. A mix of the mentally ill and the elderly led to the buildings being heavily over-populated and the care levels began to decrease.

When the level of care fell, new and brave treatments were put on the table. Unfortunately these treatments included lobotomies, ice water treatment and shock therapy.

These days these medical methods would not be considered treatments – they would be considered torture!

These types of inhumane treatments went on for decades up until the 1960’s when more conventional drugs were introduced.

During these initial decades hundreds of patients died a miserable and tortured death.

The Haunted Ohio University

In 1993 the infamous asylum was finally shut down completely and Ohio University decided to buy up the grounds and the buildings on it.

All of the hospital’s buildings were developed and modernized for use except one – the tuberculosis ward.

This abandoned ward has hundreds of paranormal reports linked to it and many believe it to be the center of extreme evil. College students, vagrants, vandals and paranormal explorers all claim to have experienced paranormal activity there.

Given its history of suffering and death, the energy left with the building certainly cannot be positive. Who decided that this building should be left to stand derelict whilst all the other buildings were re-purposed and why?

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