Haunted Pubs in Wales – Monk of The Pwll Gwyn Hotel

Haunted Pubs in Wales - Monk of The Pwll Gwyn Hotel

The information we have gathered over the years on haunted pubs in Wales is very substantial due to our location. After a week of laying it all out in front of us we have decided to split it up and publish it in parts over the next few weeks.

We basically have reports of hundreds of incidents of paranormal activity throughout the hospitality sector of Wales – seems like the ghosts in this country like a drink or two!

Here is our first installment of haunted pubs in Wales…

The Monk of The Pwll Gwyn Hotel

The Pwll Gwyn Hotel is a special location that has a long and interesting history. Centuries ago pilgrims used to stop at the hotel when they were making the long journey to St. Winifred’s Well.

At one point in history there were a lot of religious figures gathered around this hotel so it’s little surprise that one or two of them still remain there today.

Pwll Gwyn Hotel

The monk is always found in the dining room of the hotel and has often been overlooked by visitors due to how realistic he appears. He is always sitting on a particular side of the long table lost in thought.

The monk is sometimes thought to frequent the taproom of the hotel as other reports of paranormal activity have been recorded there.

The landlord of the hotel was surprised to be confronted with this figure of a man early one morning after he unlocked the taproom door. They stood gazing at each other for about ten seconds before the man simply vanished before his eyes!

The landlord was obviously a little worried and checked the whole premises for this man but he was nowhere to be found.

A little later in the day the landlord took a break at one of the bar tables only to be confronted with the same man again. This time he was standing at the bar waiting for service but when the landlord rose to approach him he disappeared again!

The landlord again did a thorough search of the property but came up with nothing – where did this man keep disappearing to and who was he?

The history of this particular venue seems to attract many a spirit and one wonders how the landlord puts up with it. His most recent claims are that of a lady spirit that frequents the upstairs rooms in the hotel.

Lady Spirit

He started to get reports on this ghostly lady from some of his guests but put it down to vivid imaginations due to the well known monk spirit at the hotel.

Then one day as he stood by a side table in one of the rooms he felt a subtle hand slip into his trouser pocket. He jumped and looked around to find nobody in the room with him.

This female specter is known to bring a great deal of mischievous activity along with her but is not thought to be threatening in any way.


The Pwll Gwyn Hotel is located in Afon wen near North Wales and is a very popular country pub. It is still a working pub/bar and is still a popular destination for travelers looking for a hotel room.

8 comments on “Haunted Pubs in Wales – Monk of The Pwll Gwyn Hotel

  1. hello…….i have both “seen and heard”…..at the pwll gwyn…..seen by the bar area…..heard upstairs,in the room above the bar………..spooky place

    1. Hi Julie! You live in the same area then? Thanks for letting us know – it’s great to have visitors that provide first hand experience on the subject!

      1. yes,i lived there,for a while…..seen and heard……hubby heard somebody saying his name,right down his ear,nobody there !
        very spooky,and “the place” does not like females ,at all”

  2. I was there about 18 years ago. I’d never heard of the place or any of the stories associated with it. I just dropped in with my girlfriend (now my wife) for a pint.

    It was a Summer evening at about 7pm. I went to the gents and suddenly had the overwhelming sensation of a presence in the room. Yes it sounds laughable but this was a scary, oppressive sensation. I could hardly breathe and felt almost cornered in that part of the pub. I literally stopped urinating half way through and hurried back to the bar area, almost running at one point.

    I must have looked shaken and my girlfriend asked if I was ok. I suggested that we leave and in the car on the way home I sheepishly told her what had happened. She went on to tell me that she had heard stories about the place and something to do with a monk.

    I’m now 45 but have never forgotten the experience. Talking about the details gives me a shiver up my back and makes my hairs stand up, just like on the day it happened. I’m not sure I would ever set foot in the place again !

    1. Hi There #####,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to add this info to our article – comments like this really help our work evolve and entice engagement off other readers! Sounds like you had a pretty dodgy experience there – one you’ll obviously never forget.

      Are you Welsh yourself?

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