Heceta Head Lighthouse Ghost

The Oregon Coast line is home to Heceta Head lighthouse which was built way back in 1892. The lighthouse is named after Spanish sailor Don Bruno Heceta who discovered the location in 1755.

In this article we will be covering the Heceta Head lighthouse ghost lady who goes by the nickname of ‘Rue’. She is reported to haunt the house that stands by this aging coast light…

The Heceta Head Lighthouse

This awesome looking lighthouse stands at 56 feet and sits 205 feet above sea level. It is known to be the most powerful light on the Oregon coast line ( in some cases it can be spotted as far as 20 miles out to sea! ).

Building started way back in 1892 but the lighthouse was not used for the first time until 1894.

The lighthouse is joined by a single house which was built for the lighthouse keeper at the time. There is a smaller building attached to this house where the assistants quarters are located.

The Gray Lady

The house that stands next to this impressive tower has often reported accounts of paranormal activity.

The resident ghost carries the nickname of Rue and is often referred to as The Gray Lady. Many years ago the child of an infant was excavated from the lighthouse grounds and many locals believe it is linked to the ghost Rue.

Locals say that the Gray Lady haunts the building because she knows her infant daughter was buried there.

The ghost itself is not a harmful entity – it tends to move items around and open and close cupboard doors. In some cases she has been heard walking around the upstairs level when all household members are downstairs.

Reports of the mischievous entity seem to originate from the 1950’s to present day. Although it causes no harm it seems to get very distressed when construction takes place or changes are made to the buildings.

In one instance a group of volunteer workers stayed at the lighthouse to give the building a new coat of paint. They spent the whole day painting the walls and decided to retire to the house to rest before the next day’s work.

They were continuously woken throughout the night by the sound of the fire alarm switching on. By the early hours of the morning they got sick of the alarm so they decided to remove it’s power source.

The alarm continued to sound throughout the remainder of the night even though the batteries had been removed.

Rue’s Attic

The most widely known incident reported at the Heceta House was that of a lighthouse worker and the house attic. He was carrying out repairs in the attic when he turned to see Rue staring back at him from close quarters.

He dropped his tools and made a dash for the front door – he refused to enter the attic ever again.

A few weeks later the same worker was carrying out repairs on the exterior of the building when he accidentally broke the attic window. He refused to go back inside the attic so he had to repair the window from the outside. This resulted in him leaving a great deal of broken glass from the window on the attic floor.

Later that night a group of workers reported hearing the sounds of scraping glass on the attic floor. They were all too scared to investigate so they waited until the morning to see what was happening up there.

When they finally got inside the attic room the next morning they found that all the broken glass had been swept up into a neat and tidy pile in the middle of the room!

The Heceta Head Lighthouse Ghost

Over the years Rue has been reported to materialize in a grey mist which led to her being given the name The Gray Lady.

Heceta Head house has now been turned into a popular bed and breakfast which is often frequented by paranormal investigators and interested parties. There is apparently a a three-month waiting list for reservations…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the spirit known as Rue please leave them in the comment section below.

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