Hidden Planet Behind The Sun

Hidden Planet Behind The Sun

During the process of syndicating an article from this site on Before It’s News this morning, I came across a rather interesting article which contained two videos on a hidden planet behind the sun.

This article was dated at the 6th of April so it’s a new release to the website – but it’s certainly an interesting piece of work so I thought I would cover it here!

The NASA Spacecraft

A NASA spacecraft that has been positioned directly behind the sun has stumbled across a dark planet-like object at the 4 o’clock position hidden from Earth’s eyes…

“On March 27th, 2016 a captivating video was published by Secureteam10 which revealed the presence of a massive rogue object in vicinity to the Sun. The object was captured by a NASA spacecraft which was returning some very unusual data showing a gain entity situated in the field of view, an object previously undetected by a satellite”

Planet X- Massive Rogue Object Appears Behind Sun

Planet X Nibiru Seen by ISS Comes March 2016


I do not know the original author of this work but the source link they included at the bottom of the article leads to Skywatch Media News ( you may want to check them out! ).

Anyway, we love new stories like this and try to cover them whenever possible!

I’ve come across many reports on a hidden planet behind the sun over the last few years due to the transparency of the internet these days.

This one seems to be the most captivating yet – and the video is an excellent watch!

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

Alternatively, if you have more info on this subject please don’t hesitate to contact us with it or publish it as a comment ( below! ).

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6 comments on “Hidden Planet Behind The Sun

  1. if gravity was real why wouldnt the sun suck the planets into it instead of them spinning round in perfect circles, ANDn please dont give the bs they teach u in school, that dosent proove anytyhing that is a theory,like alot of science people get mixed up with theorys and facts, mwe cant proove gravity, its just the best theory, but what does make us spin round the sun, but then why dont we get closer to the sun why if our gravity is so strong to pull us and anyting down does it not pull the moon down quicker, oh yeah coz its perfectly right. bs, like all moons inn the solar sytem are perfect, my spelling has been wrong on purp[ose coz even though u know what i mean and can read it theres blatent mistakes. Electro magnetism, tesla made a fricken earthquakle from a lab,!! he said that if you put his devices all round the world we could suck free electricity out of heavens!!! aslong as you had safety in palce as conbstant ray of lighting being sucked into a device is dangerous but, it wud save us, and the oligarchs could still make money by selling us the electricity or we the sheep could just say no to work and share food we grow indivually for difererent bits and bobs, and not pay the gov any tax, docs and nurses treat for free in 4return for a HUGE house and free food grown by the majority of people, we get rid of tech and start sharing!!!!!!!!!!! easy,. but if your the daughter or son or wife of a man who makes billions every eyar selling oil wich will run out one day, then you’l not give up your cushty existence to save millions of peoples lives in africa because this soltuion will make all the thirsty kids and ill people ,poverty,hunger, we will invite them all to more fruitful land around the world, and have the electricity sourcing machines in africa, along with millions of billions solar panels

    1. Trying my best to decipher what you’ve written here – but I’m struggling on your point? As far as gravity goes that’s pretty much a given I’m afraid – space travel has sort of nailed that one down for us…

    2. I cannot even begin to comprehend the dark depths of ignorance where this lost mind apparently is. Of course, there is a perfect explanation for gravity, orbits, energy etc. And it can even be proved and observed (Imagine!). However, to do this one needs to do unimaginable things – read, study, learn (usually in this order). Yet, of course, it’s way easier to assume the Earth is flat and you live under a dome, where all the “goodies” are hidden from you by an almighty, all-powerful, ever-existing secret society only you know about.

      1. Haha – this made our day in the office! Unfortunately we can’t come out with things like this ourselves…but thanks for doing it for us!
        (P.S. You win the ‘comment of the day’ award!) 🙂

  2. Space is always going to be one of the most mysterious and elusive part of scientific research. It really will be. There’s nothing more you can do to sway that.

    I really do believe in this Planet X article, because I believe myself that there’s probably even more stuff we haven’t discovered yet in our own solar system – when you think of the size of it…I doubt we ever will really know! .

    Thank you for such an intriguing post. I love websites like this and I can’t wait to check out the rest of your articles here. I see a website feed on here – are you on social media by any chance?

    1. Hi there Caleb,

      Great to hear that you found the article so intriguing – you’re going to enjoy searching through our archives!

      I have the site on Google+ at the moment – it’s under the same name as the website itself! Please feel free to follow us….

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