Hidden Text in Bible

Hidden Text in Bible

In this article we will be looking at the hidden text in England’s oldest bible and the elements it apparently reveals…

The Old Bible

In our modern world you can find a bible just about anywhere – posh hotels, cheap motels, libraries and even on the high street (you know – the guys handing out free copies that we all try and avoid!).

But this was certainly not the case in centuries gone by – writing and creating a finished version of the bible was a LONG job.

As well as being time consuming, at times, it was also extremely dangerous.

At one point in British history Henry VIII started re-writing centuries of religious beliefs to suit his own needs. He ended up being the guy behind the Protestant Movement.

If his authorities caught anyone with an unapproved version of the Bible the death sentence would be swiftly brought into action!

One of the more famous versions of Henry’s authorized Bible’s came into existence in 1535 and there are only seven copies of it left now.

One of the seven copies seems to have a series of annotations creeping their way through the margins…

The Hidden Text in The Bible

The text was originally discovered by a group of scholars who noticed that hidden sheets of paper had been compiled to the Bible’s original pages.

After careful examination they decided that it was way too risky to remove these strange paper sections as they could easily damage the ancient book.

The Hidden Text in The Bible

They eventually contacted the Queen Mary University of London’s School of Dentistry who suggested using a device to create long-exposure photos of the strange writings.

Once the photos were completed they were run through a special computer that was able to tell the difference between the printed text and the handwritten text.

It seamlessly removed the printed text leaving the handwritten sections in tact and completely readable.


Experts believe that this handwritten text is based on instructions on how to read the bible and when to read the bible.

They believe that certain sections point to certain parts of the bible followed by instructions covering which days of the year these sections should be read.

The English notes are thought to be based on Thomas Cromwell’s later Great Bible.

Many scholars now believe that the text is a vain attempt to merge the older Latin beliefs with King Henry’s more modern protestant movement.

But not all of the text ended up being a ‘good fit’ with the old bible.

In one section a note from Londoner James Elys Cutpurse was found promising to pay William Cheffyn of Calais 20 shillings. For what we will never know?

When historians looked into this William Cheffyn character they found that he had been hanged in 1552 in Tyborn.

So why is this text so scattered and why does it cover subjects that have little or no importance?

Was it left hidden for a reason, a reason we have not yet managed to discover?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on the subject in the comment section below.

2 comments on “Hidden Text in Bible

  1. Hi Chris,
    I always find things like this fascinating. And I think what makes this even more intriguing is that we will likely never know, we’ll have to spend our days simply guessing what was meant by the instructions or how they were to be used.

    But the recent beliefs that it is to merge older views with a more protestant view would be very plausible considering the reformation of the church at that time. It was a very turbulent time (one of many) and I could see various secret/hidden notes being slipped in to aid the movement. I hope one day you are able to find out!

    Thanks for giving me a puzzler to chew on this evening.

    1. Yeah I totally agree Maggie – the church was going through some drastic changes at that period in time and there were religious movements popping up all over the place.

      Hopefully one day someone will figure out what the instructions are indicating and what they are to be used for?

      Thanks so much for visiting and sharing your opinion with us.

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