Highgate Cemetery Ghosts


Highgate Cemetery Ghosts

​Before I moved back to Wales last year I had spent several months living in London with my girlfriend. One of her work colleagues was into a lot of the topics we have covered on this site and she introduced me to the Highgate Cemetery ghosts.

She lived about a five minutes walk away from the 19th century cemetery and she had spent a lot of time reading up on it’s history.

I thought it was about time we covered it here in a post…


There have been numerous reports and accounts linked to this rather charismatic cemetery, but the brunt of the activity seems to have taken place between 1960 to 1975.

During this period there were numerous press releases covering witness statements that claimed to have had contact with paranormal forces.

Strange phantom figures are thought to lurk in the dark shaded areas of the plot and many locals claim to have encountered them…

Swain’s Lane

In the mid 1960’s a couple of teenage girls from a nearby convent were making their way along Swain’s Lane. As they passed the cemetery gates they were terrified to see a group of ghostly figures rising up from the ground.

As they looked closer they noticed that each one of these spectral characters was actually coming out of a grave mound. It was as if the undead group were rising from their graves for some sort of macabre meeting.

Gravestones, Highgate Cemetery
Gravestones, Highgate Cemetery

Later that same year a young couple were making their way down Swain’s Lane when they noticed a strange figure behind one of the cemetery walls. They made their way a little closer for a better look and were shocked to see it floated about a foot above the ground.

They bravely held out a staring match with this floating entity for a few minutes before it disappeared into thin air.

Their later report would claim that the figure was extremely tall with an unnatural dark quality to it. They described it’s face as being one of ‘absolute horror’.

The Tall Man

This tall figure seems to be the most frequent paranormal visitor to the graveyard and the surrounding area. It has been reported all along a ley line that is known to begin at the center of Highgate.

This ley line runs directly from the cemetery, below a built up area and ends at a spot that is known for being a an old Roman encampment.

This raises the question of who this strange figure was when he was alive – did he have anything to do with the Roman encampment?

Highgate Vampire Sightings

Unfortunately a lot of the paranormal activity in this area is overlooked due to the Highgate vampire sightings hoax that took place in the 1970s.

The hoax was apparently set up by David Farrant, a leading expert on the Highgate Vampire. He took a young lady named Martine De Sacy down the cemetery with him and she posed in a naked occult stance for a photo.

This photo was circulated around the press as proof of vampire and occult sacrifices at the time. A few years later Martine De Sacy came forward and told the truth about the photo.

David Farrant still maintains that the dark figure often spotted at Highgate cemetery is indeed a vampire. Many people still believe him ( choosing to ignore the faked occult picture he took ).

He has actually released a book named Beyond the Highgate Vampire. In his book he claims that ley lines can actually transmit psychic energy along their course. This enables the vampire to materialise when the right conditions prevail.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Highgate cemetery ghosts please leave them in the comment section below.

2 comments on “Highgate Cemetery Ghosts

  1. The “activity” that occured during those earlier years was none other than blatant, dishonest lies aimed at gathering publicity and attention from the frenzied media. David Farrant and his nemesis, Sean Manchester, propulgated the rumors of the vampire and other crap that most of us have heard about at least once.
    Personally I do not believe in ghosts, but rather evil angels that charade as the deceased in order to entertain the fears and curiosities of skeptics and believers alike.
    The only thing I dislike about HighGate Cemetery is the fact that the West cemetery cannot be accessed publicly (and all due to very understandable reasons) and therefore that sucks a great load of exploratory fun and freedom right out of the proverbial room.
    Great article!

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