Hollow Earth Theory Evidence

Hollow Earth Theory Evidence

For years now I have been following various examples of hollow Earth theory evidence with interest. The hollow Earth theory puts for the idea that the Earth is completely hollow and a civilization could possibly exist within this realm…

Religion And Fiction

If you think about it, various forms of hollow Earth theory evidence have been circulating for centuries now.

First of all we have a bundle of religions that seem to subscribe to this idea. We have been provided with ideas like the Hell in Christian literature or Sheol in Kabalistic works.

Many works of fiction have also covered this adventurous subject with Jules Verne’s classic Journey to The Center of The Earth. Edgar Rice Burroughs also released a short series of publications on the idea of a Hollow Earth.

Halley’s Comet And The Hollow Earth Theory Evidence

The astronomer who computed Halley’s Comet was all for the idea of a hollow Earth. His name was Edmond Halley and he had a theory that there were three ‘mini planets’ inside Earth.

Halley's Comet
Halley’s Comet

He claimed that these three shells were roughly the diameter of Venus, Mars, and Mercury. Each of these shells were completely independent of one another and therefore rotated differently.

He also came to the conclusion that they had their own magnetic poles and atmosphere which allowed life to evolve.

Halley believed that various forms of gas were constantly escaping from the hollow Earth atmosphere’s and appearing as aurora borealis ( Northern Lights ) on the surface level of Earth.

The North And South Poles

A man named John Symmes claimed to have his own hollow Earth theory evidence. He came to the conclusion that the Earth did indeed have an interior world that it could be accessed through the North and South Poles.

The South Pole
The Geographic South Pole


Most of the hollow Earth theory evidence is met with a degree of skepticism and rightly so – there are a few good factors to be considered.

First of all there is a problem with the idea of gravity being available in these underground dimensions. Gravity means that objects will always form a sphere shape when they clump together. You also have to take into consideration that the mass of the Earth is to great a number for it to be hollow inside.

Gravity is thought to exist within these ‘inner dimensions’ but that again would prove to be a bit of a long shot. If the Earth was hollow then we would have much less gravity up here on the surface – there would hardly be any gravity in the dimensions below!


Most of the hollow Earth theory evidence available has now been totally discredited but there are still those that believe in the theories. I have heard of publications claiming worlds exist inside our globe and even have their own sun to dictate their existence.

More recent reports have been linking the hollow Earth theory has been Hitler and Nazi Germany. Did the leader of Nazi Germany manage to escape to one of these inner dimensions at the end of the Second World War?

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  1. Hitler knew about it he wwas in Antarctica most of that war, it’s real. Research hitler contact with middle earth and also the Bosnian pyramid in bucegi and the tunnels they found. Really interesting

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