Hopkinsville Goblin Creatures – The Farmhouse Incident


Hopkinsville Goblin Creatures

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the incident of the ​Hopkinsville goblin creatures that invaded a small farmhouse in 1955. It’s one of those alien encounter reports that avoids any of the usual conspiracy theories and government cover ups…

The Farm

In the autumn of 1955 the Sutton family’s farmhouse became the focal point of a group of strange aliens. The farm itself is located in Kentucky near the town of Hopkinsville.

There were 11 people in the house that night, seven of which were adults. The group was made up of the Sutton family who owned the farm and a family of close friends staying with them.

It was evening time and both families were darting around the house getting things ready for dinner when one of the men claimed he had spotted something in the sky through the window.

The other group members really didn’t take to much notice of this claim and laughed it off as a bit of a joke. Suddenly there was a loud scream as another family member noticed a strange creature at another one of the farmhouse windows.

This time both sets of family members saw the incident and understandably a mass panic ensued.

The Creatures

The creature was about 3 feet tall with pointy ears, metallic skin and clawed hands. The families noticed that it’s limbs seemed extremely thin and flimsy.

The Strange CreaturesThe men of the house grabbed their guns and went out into the yard to investigate further. When they got outside they spotted one of these strange creatures in a tree and another one scurrying across the roof of the farmhouse.

The scene was very frightening and they responded by attempting to take out these strange creatures. The managed to shoot and hit both of them but for some reason the bullets were just bouncing off.

The men later claimed that there was some sort of force field protecting the creatures. Every time a bullet bounced off them there was a strange metallic ‘tinging’ sound.

The men continued their onslaught until the creature in the tree decided to float or levitate down to the ground. This freaked the men right out and they retreated back into the farmhouse.


When the men got back inside the house the Hopkinsville goblin creatures decided to investigate the property further. Many of them began peering back in through the farmhouse windows and they could be heard scampering about on top of the roof.

Things were getting seriously out of hand and the families decided to make a mad dash for the cars. They traveled straight into town to report the incident to the local police.

Thankfully the police decided to take the claims seriously and a group of officers were dispatched to the farmhouse. When they arrived there they found evidence of the shooting match outside and also found the inside of the farmhouse in a bit of a mess.

Around 11 pm one of the police officers heard strange scratching noises on the roof similar to what the families had reported earlier in the night. Once the noises had stopped and no further evidence was found the police left the scene at the farmhouse.

On Through The Night

The family members had no other option but to return to the farmhouse to wait out the remainder of the night. Once they were back inside the property the Hopkinsville goblin creatures made a swift return.

Location of Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Location of Hopkinsville, Kentucky

This time the families had to wait out the terrifying situation until the creatures dispersed at about 5 am the next morning.

Of course, some have tried to explain the Hopkinsville Goblins case away as a hoax and it may well have been. The problem is that it was a pretty strange hoax to attempt to pull off and a lot of witnesses were involved in it.

The family members all stuck to their story even though they were constantly being ridiculed. Within a few weeks the farm started becoming overrun with trespassers trying to find out more about the story. In the end the family started to make money out of charging these visitors in an attempt to stop them from coming ( and to make a little on the side naturally! ).

There have been numerous attempts at an explanation to the strange events that night including escaped monkeys and a giant species of owl – they obviously didn’t stick!

If you have any opinions on the Hopkinsville goblin creatures and the events of that autumn night please leave them in the comment section below.


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