How Did Natalie Wood Die?

How Did Natalie Wood Die?

In this article we will be taking a look at the mysterious circumstances that surround the tragic death of beautiful actress Natalie Wood at the age of 43. For years the incident was labeled a accident but these days…authorities are questioning that ruling…

So how did Natalie Wood die?

Why do the authorities now feel that something more sinister happened that night?

Let’s take a closer look…

Wood and Wagner

Natalie Wood hit the big time in Hollywood after her performance as a child in the classic film Miracle on 34th St. (1947). She then cemented her place in Hollywood history with her performance in Rebel Without a Cause in 1955.

When she was just 18, she met and immediately fell in love with heartthrob actor Robert Wagner, who was 26 at the time. They went through a whirlwind marriage but ended up getting divorced in 1962 (just five years after they tied the knot!).

Wood and Wagner

In 1972 the Hollywood pair actually fell in love once again, and remarried.

Wood’s sister Lana always maintained that their star-struck relationship was strong on the outside…but in reality was often strained at times.

The Santa Catalina Trip

In 1981 Wood and Wagner took part in a boat trip in the waters off Catalina Island. They were joined by the boat’s captain, Dennis Davern, and fellow Hollywood actor Christopher Walken.

Wood and Walken were in the process of filming a science fiction movie named Brainstorm.

Reports suggest that the trip began quite joyous, with passengers on the boat having a few drinks and a few laughs…but Wagner seemed to drink a little bit faster than the other guests.

Wood became agitated with Wagner’s drinking and mood swings, until she herself became a little angry. Wagner somehow got it in his mind that his wife and fellow actor, Walken, were hiding some sort of love secret.

Their argument snowballed and eventually traveled throughout the ship.

Natalie Wood and Christopher Walken
Natalie Wood and Christopher Walken


Nobody knows what really happened on the boat named ‘Splendor’ that night. All we have to go on is the report Wagner made, where he insisted that his wife had disappeared on one of the boat’s dinghy in the middle of the night.

In the following days after Wood’s death, a handful of people who were staying on a nearby boat were convinced that they heard the cries of a woman that night, screaming for help. They also insisted that they heard a male voice answering those same cries for help.

The tragic incident was eventually labeled an accidental death…but all that seems to have changed in recent months.

Certain investigators have pushed for the assessment of ‘accidental drowning’ to be changed to ‘suspicious’. This apparently follows the secret reopening of the case in 2011.

On top of this, another eye witness from the boat that night has come forward, and suggests that Wagner was angrily smashing up bottles of wine…prior to the sound of something crashing into the water.

Captain Davern has even had his say, and he firmly believes that Woods died because of her husband Wagner, who apparently didn’t address the serious situation properly (he refused to use a searchlight to help locate his wife in the water). Davern voiced these concerns on NBC News.

So, how did Natalie Wood die?

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3 comments on “How Did Natalie Wood Die?

  1. This is a sad post, since there are mysteries, and even after this time, it is’nt exactly known what happened.

    I think the family waited long enough to know if somebody did something bad to her (I suspect Wagner), or there was an accident.

    However, I think it is a crime.

    What do you think?

    1. I have to sit on the fence with this one Emmanuel, otherwise I lose respect as being the admin/owner of the site. I do know that alcohol and boats don’t really mix….

  2. It seems that the police reopened the case a few years ago. The fact that suspicions lead to Wagner come to no one’s surprise I guess. He even refuses to cooperate with the researchers as he refuses to talk with them.

    I think the truth will eventually come out. What do you think?

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