How Drones Allow the Government to Cover Up Even More UFO Sightings

How Drones Allow the Government to Cover Up Even More UFO Sightings

As drones become more useful and more common, the skies have come busier and more complicated. While they were originally mostly for military use, drones are now commercially available, and soon we’ll have regular drone delivery systems.

Some regulation will be needed to keep our airways clear from potentially falling pieces of metal and plastic, but the government can and will certainly use the state of things to it’s advantage.

This cannot be stressed enough: things aren’t like they were in the past.

Here are a few reasons why this will be the case:

Drones Can Have Hacking Capabilities

While not every drone is meant to be used as a weapons platform or to have any particular use outside of entertainment for hobbyists, there are drones in development with advanced hacking (or remote hacking) capabilities.

Think about it: what is stopping a drone from getting in range of a network and hacking in, potentially messing with cameras, communications or any other function of that network. If well piloted, the victim network would never know.

stopping a drone from getting in range of a network and hacking in

This would theoretically make covering up a UFO sighting very easy for the US government if they knew who sighted the object. Any proof could be tampered with or erased through the drone over the internet. EMPs could be used by drones in the most extreme circumstances, destroying the data allowing people to see the truth.

Plausible Deniability

In 1950, if someone saw something hovering in the sky, there weren’t that many options for people to choose from. A weather balloon was a possibility, but those could be checked, meaning this excuse could only work for so long.

The believer community had the advantage, and it put the government on edge (where it should be when it comes to keeping secrets from the public).

Now the government has plausible deniability and is happy to use it, even if it has to take some drastic cover-up measures.

The average person will see something in the sky and won’t even register it as a UFO. They’ll simply explain it away as a type of helicopter, plane or now a unique type of drone, which come in different forms and sizes. And what’s to say any type of craft couldn’t be part of an experimental drone program funded by the military and kept top-secret?

Most people would consider it rational to believe the government if it came to that. We can’t expect the government to admit or confirm anything whatsoever anymore. Drones have brought in a new age of the cover up.

The Government is Watching Our Actions

Drones allow for increased surveillance, and the government is surprisingly honest about this, usually when discussing counter-terrorism operations. Yet what is stopping the government from taking a look at the lives of average citizens who are interested or looking for UFOs?

What might drones notice, and what might their internet surveillance software notice? Snowden likely wasn’t thinking too much about UFO sightings when he released his documents, but attempts to censor the public are still attempts to censor the public, and the same tactics can be used to keep people quiet about UFOs.

Do you believe that their use will make UFO sightings more difficult to identify?

Assume you are being watched. The next thing to consider is why you are being watched. Too many people are onto the truth.

People will need to fight back against the surveillance to be entirely sure of their safety. Proxies and VPNs will be useful, but a vigilance for drones in the air and hackers on the internet will also be necessary.

Technology will expand, and its role in our lives will too, but you still have control. You can still be careful about how you use Facebook and Google (it’s likely they work with the government on some level, and they might be involved with UFO sightings themselves, given their interest in advanced technology).

It’s clear we’re headed into unchartered waters regarding internet surveillance and technology, so it is important we are well-armed with the knowledge and tools to help keep the truth alive.

What is your experience with drones? Do you believe that their use will make UFO sightings more difficult to identify? Do you think the technology will actually help believers with their ability to keep a closer watch on the sky? What do you think the government intends? Please leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

About the Author: Carla knows things aren’t always what they seem. Everything is too convenient, and too many strange occurrences have been swept under the rug for the past century. She writes to reveal the truth and to keep tabs on the government that may very well be keeping us from the truth we need to know about. Find her at

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