Howard Street Cemetery – The Salem Ghosts

Howard Street Cemetery - The Salem Ghosts

In this article we will be taking a look at the reported paranormal activity centered around the Howard Street Cemetery in Salem…

The Witch Trials

Whenever most people hear the name Salem, they immediately think of the horrific and unfair Witch Trials that marked an extremely low point in the city’s time line.

The restless spirits of those who were murdered during this period have every right to be angry – and one of Salem’s most famous paranormal apparitions certainly is…

Giles Corey

Giles Corey was an 80-year-old man who faced a sticky end – he was crushed by the locals for failing to plead his guilt or innocence.

He was eventually buried in Howard Street Cemetery in Salem, and there have been numerous reports involving his spirit appearing around the area.

The spirit of Giles Corey is out for revenge – his own death was bad enough…but he’s pissed that his wife soon followed him into the afterlife.

Giles Corey

In 1914, numerous locals witnessed the ghost of an old man floating it’s way across the Howard Street Cemetery. Shortly afterwards, a fire began on Gallows Hill, where Corey’s wife had been hanged.

This tragic fire managed to destroy 1,376 buildings and left tens of thousands of people homeless and on the streets…

Locals now believe that Corey only shows himself before something bad is about to happen.

Salem’s Old Jail

On one side of the Howard Street Cemetery sits Salem’s Old Jail, which was still being used up until 1991. At the time it was the oldest operating jail in the country – so the local authorities decided to covert it rather than demolish it…

So they opted to turn it into a selection of new apartments.

These new homes have been near enough incident-free…but when the building was left empty for a couple of years…many paranormal reports were put forward.

Numerous visitors to the cemetery claimed to have seen lights turning on in the old Jail’s windows…but there had been no electricity running through the building for years.

Loud moans, disturbing screams and shadow figures have also been reported. Some of these figures wore civil war uniforms, and could apparently pass through walls.

As we touched on above, most of the paranormal activity seemed to stop when the building was finally renovated, but a large majority of these rather fashionable apartments look directly out onto the Howard Street Cemetery.

I don’t know about you – but I wouldn’t fancy having a front row seat to Giles Corey’s hunting grounds…

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  1. Oooooh, I’d prefer not to visit there, especially at night. Reminds me of the old “Black Noon” movie where they’re exiting the town of San Melas and see the sign in the rear vision mirror.

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